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I am looking for a book that will help me get off the ground performing. Secrets of a Millionaire Magician sounds like it will do just that, but the price is a little steep. My first son was born 3 weeks ago and money is a little tight. Would you recommend the book or are there others that are better and less expensive? Thanks for your input.

If anyone has any used books on the subject, I would be interested.

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone at the Café!

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Basically at the moment Dave Dee and Randy have the best courses in my opinion. Dave has just reduced his and added some bonuses so to me at $97.00 it is the better value over Randy's (just my opinion).

Now basically Randy and Dave have taken marketing principles and written them/applied them to magic. Provided you do not need to be spoon fed in this manner and you have enough sense to see that something that will work for a consultant will work for a magician. I would recommend that you go to Amazon and get a copy of Get Clients Now by CJ Hayden, $19.99. It is a 28 day course that will sort you out. It is based on selling services rather than goods so it is good for us.
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Hey Kevin,

Here is one bit of info I have found right here on the Café that may be of interest and insight.

- Marketing Course Extracts:

(In an announcer's voice:)
DISCLAIMER: And now, here is a very biased opinion of marketing insights from someone who is never known to be "underspoken" on this topic of marketing and is in no way representative of the opinions and/or beliefs of "The Magic Café" or its owners, affiliates or advertisers, and is just one guy's opinion... buyer beware. (Hehehehehe!)

Oh, ah, be able to get inside a millionaire's head for less than $200.00? Is it "worth it"? Hmmmmm, let's see... (In an announcer's voice...) I'm going to have to go with YES, Alex! And THAT is just ONE of the considerations for considering this book. (And most of the others as well!)

Here's the catch...
You have to decide for yourself at what level YOU want to play this game.
- Do you just want to do it for the FUN of it all? (which is perfectly cool, by the way...)
- Do you just want to make some extra money? (just as cool, but you make some money too...)
- Do you want to own a second business with that kind of income in addition to what it is you already do for a living? (a little more work, but you get more shows to have more fun...)
- Do you want to, someday, make your living in magic and the allied arts? Or do you burn to be a full-time pro making big money helping others get what they need with your performance skills?

I don't know what it is you desire, but for me, I have been blessed to enjoy a lifestyle that is far and away better than anything the "traditional" J.O.B. market could ever afford. I love what I get to do and I love that others are willing to pay me incredibly well to hang out with them and have fun... what's not to love?

Keep in mind that I'm a *freak* when it comes to this kind of thing (marketing and the like) and as a result I get to create the lifestyle I now enjoy in this business! (or maybe, I'm just a *freak*! I'm sure others will chime in on this one... Hehehe!) Anyway, I think, depending on what it is that you wish for, you have to grow accordingly. It really is that simple.

Secrets of a Millionaire Magician is like being able to sit down with Bill Gates (Microsoft) , Jeff Bezos ( or any other super successful entrepreneur and pick his brain. You "get" his thinking, his philosophies, his beliefs, his ideas, his strategies and all the things that make him "The Millionaire Magician". So, what's that worth to you? That one question will determine whether you wish to invest in your future and this system (or some of the other ones on the market currently).

No one can make up your mind for you (or me). I know for me what I would do (and did), but you have to decide for yourself what it is that you wish, hope and dream for.

Is it a great book and my opinion, yes!

Now I am going to confuse you even are the top five books/systems that I most heartily recommend you check into:

- Magician's marketing Tool Kit by Milliard Grubb (Incredibly GREAT book... worth 10 times the investment!) Available from Steven's Magic and it's only $67.00 + S&H... The best deal on marketing magic on the market "currently"!

- Dave Dee's new (updated) Ultimate Insider's Secrets! (Millennium Edition) is loaded with tons of great insights and usable information!

- Fund Raising Magic! By John Kaplan (not just for the "fund-raising" info... great marketing as well!) GREAT "Exclusive" interview HERE:

- Quick-Start Magic Classes by Michael Kett (Very cool...brilliant in it's simplicity!) Here is his site, but I can't seem to find info on his magic here is a page I made for him. If Steve offers it, get it through The Magic Café please.

- (and of course) Secrets of a Millionaire Magician by Randy Charach (Learn to "Think" and then ACT like a Millionaire!)

All are excellent and are rich with the respective author's incites, opinions, and "real-world" experience (you know, the ones you can't buy at any price!) for a piddly little investment of around $500.00 for ALL of them! That's only $500.00 for all the killer marketing resources you will need to knock down all the gigs you could ever dream about and make millions. (If you want to... You can start for about a "one-month" payment on you car.)

