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Dusty the magic clown
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I was just wondering where the rest of you learned magic from, a school, a teacher, a video, a book, internet, did some one teach you or did you learn it yourself?
Dusty the magic clown
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I taught myself form books, tapes, dvds, interenet,and a few form other magiacians but it is very hard to find soem one willign to teach you and their seen to be no magic schools in the North East region Smile
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So. Cal
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I am mostly self-taught as well. Initially from books and over the past year or so from DVDs.

When I was a kid I had a 'mentor' who taught me several coin sleights (palms, transfers and vanishes). But since then I have had no other teachers...

Provided that someone is willing to teach me, I'd love to get another teacher sometime in the future.

Frank Tougas
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Minneapolis, MN
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Books, old books from the library. Books written in the forties when the words were too hard for a young kid and the illustrations sparse.

Television! A chance to see magic, Mark Wilson's The Magic Land of Alakazam and Don Alan's Magic Ranch.

Mail order catalogs ordered from the back of Popular Mechanics. Saving pennies to buy something that may be a treasure or just as easily an piece of junk.

Learning magic was both a fun and arduous journey. Gleaning secrets.

The discovery of a local magic store! (Now the oldest in the United States) What fun!

Then - the discovery of local SAM meeting. These were my various routes to learning magic. Almost as secretive as the art itself.

It is easier now in terms of availability, but just as dark and mysterious a journey as it always was. Fraught with danger, rip offs, snake oil salesmen and a few nuggets among the dirt.

In short - Trial and Error (lots of error) and the trip was not only worth it, but I wouldn't change a bit of it.

Frank Tougas
Frank Tougas The Twin Cities Most "Kid Experienced" Children's Performer :"Creating Positive Memories...One Smile at a Time"
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NJ, U.S.
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Mostly books, some videos, a co-worker and fellow magicians.
Corey Harris
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Kansas City, MO
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Books, DVD/videos and a Mentor, and some great guys in my local IBM Ring
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Busking is work.
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Solid books, and electronic from, some Michael Close VHS videos from the bargan bin, and a lot of info gleaned from posts here at the Café. I'd love to hang out at the Pizza place Jonathan Townsend mentioned.
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Since I've been into magic for a little more than a year now, what I know, learn and perform essentially come from dvds and ebooks. If asked who influenced me the most, I'd have to say Jay Sankey as his magic's my first exposure. I don't belong to any magic clubs and I don't have a mentor. However, I'm starting to see the importance of local magic clubs and mentor as I venture into magic.
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Mostly books, some ebooks and DVDs.

Optimists have more fun.....
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Southampton - UK
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Mostly books and dvd's

I found a guy near me who does magic tuition. he was really good but I cannot afford too many lessons. I think I will join a local magic club and see what that has to offer. I love magic and I love learning the art of magic but I also would like to share views and learn face to face with other magicians to gain a wider view on various aspects.
books, video's and dvds are all essential aids to learning magic but I don't think anything is better than bouncing ideas and being taught one to one from another magician (especially as a beginner)

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Jim Snack
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My mentors were Slydini, Vernon, Hugard, Christopher, Hoffman, Hilliard, Bobo, Tarbell, Scarne, Devant, Okito, Ganson, Miller, and many more....all discovered through their writings.

It may be more difficult to learn magic from a book, but your education is so much richer.

Jim Snack

"Helping Magicians Succeed with Downloadable Resources"
Sean Comer
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Pedrothegreat, I agree with your post. When I first started magic, I learned from Books, Tapes and DVD's (still am actually). While living in MD, I also had a friend of mine who also was learning magic. We would meet about once a month and 'show off' and get feedback and exchange ideas. Working with a fellow magician was one of the best expereriences I have had personally. I am going to be joining my local ring in Sourthern California to share/gain experience as well.
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I taught myself but past national president of the s a m bill andrews put the finishing tuch on my acts
Parson Smith
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My magic journey began under the tutelage of a fine gentleman by the name of Tom Hood. His stage name was "Hoodini." He sparked within me a true love of magic. He never charged money for doing magic. He said that life and magic were gifts that were to be given away.
I did not listen to that bit of wisdom and paid my way through college doing macic fundraisers.
I studied books, worked with friends and some of the masters.
As I never lived close to any of magic's greats, I could meet with them only on occasion and would usually come away with a new idea.
I spent time at the Magic Castle, watching, learning and asking questions.
Only recently did I start watching videos.
I really love learning from the greats in our art and some of the greatest are not the most famous.
I owe huge thank you's to so many magicians throughout the world for sharing with me the bits that went into making me who I am.
Magically yours.
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
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My friend introduced me to magic after performing some basic card tricks that grabbed my attention and left me wanting more. Before long I was on google doing a search for magic and one of the sites I came across was . I was naturally astonished at the dvds that they had on offer and ended up purchasing almost all of them. After further research I found that their was far greater magic to be viewed such as dai vernon, harry lorayne, bill Malone, juan Tamariz, gregory wilson etc and the list goes on.
The Magician
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Taught myself from Books , Videos and dvds.
The Magician

Expect the Unexpected
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Self taught from books mostly and a few videos and one on one with a few magicians. I was never lucky enough to have a mentor. Smile Smile

We don't stop playing when we grow old...we grow old when we stop playing.

God is enough, let go, let God. Gal 2:20

"Anything of value is not easily attained and those things which are easily attained are not of lasting value."

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Mago Gregorio
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Paris, France
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Books are the best way to learn magic, yhen local Magic Club where you can experiment techniques you learnt. DVD as a 3rd medium (the problem is that you tend to stick to DVD and not to adapt it to your own style.

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Books. Smile
Father Photius
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I started learning from some young local Dallas magican back in the early 50's he had a 15 min show on twice a week called "Time for Magic", and for 6 Dr. Pepper bottle caps he sent you a little folder of tricks. Plus he did supermarket shows and if you bought a 6 pack of Dr. Pepper and package of Neuhauf franks, you got a trick and a wand. That was my start, plus a couple sleights with coins my dad taught me. Then the dallas magician put together a little magic kit and sold it at the local Tiches dept. store in Dallas, I learned cups and balls and a few other effects from that. Then he went off to California and did some TV show, I think it was called the Magic Land of Alakazam. From there on it was largely books for a while, and a few sessions with Uncle Harry (Blackstone Sr.), after that my first exposure was a Harry Lorrayne lecture and I started learning my first real card sleights. Magic clubs, books, etc. occassional traveling lecturer from there on out. Couple trips to the castle to get the professor to slap my hands among others. Like Parson Smith , in recent years I've gotten tapes and dvds to study new effects and moves.
"Now here's the man with the 25 cent hands, that two bit magician..."
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