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Ok guys I do kid show normally but My church asked me to do a magic show in the childrens section. Before I accept how different is it to work a gospel magic show and what exactly needs to be done differently than say a birthday. bear in mind I am 16 still. I was also wondering if anyone has some good messages that could be taught with my current effects.

-joker tube
-linking rings
-torn restore news paper
-cut and restore rope
-monkey bar
-mirror box
-mouth coils(I really could not think of anything for this)
-magic coloring book
-hippity hop rabbits
-multipling sponge bunnys
-D light
-vanishing apearing hank
-sponge balls
-change bag

If anyone could think of good messages for any of these tricks that you would be willing to share please do thank you very much.
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Torn and restored Newspaper: 1) the indestructable promises of God or 2) the bad news of headlines transformed into a new creation

Mirror Box: Creation ex nihilo

Magic Coloring book: Faith bringing purpose and color to life

Multiplying Bunnies: blessing of the kingdom 10, 30 100 fold

Change Bag: numerous transformation or revelation possibilities

Linking Rings: connectedness in Christ, Community in Christ

Mouth Coils: Matt 15:11

Monkey Bar: Christ at the Center

Bounce/No Bounce Balls: salt that has lost its saltiness
Bill Esborn

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I recently led a workshop on using magic in children's ministry. In it, I listed the four basic ways I see magic being used in ministry. They may be useful to you in getting started. They listed are below. (BTW, the vanishing coin effect below is just an example there to illustrate what I am talking about. It would be a pretty lame routine.)

Illustrate Bible Stories and Events
For example, the magician places a coin in his hand and it disappears. This can illustrate the story of the resurrection—how Jesus' body was placed in the tomb and he arose.

Teach Biblical Principles
The same effect of a disappearing coin could illustrate the biblical principle of storing up our treasures in heaven.

Introduce a Subject
That same coin effect could be used as a springboard for any lesson on tithing, or anything related to money or things of value. The effect itself is just used as an attention-getter, and doesn't have to relate directly to the lesson.

Just for Fun
There's nothing wrong with just presenting magic for fun. Not everything needs to be a lesson.

In general, I prefer to start with the message I want to present, and then figure out the best method to present that message. (Though sometimes an effect does generates an idea for an application.) However, here are a few possible applications for a couple of the effects you listed.

Torn/Restored - Sin "tears up" our lives, but God can restore us.

Cut/Restored - Sin cuts us off from God
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The age of the children will have a bearing on the kind of messages that will make sense. But, regardless of their ages, don't worry about a message for every effect.

It is far better to have a single message, and weave some entertaining effects around it, than to try and deliver 10 or 15 messages to a group of kids.

Pick a theme; Salvation, Sin, Grace, God's Love, Christ's Sacrifice, or David and Lions Den, Samson, etc - pick one theme that strikes a chord with you, and then think about how to illustrate, illuminate, or demonstrate the key points of the message.

Other themes like; Sharing your faith, or other less specific themes are generally multifaceted and therefore easier to illustrate a variety of points using a variety of effects. And you can do a whole routine with lots of interaction using D'Lites to the song "this little light of mine" where the lights come and go with the words to the song should be entertaining and fun for all.

Whatever you do, remember the message is the main thing. So keep the main thing, the main thing. If they don't remember the trick, but remember the message, then you have brought it home. But also remember that you aren't in it alone. Pray, prepare, pray, practice, and did I mention Pray And then do your best.

One technique that has proven to be very effective for a lot years for many professional speakers is the TTT principal (some Pastors use it too) The First T stands for TELL them what you are going to tell them The second T stands for Tell them and the third T stands for Tell them what you told them.

With children, it is even more important to make sure they understand where you are going, and then you need to tell them when you get there, and then you need to tell them where you've been.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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Thanks for the help all those posts were all really helpfull I will definatly take it and use that info in my show.
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I've done magic for the childrens portion of our church but one time I did something else and it went over really well so I thought I would share it. It's not magic but you could throw it in there with your magic.

I went and purchased an inexpensive marionette, it was just one of those goofy birds, it was like 10 bucks. I walked it around to music for a 30 seconds or so, walked it up to the kids etc.. then the music ended.