Isn't that worth a stinking little investment of only $500? Imagine what you will get in return:
- Life skill, insights and understanding of the top 10% of our market!
- REAL-WORLD systems and strategies for getting all the bookings you could ever hope for!
- You get access to the most inside thinking ("brains") of magic's world-class, top achievers! (kind of like a private and personal tutor that is always there for you!) Understand the insights of the super successful!
- Learn that if you apply any one of the zillions of great ideas and successful strategies that you will make waaaaaay more that a tinsy little investment of just over $500!

Think about it... "You've gone as far as you can go on what you know!" Isn't it time to access the experience of someone(s) who has gone before you and cleared away the path for you to simply "follow"!? More appropriately, imagine what you will be doing in 5 years and NOT having gained the insights and understanding of some of these guys. Then where will you be?

I can't tell you what to do, nor do I wish to. I only wish to raise a few questions for your thoughtful consideration, since you asked.

If I can support you in any way, feel free to reply or contact me personally. I'd be happy to share with you my insights after reading and applying some of the information from these amazing marketing texts.

As always, I am at your service and in His service,
The Dean of Success! (AKA: Deano)

I make nothing regardless of your personal's just my passion! You can support Steve and this board if you choose to purchase ANY of the resources that were recommended including "The Millionaire" book from here at Magic Café I think!
Dean Hankey, *M.D. - The Dean of Success Solutions!
Serving & Supporting YOU and Your Success!
"Book More Shows... Make More Money... SERVE MORE PEOPLE! - Not Necessarily In That Order…"

(*Marketing Doctor) Smile
Michael Messing
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I have all the resources listed by The Dean and agree with him. The Dave Dee course is terrific and I would also recommend More Shows, More Money by C.J. Johnson. C.J.'s book is very thorough for a lot of different markets. You can find it at .

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Your question is not as easy as it seems. The first question you must ask yourself is...what is your market? What kind of magic do you perform and who are your performances geared for? It is very important that you must answer truthfully.

Do you primarily perform children’s parties, restaurant magic, adult Parties, corporate? Different books will help you with different areas of specialization.

Dave Dee’s course is absolutely the best course for children’s birthday party magic.

Michael stated that C.J. Johnson's course is the best all around course and I would have to agree with him. It has a slightly broader range of ideas for other markets. But still keeps you grounded in reality.

The John Kaplan course is great for attacking the school show markets with a much different take on it than say Dave Dee’s but is geared for a person who plans on doing this full time.

There are a number of books on restaurant magic and the majority of them are quite good.

The millionaire magician is a good book, but if you are not ready to go full time in the magic business it is best to spend your money on other marketing books.

If you are looking to simply book more shows and not really go full time, I would recommend that you also read some of the classics of selling.
Anything by Zig Ziglar
Anything by Dale Carnige (How to Win Friends and Influence People)
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Anything by Tony Robbins

Of course there is always so much hype that it becomes difficult to sperate the wheat from the chaff...and sometimes just to figure out what wheat is best for you. I really think this thread has some good information for you.

Good Luck
Dennis Michael
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I am looking for a book that will help me get off the ground performing.

All the books in the world will not get you off the ground. You must get yourself off the ground by just doing magic. For kids' shows: Do it for your local church, or school, class room by class room, scouts, and other small venues where there is an audience. Do it for free at first (small shows to gain experience).

For adults: Join a magic club and perform at every opportunity, every contest (not to win—just for practice). Perform then evaluate! Yes mistakes will be made, but keep them at a minimum and learn from them.

You want to start with small shows, family and friends' birthday parties. It's a start.

Remember, we all mess up sometime somewhere and none of us broke any laws and were tarred, feathered, and run out of town! I started by going though the phone book and doing charities for free; some were really rough crowds. There were no videos and I listened to the advice of respected fellow magicians who evaluated my show and gave me pointers. Keep to the classics at first until you gain the confidence you need.

The books mentioned above: Millionare Magician, David Dee, John Kaplan, as well as the motivator, Hill, Robbins, Ziglar, Alesandra and others are in my collection and read more than once along with cassette and video tapes. These are learning tools for selling youself. You first must have a marketable act for a particular audience, then market yourself. It will not happen over night.
Dennis Michael
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Profile of DonMarco
Two thumbs up, five stars, highly recommended. After obtaining this, I have gone back to Randy to buy more of his amazing advice.
"Imagination is the Only Reality"-- Marquis de Sade
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Any good book on marketing will help you as long as you take action.

