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Charlie Justice
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Mount Dora, Florida
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Mason, of JB Magic, floored us at a lecture with something similar.
1. Card is simply 'seen' by spectator as magician fans cards, FASDIU.
2. 2 questions, sometimes only one, is asked of the spectators thought of card.
3. Revelation is 99% accurate (nothing is perfect) and it even has a flawless out.

While this routine of yours reads fun, there are methods of doing the exact same thing without so many questions. A 'new' method may be only that...'new'. If it doesn't improve upon current methods then it's simply novel.

Still, that being said, being the student of this wonderful craft that I am, if the price is write, I'll take a look at it. If it ends up as a 'soon to be forgotten' method, God knows it woun't be the first time. Good Luck, Let us know.
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The method you are using is already in print. I've been using it for years, mainly as a magician fooler. The basic method is described in Apocalypse (barely half a page if I remember correctly). The routine in Apocalypse is fairly weak but I'm sure anyone who's played with it has come up with a better presentation.

How can I be so sure that the method is the same as yours? It fits your method perfectly. The wording you use to describe the effect matches too perfectly. In fact, in the Apocalypse method, you don't even have the spectator place the card on top of the deck, which is what makes the original such a magician-killer. Sorry to burst your bubble. Of course I could be wrong about the whole thing, but I highly doubt it. I'm always willing to eat my own words though. Smile
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Dosen't sound that strong to me. Put the card on top? Asking all the questions? I'll pass.
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On 2005-08-14 01:22, MagicMaker wrote:

If I used that old tired method in this trick I would have never waisted anybodys time.

Trouble is, that "old tired method" is still stunning and effective. And it finds the card without all of the questions in your method that narrow that selection down and detract from the effect.

I don't think many people will pay for an ebook of this, though I could be wrong. I think it would be better to give the method away, in the hopes that somebody else might be able to adapt your concept to accomplish a better effect.
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I never said I wanted to sell this trick. I just wanted to add it to my list of ideas. THe other idea I had months ago is coincealment. I still havent released my method on that. You can watch the demo at magicvideodepot by following this link:
So as you can see I like to challenge myself to find ways to accomplish things without using difficult sleights or none at all. Coincealment doesn't use sleight of hand and has a unique method behind it.
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Dear MagicMaker,

I tried your web link and it didn't work. Could you please check to see if the demo link you supplied is correct? I'd like to see your "coinceilment" effect.

Thank you,
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On 2005-08-14 11:07, dead_man wrote:
Dosen't sound that strong to me. Put the card on top? Asking all the questions? I'll pass.

Funny thing is that not only perfectly describes the effect, but also exactly why one would pass, and what makes it SOUND like weak effect.
It's amazing, people will criticize you for "biting the hand that feeds you," while they're busy praising the hand that beats them.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I won't forget you Robert.
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Sounds like a pretty weak trick. Whats the point in challenging yourself to find new ways to do things without difficult sleights if that compromises the effect. Remember effect is everything, method is nothing. Do what it takes to create the most powerful effect possible.

Isn't it much cleaner, and more direct to do the following? Give the spectator a deck of cards, have them cut them to one card, then you turn your back as THEY shuffle the cards... You then proceed to reveal the selected card (still with your back turned) without looking through the pack, without any fishing and without using any sleight of hand!

Sure its just a cris-cross force but hey it works and its a miracle. By all means come up with alternate methods but theres no point in inventing inferior methods otherwise you're just moving backwards.

Bill Hallahan
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New Hampshire
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Well, the fishing doesn't sound strong to me either, but...

Never reject any idea out of hand without trying it, or at least knowing what it is. Maybe the presentation somehow justifies the fishing.

Or, maybe the trick isn't that good, but part of the method is a new idea and good for other tricks.

I've learned that tricks that I thought were weak can kill in the right hands and tricks I thought were strong got little reaction. (Maybe the tricks I thought were strong weren't in the right hands too?).

I had this weird thought that to a non-magician, the questions might make the trick seem stronger since the answers don't specify a single card. I'm not saying that's true, but I've seen weirder things strengthen a trick that I knew were going to weaken it! I don't actually think this is true in this case, but I'm remaining open-minded until I know more.
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Dennis Loomis
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To Magic Maker,
I can't evaluate your method because I don't know it. Perhaps it's a marvelous new breakthrough... I hope so. You should at least check the Apocalypse version that CharlieC mentioned.

To CharlieC... do you know the name, or page number, or person connected with the Apocalypse effect so that we can look it up?

To me, the effect sounds weak. Others have mentioned that. If I wanted to do something like that, and was willing to just have a card returned to the top of the deck, I'd just immediately palm it off and hand the deck to someone else to shuffle. While they were doing that, I'd glimpse the palmed card. And then, no fishing is required.

But, "fishing" is not necessarily a poor technique. It's done in delightful ways in a lot of card and mental effect, and can even be powerful.

If you are sure it's a new method, then great! In fact, if you have discovered something new, then who knows... perhaps you and someone else can tweak it and utilize it in a killer routine.

I, for one, fervently hope that you have come up with something new.

Dennis Loomis
Itinerant Montebank
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I think this is the right link to "Coincealment"

Click here

All the best,

:bikes: Mesquita Smile
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Got me curious on how its done
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I've been playing with an idea for 15 years, but it's still up to the missus.

Sack subs, ok Ross?
We miss you asper.
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Too wishy washy, no punch, but its your creation so you love it.
Shane Wiker
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It sounds like the Mind Power Deck/Radar Deck, but with riffling through the cards instead of spreading the deck and having someone think of one.

Shane Wiker
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Hong Kong ~ USA
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Yeah, what has to be said has already been said here.
I shall refrain from harsh words for your hardwork and contribution to magic shouldn't be criticized. I'm amazed by your effort.

But with that aside, I think this trick will not go into my repretoire, nor do I consider it a strong piece of magic base on your description of it.

Strong magic should be DIRECT. If you are going to, so to speak, read the audiences' mind; there shouldn't be so much fishing.

A simple force with a bit of acting will get you better reactions than all sorts of cutting, shuffling, and fishing for the card.

Maybe the advantage of this trick is that it is sleightless ..... but is it REALLY THAT HARD TO FORCE A CARD that we need a sleightless version to replace it?

I'm not certain.

best of luck though.

Don't give up, don't EVER give up.

Corporate event magician
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A great and cost efficient way (FREE) to make an e-book (in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format) is to download OpenOffice. It is an open source (meaning "free") program that runs Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Powerpoint, Excel). The cool thing is that on the Microsoft Word emulator, you can save your documents in PDF format. And it's free, though they do ask for donations.

The website is:

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U can just do it in Word, and then you can got to the Acrobat site and they'll give you like three free conversions to pdf.
It's amazing, people will criticize you for "biting the hand that feeds you," while they're busy praising the hand that beats them.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I won't forget you Robert.
Bob Farmer
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Before you get too excited, better check "The Principle of the Majorities" (pp. 62-66) in Orville Meyer's 1949 book, MAGIC IN THE MODERN MANNER. I think you'll find Orville may have beat you to it by half a century.
Jonathan Townsend
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On 2005-08-14 03:11, MagicMaker wrote:... Before I even consider contacting these people I would like to get the trick down on paper so that I have something tangible to work with. Right now it's all in my brain waiting to get out...

Perhaps you could try the thing a few times to make sure it works and gets the reaction you want...

Then take your webcam and capture a performace and send that along to the guys.

:) all the coins I've dropped here
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