I told them if they ever noticed what supported a marrionette, then I had them follow the strings up as I showed them, it was a cross. I asked if they knew what would happen without the support of the cross and I tipped it down so the marrionettes head bowed down and it looked sad. I said that it would be very sad and it's life would seem empty. But with the support of the cross, it can do wonderous things.

Then I tied it into God in their lives and what would their lives be without him and how lucky we all are to have God in our lives.

Just thought I would share that.
Clifford the Red
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That last effect reminded me of an obscure Bela Lugosi quote Smile

Great illustration!
"The universe is full of magical things, waiting for our wits to grow sharper." Eden Philpotts
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I perform Slydini's vanishing balls and talk about how easy it is to be deceived.
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
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The marionette idea is really good, thanks for the tip
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D'lites would lend themselves to discussion of the Holy Spirit, or Christian authority, or blessing, but you'd need to be sensitive and not belittle those topics.
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I use D'Lites in a "Bad thoughts" or Sins routine. I include a red laser pointer that allows the light to run up the wall and over the ceiling... I also use a blinking shot glass that when you slam it down (like you were catching the light) blinks red for about 15 seconds.

So between the two D'Lites coming and going, and the laser pointer runningover teh walls and ceilings, and the shot glass catching the sin, and it getting away.. it makes for a fun little routine that makes teh point, that bad thoughts and sin will happen. We can only be sinless in the sense that we sin less. But God has forgiven us for all sin, past present and future. That doesn't eman that we should try to avoid the bad thoughts (sin), and I share what I beleive Martin Luther said, "I can't stop birds form flying over my head, but I can stop them from making a nest on it." So be on the watch, and don't let them settle in on you.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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This is what I use for the torn and restored newspaper or string. But my kids are 10-12 years old and most of them have already accepted Christ as their Savior. As you tear the newspaper or string you can ask the kids (without any show of hands) if they have ever lied, cheated, or disobeyed their parents. Then tell them the bible says in Romans 3:23 that we all have sinned (done wrong) and come short of the glory of God. And when we sin it causes us to be separated from God.

As you restore the paper or string I tell the kids the bible says in I John 1:9 that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us from our sins (wrong doings) and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (our wrong doings). Then we can be restored back to fellowship with God.
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2 books that will really help you a lot are the Spritual Applications for Tarbell 1 and 2. Of course you need to already own Tarbell 1 and 2 but the ideas and info in these books is extremely useful. They were an answered prayer for me you might say.
Daniel Faith
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The monkey bar is like the acrobatic silks I believe. I have used the idea of obeying. I say it is important to obey when it is easy as well as when it is hard to obey. I do the normal byplay and make the silk jump end to end behind back and soforth. I say well that is easy to do but we said it is important to obey when it is difficult. I ask the kids for easy times to obey and hard times. Then I say wouldn't it be hard for the odd hank to obey me and jump to the middle? I proceed to do so.

It plays well and illustrates well too.

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Two that come to mind are these:

1. Torn and restored newspaper. God definately has the power to put our lives back together when it seems like everything has been torn apart. Smile

2. The change bag. Of course, the original ungimmicked "change bag" originated in the church as a means of collecting the tithe. At EVERY gospel show I do, I drop in a red silk, and transform it into a white one. The "blood stains of sin have been washed away".

Give them a try!
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You can look at this thread to see how I modified my coloring book to make it into a "Wordless Book", which I've used to illustrate the full Gospel: sin, Jesus payment for sin, forgiveness/cleansing thru faith, and the promise of heaven

Then use Professor's Nightmare to illustrate that although we sin differently than others(different lengths of rope), in God's eyes they are all the same in regard to condeming us(stretch ropes). Yet everyone knows Christianity has something to do with doing good works - for the Christian there will be different rewards in Heaven based upon what we do here(return ropes to starting length.

I also bought Del Wilson's 12 tricks with rope and got some other ideas on how to use rope tricks to illustrate spiritual truths.


I have those Tarbell books, but haven't taken too much time to look thru them. Can you suggest some Gospel/tricks that you found most usefull?
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