One of the best books EVER on marketing is by the billionaire marketing expert, Jay Abraham.

It is How to Get All You Can Out of All You've Got! I literally paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn what is in this book that you can get for less than $30.00 at Borders, Walden Books, et al.

Happy hunting!

Millard W. Grubb
Find the one true thing, then go after it with all your worth.
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Randy's Book is good although the contact lists are mainly for working in the states. I'm finished with my book and am selling it for $200.00 US.

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MW Grubb is right: Jay's books are great! He is the marketing guru that many other courses reference. He's insightful and imaginative and gives a ton of ideas for the money.

Dave Dee's course is very good. To his credit, he gives props to Jay and other marketing experts all through the material. What Dave has done is sift through it all, and apply it to performing.

You can't go wrong buying several different courses. While much of the information is repeated, everyone has their own insight and opinion and ideas. I'd buy one or two, start booking gigs, and get others later. Some of us are marketing junkies— it's an area where there is always something more to learn. The key, as has been said many times, is to put into action what you learn.
Review King
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I just went to

Has anyone ordered the material and used it successfully? Meaning you got parties or school shows as a direct result of these systems?

"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
christopher carter
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One of the benefits of Mr. Charac's book is the lists included. These lists are the sort of things that date easily, but I am assuming that he updates them periodically.

I'll second (or third) the praise for CJ Johnson's book. It's also one of the really good ones out there.

Dennis Michael
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A new "player" in the market is Jim Snack's Success-in-Magic Books.

For $99 you get two excellent books and I did enjoy them more than Randy Charach's Millionaire Magician. Each e-book is about 300 pages. One is on 64 ways of making Magic Pay, and the other is a step by step approach up the magical ladder. It is a book anyone serious about getting into magic should read. He also sends you bonus reports which make the deal even sweeter.
Dennis Michael
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I agree with most individuals in here but, if you wish for a quick start without having to buy anything just yet here are some tips...
  1. U.S.P. (Tell folks what makes booking you unique.) Develop it with this question— "Why should I choose your show over any other entertainment idea?"
  2. Tailor your message to the right market.
  3. Eliminate all assumptions. Be clearly understood!
  4. Make sure that all of your efforts offer image congruency.
  5. Never stop changing (approaches, etc...)
  6. Do not be reluctant to ask folks for action at every presentation opportunity.
  7. Respect and appreciate, and give the importance to everyone you come in contact with...
  8. Do not be boring!
  9. Have goals ... without them there is no victory!
  10. Do not hesitate to make decisions, but do not stop there— you must take massive action. Act as soon as a decision is made!
  11. Make your ads informative instead of pressure sales inspired...
  12. Believe in superior service to each new client and never stop adding value to your show and service...
  13. Be organized— track sales, customer profiles, create massive lists... test every knew known to see if it wasn't a fluke. Learn from each new action based upon a decision.
  14. Stay in contact with each past client but do not be a pest. You must carefully gauge what is right for you and them. Post cards work best for me.
  15. Get credibility(use testimonial letters from satisfied customers in your website or in your brochures, or ads).
  16. Use images to prove the case of your developed U.S.P.
  17. Always look presentable, or clean up your act. This is how you put your best foot forward.
  18. Don't take anyone's loyalty for granted.
  19. Don't rely on spoon fed information to boost the power that already lies within you!
  20. Tie your services to local or national trends if possible.
  21. Praise the Creator for "Life's Illusions".

Respectfully submitted,
Stuart Cumberland
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I freely and admittedly am biased about Randy Charach.

Disclaimer: Randy is a friend of mine.

But hear me out. Quick story. A few years ago we were chatting on the phone and he gave me an idea for marketing my shows. Literally, just off the cuff.

It was literally "do this, then this, then this..."

I did.

Grossed just over $25 000.00 with the idea. Is his course, which details this idea in it, worth $200? Forgive my bias, but I'd have to say yes!

My Dad said something to me long ago. Get ONE idea out of a book and it pays for itself. My Dad's theory was that an idea can literally change your life! Yes, I DO realize that some feel that $200 (or $100) is a lot of money. Sure it is. If you buy his book and do nothing with it, you'll lose your money. Guaranteed. I think it was Jim Rohn that said ideas that aren't used are useless. How true.

But what IF... you use an idea or two? Maybe you won't do as well as I did, but how many shows would you have to book to make up the cost? One? Two? THAT, is my Dad's theory.

