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There is not a second in time where I do not learn something.
Dave Scribner
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Actually funny_gecko, some props are too small for the dove or rabbit. Many manufacturers are just out to sell a product and don't care that the actual load area is too small. Sure, we could try to use younger, smaller birds but that is usually not the case. I've seen some magicians try to use these props that are too small but that is rare. Whenever I buy a new prop, I either do it in person or get the dimensions of the load area first just to make sure it will be comfortable for my little assistants.
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That is a good thing to do, and any respectable magician would do so. But you are right as we discussed in another section on animal cruelty that there are cases of magicians who use the props regardless of their size and abuse their animals. But you are also right in say that it is rare.
Kyle Jarrard
"Entertainment at its Best"
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I think Fielding West put it best, "If you explode a girl nobody cares. However if you schwish a bird you are in trouble." Dan who ever wrote that is problably a magic writer NOT a bird worker and has no clue. Dan I started giving my birds bottled water just because of your tape. You have improved the life style of atlest four more doves in this world.
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You should be using snakes or even better .. vampire bats!! Now that would make some sense of it all.

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Snakes offend people, even ask Mr. Lee...he knows best. He told me so while fixing my car, and you're not getting that painting was a gift. Chezaday's the kind of man that when you.......
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Hey there Dan, I just caught wind of this post. Its amazing how ignorant people are out there. I have known you for years and I know that you treat your animals very well. I think its great that you voiced your opinions on how you treat your animals but you really shouldnt have too. These people will continue to attack anyone they can so don't let it bug. Heck I also know that Dan even treats his mechanical bird better then most....he changes his batterys all the time making sure he is working great LOL Keep it up Dan Brian
If your not having fun doing what your doing....dont do it!
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"No animals were harmed in the making of this movie."
David Bilan
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And, no birds were harmed in the making of this post!
Yes, I am a magician. No I did not make my hare (hair) disappear... it just took early retirement.
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IMO only magicians who work with birds should write review about bird magic. I have never received a complain from layman about handling my birds, only one magician who didn't even want to have a dove perch on his hand said that I don't treat my doves well. So do you think I care about him? Nope, I don't think so. If he was Amo, Dan, Lance or other dove workers, I will be all ears. So Dan, just smile and put that email in trash. You know what you are doing.
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Hey I don't work with animals but here is 2 cents of uneducated nonsense.

First of all most magicians are poor at first. This leads me to believe that when they start they have to learn to increase the lifespan of animals. THis leads me to believe they are nurtured. Does NOT sound like torture to me.

You would make people mad no matter WHAT you do with them plain and simple. Some think everyone in Florida(where I live) with under 4 legs should move out. They are just out to complain about something.

Sounds like I would not like Dan's act, but NOT have a problem with the way he does it. Seems to me MANY people can say he treats birds well and unless he is a serial bird hater in secret he seems ok to me.

Mistakes happen to all of us, but when I drop the cards on the floor far fewer people are upset than with a bird mishap. Maybe more of us should mind our own business and live and let live.

Again 2 seconds of uneducated nonsense. Good Luck Dan. I moved from Antioch just north of you by they way.

Danny Doyle
<BR>Semper Occultus
<BR>In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act....George Orwell
Tom James
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we met at the convention in Reno. I thought you were a pro when handling your act. I have a lot of respect for you and only have met you once that says a lot. I have had some of the same critisim on a couple of my acts. I guess you can not please everyone all of the time. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed the show.

Tom James
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Thanks guys, I just wanted to get this out in the open. I won't say the man's name who wrote this email but "supposidly" he works or did work at one time in Vegas and since I didn't know who exactly read the IBM coverage report he wrote I wanted give my side of the story in an open forum.

I understand that people either like my act or don't, I have no problem with that. But I just felt he went a little too deep. There are the highs and the lows in this business and when you're in a low hearing something like that does everything but encourage you. I made my effort to talk to the man and answer any questions or concerns he had, but to no answer as to what it was exactly that I did to offend him. Oh well, what can ya' do, so I moved on and got over it. Thanks again folks for the discussion. My two cents of educated knowledge: if something like this happens and you have a problem with the performer that you feel strongly about, go and talk to them personally about it rather than passing notes like in 2nd grade.
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This thread is on it's second page now with over 800 views! I simply don't understand why Sperris has to apologize! He's stated how much he loves and cares for his animals and everyone who's posted says the same of him! I've raised and trained doves (no longer do so these days)and can tell from vid clips that Sperris's doves appear well cared for and well trained. No problem.

The apology if any, should come from the guy who wrote the review. Sperris should duke it out with him. His commentary on Dan's character and costume was unecessary. His comment on what should be done with Dan totally unecessary - none of which offered constructive or informative critique of the performance.

When I first read the post title, my imagination ran wild and I thought Sperris might of tried some new production method that went terribly wrong. That was hardly the case. So he had an off night. Performing often as a professional will bring you days like that. I've seen the best have off moments including Blackstone Jr. and Lance Burton. No big deal! But boy they love to eat you alive when you do.

Again, I felt the apology came from the wrong person.
Bob Sanders
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I think you are right on target. But we also know that the those who are most willing to apologize are often the ones who are least likely to be a fault. People are different. Attitudes are facts too! Destructive attitudes report on the reporter but don't change facts.

Dan Sperry is one I have known for several years now. I've never seen anything he has done to or with his doves that would jusify being called an abuse. He's simply a great guy trying to help the world stay in forward motion.

Perhaps we should apologize for people who don't have the depth of knowledge of animals or magic to know the facts. Perhaps we should congratulate the others who apologize to show that they still care about other peoples' feelings, right or wrong. It isn't a contest. Life is a joint venture.

Magic By Sander
Bob Sanders

Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz
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On 2005-07-07 19:50, sperris wrote:
2) You're looking at a photo where I'm doing one of my signature moves with the mechanical dove and infact it is not a live dove but rather the toy one.

Sadly I too was accused of improper handling, and abuse by a fellow Magi that "knew it all".

Well the yolk ended up on him when I explained I do not own live doves and never have. (probably never will because they deserve more time than I have for them) I showed him a latex dove, and my own specialy made latex Dove Tip. The tip includes the head and full neck and is my own invention. I no longer have the latex dove, but still use the tip as a comedy gag now. Because the props were properly animated instead of just flashed, this know it all thought I deserved the animal rights riot act. Well I got both barrels before I even had a chance to explain.

These folks are idiots and should be ignored. Not even a peep of an apology from him either. This person is a well known magic Pro/author with roots to the bay area, that a lot of folks look up to. Bottom line: He was fooled badly, and I stopped attending meetings where he attended.

Don't expect these types of people to retract their statements, or offer apologies, Its a symptom of their true essence.
...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may have studied other paths,but, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.
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Hi All,
I first Dan perform his dove act at Abbotts in 2004. All I can say is "WOW"! What an original and entertaining act. His idea's are very original and deceptive and I remember sitting there thinking, This guy is good! I have performed with doves for years and not once did I think, "hey, he's harming his animals". Throughout his routine, he made it apparent he cared very much for his doves. I also had the opportunity to speak with Dan later in the convention and he is a truly nice guy, very willing to share his experience with others. For someone to attack Dan with such nonsense is ridiculous. Don't listen to it Dan. Just keep up the great work!!! Hope to see you again soon!
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