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Boulder, CO
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On 2005-08-03 16:59, NCR wrote:
Does anyone know of a good magic shop in Denver?

I'm in Boulder, and sadly don't know of any good magic shops around. There's one shop called Ned's Mile High Magic & More in Lakewood (phone number is: (303) 233-4280), but I haven't had very good luck with them the last few times I've gone in (plus, they're pretty far away from me). Let me know if you find anything, I'd definitely like to support a local shop.

Anyway, I've mainly been ordering stuff from ellusionist.com, expertmagic.com, and williamsmagic.com. The last one has just about anything you'll ever want, especially in terms of books and videos. Both ellusionist and expertmagic have good previews of almost all their tricks, as well as forums to help you out after you get something.
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Lakewood, WA - USA
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I am in Portland, OR and I have gone to MagicFest numerous times. Mark is really cool...plus doing local and international shows keeps him busy enough to always have the inside track on magic as an art. Just thought I'd share.


- shawn

On 2005-08-01 11:20, Magical_Mystifier wrote:
I use a mix of online and actual shops. When I was in Portland, Oregon, I liked to go to Callins Magic Shop (now closed) and also to Magic Fest (still open!). Both were very good and the people there would spend time showing you the latest and greatest as well as get you started learning the new stuff you bought. <<MESSAGE EDITED>>

- Shawn

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Airborne Ranger
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I love to visit my local magic shop, although in the recent years it has really declined in terms of product. Seems that most kids around the neighborhood have gotten interested in magic from the likes of David Blaine and just want gimmicks that require no practice (or little) to master.

I still love to go and hang out there.
dark kard
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Providence, RI
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I shop from magic whare house, Tannens(though not one of my favorites for online buying but there actual store is not bad), ellusionist, trickery, and misdirection.com

the above are some great sites and stores.
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Mago Gregorio
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Paris, France
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I strongly recommend Bazar de Magia for Latin Americas magicians (www.bazardemagia.com). Good prices and great services. Surely the best magic shop in Latin America.
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kihei kid
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Brick and Mortar as much as possible.
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Joe Mauro
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I still have never bought anything on the internet. It's so much fun to touch things. From bookstores, to magic shops, to candy stores. I'm old fashioned, though.
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San Francisco
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Penguin Magic and ellusionist
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Alberta, Canada
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I shop both on the internet and at brick and mortar shops. Internet sites that I've bought magic from the most are dennymagic.com and llpub.com. Great Scott Illusions and the Vanishing Rabbit are two brick and mortar shops that I support. I've had great experiences at both shops.
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I agree that we should support our Brick and Mortar shops, but there are none within 3 hours of me. In addition to the usual (Hank Lee, Hocus Pocus etc.) I buy virtually all my books from a longtime friend in Middleburg Heights, Ohio -
Ed Verba, Magic Old and New everba@wideopenwest.com. He has nearly everything in print and discounts all. Also has a fine used prop etc. list several times a year.
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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Hi guys! Good to see you!

In defense of Penguin (no, I'm not PAID for this, LOL) I must say they have done for me what NO magic shop has EVER done for me, let alone any OTHER business...and if you are in SALES, this is how to win a customer!

I bought Jay Sankey's 3-Ring Circus awhile back from one of those "Mall Kiosks" selling Magic. I dropped the gaff, and it LITERALLY diappeared. I never found it. When I posted that on the Café, Maxwell (of Penguin) PM'ed me and offered to replace the set, FREE OF CHARGE! The entire SET, not just the gaff, minus the DVD, arrived in less than THREE DAYS, and did not cost me a cent, not even shipping! They replaced my set, even though I did not buy it from them!

Needless to say, they are at the top of my list to this day. Brilliant way to win over a new customer, as I have bought from them MANY times since. I'm not going to judge ethics in magic, because there are too many variables, and I am not qualified to state right from wrong in the magic industry. I'll leave that to the experts! I just say, "Long live Penguin Magic"!