Finally, the guy has a money back guarantee. Very few of us "evil marketers" offer guarantees. Most of us who do so are doing it because our products really CAN do what they say... if you use them. How can you go wrong? I'm not trying to be funny here. How can you go wrong with a money back guarantee?

BTW, I'm ALL FOR affiliate marketing. I'm an affiliate for several products. But I would like to sincerely recommend this book, and please note that I AM NOT using an affiliate link here. Sincerely, his ideas have made me plenty of money. Do yourself a favor, and get the book:

BTW, he has recently added a ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR endorsement to the page. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IT JUST FOR THAT. Go now!



FREE Newsletter reveals inside money-making secrets of successful mentalists & psychics!
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I do not reccomend Randy's book. Sorry, but I don't.

Randy's main attraction is that he is a millionaire. He even shows us a copy of his bank statement to prove it. He probably is. He's probably even a nice guy. But that doesn't mean he can write a good book on how to become a millionaire.

Most of his book is self-help pablum. Now self help *is* very important to running a businesss, but it can be had for far cheaper from far better gurus than this. (I recommend John Lavalle or Rex Sikes' NLP tapes.)

The concrete advice he gives is sketchy and general, such as his section on Internet marketing (one of the main reasons I bought the book). Basically it boils down to "The Internet is good, you should use it." Or his section on setting up your office (another big selling point for me...organization and office procedures are a BIG challenge) which basically says: "You should have an office. Put a desk in it. And a chair. Buy a fax machine. Don't be cheap." (For a really good book on setting up an office, check out "How to get organized when you don't have the time" by Stephanie Culp.)

Now if you've never been exposed to any of this stuff, his essays on goal setting, self help, customer service, and time management would be very valuable. And I did get one WONDERFUL tidbit which is right now on a notecard on my corkboard. That is "If you're not early, you're late." So there is a lot of good in the book, but not enough good to justify the price tag.

The remainder of the book (and the bulkiest section) is his "millionaire rolodex" which is a collection of names and addresses of people you can contact (agents and the like). Now if these are good leads, that alone would be worth the price of the book—putting togther a rolodex is one of the hardest, most time consuming and most valuable things you can do.

Now, I don't know for sure that the leads aren't good, I didn't try them. But I DO notice that in his section on cruise ships, he lists My friend Greg Moreland, who is a *very* successful cruise magician, tells me that Proship mostly books bands and hardly does any business with magicians. He doesn't mention the Don Casino agency AT ALL, which (again I have this second hand) is THE big cruise ship agency.

In his section on colleges he mentions a few agents. I don't know these agents. They might be very good agents. They might even be nice guys. But he doesn't mention NACA or APCA at all. These two organizations, the National Association of Campus Activities, and the Association for the Promotion of Campus activities, are THE BIG THING in campus entertainment. This is not a minor omission.

I *suspect* (note this is only a suspicion, I can't prove anything) that Charach is taking money from these agencies to be included in this book.

Now full disclosure here. It's been a long time since I read the book. I read it once and returned it. Its possible I missed something. Reading over the ad page, I can't remember any of the wonderful things he promises in the ad. And I will say that Mr. Charach DOES honor his guarantee. More full disclosure: Mr. Charach is a millionaire. I am not.

I thought long and hard about publishing this negative review. "You got your money back" I said to myself, "why hurt the poor guy's business?" But you guys are my friends, and I think it is best to be honest. Somebody could waste a lot of time and money following a bad lead.

I suspect that a lot of the enthusiastic praise that this book is getting all over the Internet comes from people who looked at all the names and addresses, figured that they had a veritable goldmine sitting on their shelf, but never actually pursued the leads. (I'd be very interested to hear if people actually DID get work from Proship.)

I suspect that the absence of negative criticism comes from people thinking like I did: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." It's no fun to give a negative review in the magic community, people get very angry at you. I suspect I'm going to get a nasty letter from Mr. Charach. But that's my opinion. And you're welcome to it.

Review King
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What about Dave Dee? Is it worth it to buy his products?

"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
Dennis Michael
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There is a lot that has been said about David Dee. Do a search.

His material is good. But not as good as Jim Snacks.
Dennis Michael
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Chris: I HIGHLY recommend Dave Dee's products.
Dennis Michael
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Please don't misinterpret my response. I too liked David Dee, I just thought he charges too much for what is really common marketing techniques.
Dennis Michael
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