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It's amazing how little I can say in
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I can't imagine keeping sponge balls around for years, as some of you claim to do. I always like to give the sponges away to spectators - to me they are a consumable. It's a lot more powerful if you can multiply the balls for them, and then let them keep them - "Keep them - I made them magically just for you" etc. is more like magic really would be, if it were real.

I really like the large goshman 3D sponge bunnies- they make nice giveaways to little girls, especially.
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I wonder where Chad keeps his butter?
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Chad Long
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On 2006-09-02 11:12, Frank Starsini wrote:
I wonder where chad keeps his butter.

I find that the boxes that sponge balls come in work great!
Lee Darrow
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As to what to call them, well, when I produce the first one from the volunteer's elbow, I refer to it as the "Pinched NERF in your elbow," of course!

Lee "Master of Pun-fu" Darrow, C.H.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
Keith Brown
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Jay Scott Berry, in a lecture I saw several years ago, suggested that one take a small size travel hairspray bottle, clean it, then fill it with water. That way, you could "fresh'n them up" even if no other water is available. Just passing this along.
~Dr. Keith Brown
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On 2006-07-16 22:19, joe.bacchus wrote:
Looking for a source for other color sponge balls, 2", blue, orange, yellow, purple etc. Would be nice to find a vendor that would discount gross of mixed colors or single colors. Any ideas?


Laflin magic stock many different colours, they do a purple which is great for not showing the dirt etc.

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My sponges do get a bit dirty, but nothing that a good rinse in warm water can't cure. They get washed with liquid hand soap as needed.

My sponge balls probably get beat up more from me pulling little bits out of them as I try to tear them in two.

I agree with Frank. I always start by asking people if the know what this (sponge ball) is. Usually get "clown's nose" to which I explain that if it was it would have a little split in the middle so I could stick it on my nose and look like a Bozo. As Frank said, this gets you interacting with the audience, which is good, but in my case it allows me to show the ball around while casually hiding another ball in finger palm that will eventually be split into the second ball.

Whatever my personal feelings about sponges are, I will always perform them because darn if spectators don't just love those little red sponge balls...
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I use to perform with sponge balls when I first started. For many years I have been using the rabbits instead. I use the 5 inch ones in Goshman's "Hare Raising Experience." They are supersoft, those last longer. And the supersoft ones can take up less space in a pocket. I wash mine in the washing machine. After a couple of washes I bring back the color by using color dye. When they had enough I give them away at a birthday party.

I always take mine in my pocket wherever I go. To me the sponges are a spectator's favorite trick. I never know who I might meet that day. So I'm always prepared.

When I bump into someone I pull the sponges out telling the person to point to one. Fifteen percent of the time the spectator asked me what they are. I say "Bunny Rabbits. Point to one." From there on everything works smooth.
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What to call sponges? Lately I've been saying they're the world's first intelligent sponges - distantly related to Sponge Bob himself. Why are they so smart? Well for one thing, they can multiply and divide. And unlike
Sponge Bob, they're, well, red. (read)
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On 2005-09-21 11:33, Eric Leclerc wrote:
The trouble with sponges, is explaining to the spectator what they are. What do you guys say?

Spherically shaped pieces of low density polyurathane.

I have had two different scientist tell me that on two separate occassions.
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Eddie Torres
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Nerf balls is also the common thing I tell people. As for the shape thing, if you're the type to wear tight clothes and the sponges lose shape in your pocket you might want to try not using the super soft sponges (those lose shape very easily) and putting the sponges in non pants pockets, like a jacket pocket.

Eddie Ivan Torres
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I don't like sponge balls. Audiences, however, love them. Every time I make up my mind to stop carrying the d*** things around, someone says "show so-and-so your little red balls!"
I guess I'll keep on carrying them around (sigh)
When they get ugly and disreputable, I throw them away and get new ones.
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Leland Stone
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I love Sponge Balls as much anybody, and wonder if you can use a performing tip I've not seen elsewhere? I would claim it as my own, but as quickly as I do someone will point out that it was published in the Jinx, the Phoenix, Hugards, The Discoverie of Witchcraft...so, FWIW:

I use a red makeup sponge for a finale or a throw-away bit during a routine. This round pad is 1/4" thick and a perfect colour/texture match for the Goshman products. Ring it in during an opportune moment and pretend to "squash" the little ball flat...hey, presto! That's just what happens!