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London, England
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I buy from Davenports in London, because of the very friendly atmosphere and the service.

http://www.davenportsmagic.co.uk is their website, but in person is much more fun.
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On 2005-08-01 09:31, mikerobinson wrote:
Penguin Magic - well, I did used to purchase my magic from that magic dealer, as their prices are always cheap, they have a demo vid for almost each product they sell, they offer free instructional videos with almost each product you purchase, as well as, what they call, Penguins Only private forums that only people that purchased the product in regards have access to, for the purpose to discuss the product they have purchased. However, I am truly being honest, I have eliminated my business with Penguin Magic, just a few months ago, for the reason already mentioned above. Their message boards are full of thirteen year olds that do nothing but insult other people and make pointless posts, and not only - not only their message boards, but they are unethical to the art. They sell products (Magic Makers) that are knock-offs of other magicians, they sell another magicians' magic that they have no permision of selling in the first place, and yes, indeed, as already mentioned, they sell someone else's creation and claim it to be their own; I.e. Michael Skinner's 3CM has changed to The Penguin Monte.

The thread subject is not for this magic dealer, but I did have the need to spit it all out and exlain the reason as to why I don't purchase my magic anymore from that magic dealer.


I agree with you and others on penguin. My best magic dealer experiences are the brick and mortar magic shops, Larry Kahlow that is. But when they don't have what I need I usually go to any where but penguin becuase of their unethical behaviour and immature message boards. The best online dealer I have ordered from was Bill Palmer. Though if your not looking for Cups and Balls or Unusual Magic you might want to try hocus-pocus. But please check with your local magic shops first, its just a little extra money to pay and you get those valuable reccomenddations and real reveiws that aren't avaible in online stores.
Gideon Sylvan
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Deerfield, IL
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Personally I love http://www.themagicwarehouse.com they are cheap, quick, and great! I normally buy used now from the Café, so that's almost all of what I get.
You know you are a magician when you have boxes full of lecture notes you have never read, but still are excited about going out and buying more.

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In the D.C. area we have Barry's which is a great place to go to. Bought my first thumb tip and Barry made me try on different sizes until we nailed the right one. Asked his opinion about a video and he was dead on about it. The man knows his magic and his business. He askes questions and steers you to the appropriate purchase. I bought some CDs from Penguin Magic and frankly thought their customer service was first rate, fast response, same day shipping, well run business. But to be honest I'd rather spend a few more bucks and get it at Barry's. But I not all that price sensitive a shopper, I like service and product knowledge, especially for new people being guided by a store owner will keep you from making some silly mistakes.

As for intellectual property there are ways to protect it and it behooves magicians to learn about copyrights and patents. A copyright costs you 30.00 and a stamp patents are no bargin but you have to judge your future earnings to see if it's worthwhile. I shut down pirates on ebay who were trying to sell my software with my copyright, even got their precious paypal accounts shut down.
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Czech Republic
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European branch of Penguin magic because of free shipping and low prices.
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In addition to the places mentioned above, I've had some good experience with

I also try to get over to http://www.funtymemagic.com/shop/ when I can as their brick and mortar shop is only about an hour from my abode.

Kipp Sherry
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Boise, ID
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My preferences are:
Tannen's Magic Supply http://www.tannens.com
Steven's Magic Emproium http://www.stevensmagic.com/
Hank Lee's Magic Factory http://www.magicfact.com/

All of these are brick and mortor shops with an internet presence.
Plus the fact that they all carry my effect.
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Done most of my shopping at http://www.magicproshop.com plain amazing, fast, friendly and they do put up with my never ending inquiries and questions...and lately I did some shopping at http://www.hocus-pocus.com two thumbs up

fast delivery (both), GREAT customer service (both), only downside to magicproshop is that they don't have much variety (but all you have to do is email peter and ask for it and he would help out!) so on a scale of 10, magicproshop it's 9.9 hocus-pocus 10!
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I ordered from mjm and got a free tt. I geuss I gotta get tt dvd lol. great site two thumbs up thanx for referring me to them guys!
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