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Scott Ocheltree
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I have a variation of the jumping gems called Wizard Wands that I got 20 years ago from a guy in Seattle's Pike Street market who called himself magic mike. It is the best paddle trick I have ever seen—with pretty wooden sticks. If I do one trick, it is this one.

Lately I've been carrying a deck of cards to practice sleights with in my spare time.

If I plan on performing, I bring a small fanny-pack in which I have an 18" silk, an Eisenhower dollar, regular deck, invisible deck, TT with rainbow streamer, rope and sissors, sponge balls, Impossible Penetration finger chopper, and NFW.

I am working on adding: Guy Hollingworth's Once Upon a Time, Dan Harlan's Crazy-Eight, and a napkin to matchbox trick by Rich Morotta.
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I carry a deck of cards, rubber bands, Color Changing Knives, Card Warp, Color Monte, and half dollars.
Brian Proctor
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Usually whenever I go out, I tend to dress casual— T-shirt and jeans with my leather jacket.

In my leather coat I carry two TT's. One loaded with a silk and the other loaded with a mismade bill. My jeans usually have big pockets on the sides near the knees. I use these for carrying a deck of cards and maybe my linking rings. I never leave my house though without my half dollars and expanded half. Usually four halfs and an English penny.

Those are the basic things I carry with me now. Every few weeks I will take something out and add something new to show spectators. Perhaps my color changing knives, or my Underground TM thread reel by Mark Allen.
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Long Island, NY
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I've been keeping the same stuff with me for years, give or take a few depending on my mood. Always have my Hot Rod. One deck of cards (no gimmick), Twisted Sister (great pocket trick), Ring Flight. I also keep some small wallets of packs of cards (no gimmick, small packs—just 4 aces, 8 cards, 4 red/4 black) for card illusions I've learned along the way. Easier than taking another whole deck with me. I've stopped taking my TT, finding people are getting smart to it. I also do a decent Balducci Levitation (ala David Blaine).
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Middle of No Where KY
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I usually carry my Raven around in my pocket and a s***s****ed quarter. But other than that nothing... What are TT's? I haven't heard of them. Smile
Jack Of Hearts!
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Vancouver, Canada
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On 2002-11-15 12:07, Socrates wrote:
Nothing more than my hands, my people skills and my imagination.

With these I can work miracles.

Take it easy.


'Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art' - Leonardo da vinci Smile

I'm with Socrates on this one. The only things I have on me are the loose change in my pocket, my wallet (ungaffed), usually a pen, and possibly a watch.

I also have an arsenal of effects using almost any common items you'd find in restaurants, bars, offices, or otherwise.

I know how hard it can be to leave that other stuff at home, but if you try it you'll like the feeling of not having to "load" your pockets just before you leave the house.

-Dave Cross
Dave Cross

"The problem with being better than everyone else is that people tend to think you're pretentious."
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A string for Ring and String. I don't like to walk around with a bunch of stuff in my pockets and I've been doing it for over 10 years. It always gets a big reaction.
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I carry a wristwatch, business cards...oh what is possible with business cards and a Mark Striving caper case.
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On 2002-12-01 20:10, danielhunley wrote:
I usually carry my Raven around in my pocket and a s***s****ed quarter. But other than that nothing... What are TT's? I haven't heard of them. Smile

TT = T**** T***
ç h r ï § ç h æ f f è r
The Londoner
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This is the impromptu section, is it not? Most of what I've read is not impromptu magic.

I usually carry nothing and work with a borrowed deck or borrowed coins. And if I do carry anything it's just a regular deck or regular coins, and I'm proud to say I do not own any gimmicks. I have nothing against some gimmicks but I have my reasons for what I do.
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Fort Collins, CO
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Profile of bizarrewreck
I always have Rinkey Dinkey, a few coins, and a deck or two of cards.
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Profile of medaca
I carry:
  • TT
  • Boon Writer
  • Astrological sign
  • Rubber bands
  • BKM wallet

I do not carry cards because they are everywhere.
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Profile of Ronin
  • Ring for ring and rope
  • Rubber bands for Crazy Man's Handcuffs and Linking rubberbands
  • 1 half dollar
  • 1 English penny
  • 2 arms (1 right, 1 left) for the Twisting Arm Illusion
  • And in my head: methods for impromptu, borrowed book, book test (which I practice frequently) and Fizzmaster.
David Hirata

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta."
--Federico Fellini
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Upstate New York
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Profile of Anasazi
More often than not all I have is 2 TT's— one loaded with a mismade bill, the other for a cigarette/salt/whatever else I can cram down in there vanish.

Other than that, I just use whatever is handy and in the immediate vicinity (coins, napkins, matches, rubber bands).

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Profile of ixnay66
I always have a piece of string.
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Profile of Illusions4Life
Always have a ring on a string with me, in my left pants pocket. If the spectator has a ring I leave mine in the pocket, if not I use it.

In my date book (just like American Express, don't leave home without it) I have two decks of cards (ungimmicked), cards for Card Warp, 3-Card Monte, Ammar's Virginia City Shuffle, Amberg's Psychic Vision, and Spooky Glass.

Also if the spectator happens to be carrying around their very own deck of cards (and a lot of them do) I use their deck instead of mine.

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Maryland, USA
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I agree with Socrates and Londoner. You are the magic! Take with you confidence, an amiable nature, a sense of humor, and skill.

There is nothing wrong with taking a gimmick or trick. You need to work out the presentation on live humans after you have mastered the effect.

I don't think you need a crutch. Doing magic with borrowed objects is the most powerful close-up you can do. Even if they haven't an object, they have their minds and imagination, use that. Smile
Magic is in the hearts of children from 1 to 101
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Profile of Lior
  • Wallet and credit cards.
  • Coins ,bills, IT
  • 3.5 club
  • A watch
  • comb
  • Palm Pilot
New shop: 1A magic
You can buy the selfie card trick.
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Alessandro Scotti
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A 2-euro coin and a pack of cards, which sometimes are stacked to perform a particular effect. At times, Color Monte.
Walk of Mind: the best source of bad magic
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At the very least, I carry a deck of cards, sometimes two (a regular deck and a memorized deck), a Sharpie, Card Warp and Knepper's Kolossal Killer. I can get pretty far with these.
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