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Dusty the magic clown
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What books or dvds can I look for as a beginner in mentalism ?
Iain Moran
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Manchester, England
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My first choice would be Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals. I would say this book is essential reading for any mentalist. Also Cassidy's Compleat Principia Menta. These books contain great material, but more importantly offer crucial advice on actually performing mentalism to an audience.

You won't be dissapointed.

As far as DVD's go, all of Richard Osterlinds DVDS's, Easy To Master Mental Miracles and Mind Mysteries and vols 1 & 2 of Banachek PSI Series.

Hope this helps.

Reuben Dunn
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Cassidy's "Mental Miracles" was the first DVD I bought and it was well worth it, in terms of gaining an introduction to the craft.
Good Thoughts.

Reuben Dunn
Tom DV
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Do a search for beginner mentalism, your question's been asked many times.

Good luck and have fun!
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Osterlind's Mind Mysteries - all four DVDs. Additionally, Volume One will show you a great example of laying out a clean, fast-paced act.

Banachek's Psi Series - all four DVDs. Learn how to "think like a mentalist." Banachek shows excellent examples of how mentalist "powers" would have real world benefits and consequences.

Osterlind's Easy to Master Mental Miracles DVDs- Any or all of them, though Volume Four is my favorite. These may be the easiest to start with. In all of his videos, Richard Osterlind demonstrates valuable audience direction methods.

Either of Barrie Richardson's books.

Banachek's excellent (and far too short!) book: Psychological Subtleties. This may be too much for the beginner, but you'll find it an invaluable reference as your experience grows.

Cassidy's *Fundamentals* is a good starting point, but it might take you forever to get your copy once you order. I was lucky; I had my copy within 30 hours after ordering. This booklet will show you some immediate mistakes you're probably making -- because we all do.

And finally:

The Richard Osterlind Tetrology: *Making Magic Real*, *Making Real Magic*, *Essays*, and *the Principles of Magic*. These are available at and should be required reading for all magicians and mentalists. If we had to have licenses to perform, I'd want these booklets used to create the test for the licenses.

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J ack Galloway
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I would say Richards stuff.
I however have just one manuscript of his.

But all these other guys say the same thing.

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J ack Galloway
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I would put Anneman and Tarbell ahead of Corrinda.

They teach more performance.

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Annemann and Corinda.
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Another vote for Mr. Osterlind...books, videos, etc. If you can manage to siphon off some of his DNA, that probably wouldn't hurt either Smile (might hurt him maybe best to scratch that idea Smile )
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I know we all say read Corinda and Anneman's Practical Mental Effects, and a beginner like myself should get these books. But Mentalism has it's own dynamic and style of presentation that's hard to pick up from either book. What I can recommend very enthusiatically for beginners is Osterlind's Easy To Master Mental Miracles, all 4 volumes. If you signup for one of the big magic stores like Hocus Pocus you can get these at a nice discount when they have a sale. The presentation is pretty much keyed to these two books, and Osterlind has great style of delivery and his explanations are crystal clear. Each video gives you two fifteen minute routines with each effect building on the other. This is the type of help that makes these videos invaluable. When you see the tricks performed you go wow, let me look at Anneman again.
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1 - Practical Mental Effects - Annemann
2 - 13 steps to mentalism - Corinda
3 - Mind, Myth & Magic - T.A. Waters
4 - Prism ( Color series ) - Goldstein
5 - Stunners - Larry Becker
These should get you started in the book department.
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Only recently started myself. I agree with the posts here, Richard Osterlind MM is excellant, and the banachek PSI series. Its a lot of money to lay out in one go. From a beginers point of view. Banacheks PSI series shows you some very commanding effects, but I felt they didn't show you much in the way of presentation.
However, the Mind Mysteries are excellant for both.

I have some of the books listed here, but am only now starting to read them. I think the videos give you a good visual of how to present the effects, however reading the books drill it deeper in to your mind if that makes sence.

Good luck. And have fun!


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Slim King
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Buy T.A. Waters and Martin Gardner!
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Parson Smith
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I began many years ago with Annemann and Corinda. They were invaluable and still are.
Since then, I have read hundreds of books articles and manuscripts.
If I were beginning today, Knowing what I know now, I would begin with everything that Richard Osterlind produces, beginning with his trilogy and thenwatching all of his videos.
I would read everything that I could get my hands on that was written by Burger.
Next, I would read Lorayne's The Magic Book.(Some will disagree. I, on the other hand, might read this first.)
Then, I would read as much of Cassidy as possible and go from there.
Banachek's Psychic Subtleties would be an early must read.
I would read Maven(Prism), Earle(Mind) and Becker(Stunners Plus.)
I would buy NO visible props for several years.
I would read Richard Busch and Barrie Richardson.
It would be good to look at John Riggs stuff.
I would read Knepper's stuff when I could afford it.
When I thought that I knew a little bit about mentalism, I would read Anneman and Corinda and Waters.
When I thought that I was ready to perform, I would read Ted Lesley.
While I was reading, I would learn a few sleights and rather simple, but strong demonstrations that could be with me at all times.
I would try hard to not be a generalist, but to hone one "skill" that I could be better at than anyone else.
I would try to read as much of the old greats as possible.
While I am sure that I have left some out (especially like some of the younger, newer masters), this is where I would begin.
Of course, as always, your mileage may vary.
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
+++a posse ad esse+++
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I'm afraid I have to disagree with all of this. For a "beginner in mentalism" I would say firstly look at Henry Hay's The Amateur Magician's Handbook. It is brilliant. Then you must explore Corinda before Annemann - Corinda is all about techniques, and Annemann is mostly about using those techniques. Then start to explore other things such as Waters, Osterlind, and the others. I wouldn't consider Banachek at all until you're extremely advanced. I heard several beginners say to me that they read P Subtleties and thought it was rubbish. P Subtlties is one of THE books on Mentalism - they just didn't understand it. I would say Dusty, get your grounding first. Hay, Corinda, Annemann. You're looking at about £60 outlay max for that lot, which should keep you busy a good long time and teach you a lot. Don't splash out on DVD's too soon. Apart from anything else, you want to develope your own style and watching DVD's will make you copy. I heard Luke Jermay say on Radio Magic, books are better in this respect.
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I would deffently go wi0th Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism. It may be a little bit for more expierienced mentalists, but, there's some good beginning things in there to.

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The Great Dave
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If you want to start with Annemann, which is always a good choice, you can purchase all 151 volumns of Jinx magazine on a CD for 19.95. This was Ted Anneman's idea of a practical and inventive publication. It is over 800 pages plus a search engine and will give you a good start.

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Paramiracles, theatre of the mind, 13 steps, annemann!
J ack Galloway
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Paramiracles, is good if one wants to learn mental magic.

I would not call it mentalism.


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