N.B.: DO NOT get all cute and cut a little mouth and some eyes into the pad...like I did, thinking it would personalise the sponge. Boy, did it. When some kid saw that little face looking back at him from the table, you'd have thought I smacked a puppy! Not a good show.

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I had a book many years ago from which I first learned sponge ball routines. Now You See It Now You Don't by Bill Tarr and illustrated by Barry Ross.

I think it was newly published when I got it around 1976/77. Not positive on the actual name spelling or dates. But I do remember really liking this book.

Anyway, I remember it being an excellent book, but is it the best one for sponge ball routines or do you recommend another book...I don't believe I will find anything in Tarbell on sponge balls specifically...although I'm sure there are slights I can use with them.

Thanks for any advice on a good sponge ball book.

As far as keeping them clean I always had a set for use in a show and a set for practice, once the show balls got dirty I would retire them to practice balls and give away the older set.
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Robert Apodaca
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On 2005-10-01 23:06, Joe Russell wrote:
I store all my sponge balls in the circular file, my magic is done with common objects and until regular people start carrying spongeballs around in their pockets every where they go, I will not perform sponge magic, but that is just my oppinion.

Does this mean you don't do card magic or use half dollars in your magic?
ed rhodes
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On 2006-09-02 06:40, Chad Long wrote:
Just in case anyone reads this topic again, I thought I would post a silly idea on storing sponge balls that I've been using for years. I only do a simple four ball routine, so I keep them in one of those Tupperware containers that holds a stick of butter! They fit perfectly and it works great.

I was going to mention that, while I'm at the hardware dept. of Wal*Mart, we sell some wrenches and other tools that come in plastic boxes with lids. When the boxes were empty, the manager was throwing them away! I started saving them and the small square ones fit several sponge balls with no crushing problems whatsoever! They're thicker than the disposable Tubberware containers and free! (You might want to ask the guy at Wal*Mart if he has any being thrown away. You also might want to check the hardware departments of other local stores... I can't imagine Wal*Mart having an exclusivity on these things!
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Ted Danger
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I don't like carrying props. I love carrying gimmicks and gaffs however. I use napkins as spongeballs. There are many advantages, but you don't get the little bunny finish. It's a small price.
"One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility." Albert E.
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I always start by producing them from a purse frame, and put one in each of the spectator's hands, saying "This is the trick with the two little red balls. Do you know why it's called the trick with the two little red balls?" Usually they say no, so I tell them, "Because it's done with two little red balls."
Or they beat me to the punch line. Either way, it gets a chuckle and we're off to a good start.
Maybe that's why nobody has ever asked me what they are. I've shown them and told them and let them squeeze them and no one has ever wondered why a magician would carry such a thing. If anything, it uisually seems to mark me as a "real" magician that I would have such things on my person, together with a tiny wand, of course.
I especially like sponges because I've routined them to work entirely out of the hands with no other working surface, so its literally a do-anywhere trick.
I also use the color-changing ball and square sponge in the routine, so I don't pack it until just before I plan to perform, if possible. If not, I find that giving the square a couple of squeezes as I produce it helps it back into shape.
Marc the Magic Man
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On 2005-09-21 11:33, Eric Leclerc wrote:
The trouble with sponges, is explaining to the spectator what they are. What do you guys say?

Its ...a...sponge...ball.

No explaination necessary.
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Just did 2 hours under a tent in 90°f weather. I got there and had forgot to prepere my spongeballs. I didn't have any water in the car but I had some Purell hand sanitizer. I squirted a bunch in my hand then rubbed it all over the sponge balls. IT WORKED GREAT! plus it dried very fast because of the alchohol and kills all the germs too. I think I will be using this from now on.

, Jonathan
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