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Just in time for Halloween, I was just wondering if anyone has any stories (involving themselves or other magicians) where someone was hurt during a magic show.

I remember David Copperfield's story where he cut off the tip of his finger and the audience thought it was part of the act. Anyone know of a permanent finger loss due to magic?

One that I would like to know about is if a guillotine/head-chopper illusion has ever actually hurt a volunteer.

And, naturally, has anyone been sawn in half for real in an act outside of a horror show?
Vandy Grift
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Well, the "bullet catch" killed Chung Ling Soo among others.
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Tonight...Me and my (Youthful) thinking, trying to jump up on a loading dock before load-in. Oh, just incase you are wondering...I DIDN'T make it, I have the battle scare to show for it now. I hate getting older...just can't do what I use to.

Robert Jones
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Robert, you just proved that there is no such thing as gravity - the Earth simply sucks. Smile

Lee Darrow, C.H.
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Lee... Gravity is just an illusion... An illusion that hurts... but an illusion all the same...
Robert... I feel for you on the getting older gig... The aches and pains seem to stay around a bit longer then they used to...
Dominic Marion
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I've burned myself a few times doing the vanishing cigarette...sometimes it isn't actually out. I've cut my hand many times while cutting up cards with exacto knives for effects.
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A place to tell stories and experiences from shows, tours or performances you have done. No questions, advice, or theories...just stories!
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On 2005-10-31 07:03, Jerrine wrote:
A place to tell stories and experiences from shows, tours or performances you have done. No questions, advice, or theories...just stories!

And your point being?

Cheers! Smile

aka Steve Taylor

"Every move a move!"

"If you've enjoyed my performance half as much as I've enjoyed performing for you, then you've enjoyed it twice as much as me!"
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I used to do a strait jacket escape when I did bar shows... One night I was doing ashow for a particular rowdy bunch. I got tied up and stared doing the escape (now I should mention that people had been throwing bottle caps and stuff at me through the whole show (a real dream gig, huh?)
Anywhoo, as I was struggling around, I tripped and fell with my head on an upturned bottle cap - I passed out for a moment and when I came to, I got up and everyone was clapping. I looked on the floor and saw a large pool of blood and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw blood squirting out of my head> the audience thought it was part of the show and were quite impressed with this effect! So there I was, bleeding all over the floor and my strait jacket, and I was still strapped in the jacket - all the while the audience is applauding.
So I quickly got out of the jacket. I think that audience realized that it was real by the end. There were a bunch of strippers going on after me, so they were not happy about how I left the stage. The worst part was - I had to pack my stuff and load it into my car by myself and then drive myself to the hospital to get the 16 stitches required on my face. I also fell off of a stage one time and ripped the cartilage in my ear that got caught on the edge of the 6 foot high stage. Ah the good ol' days!
Oh, in case you are wondering, I gave up doing the strait jacket:)
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Well, if no one minds me resurrecting a somewhat old topic...

Once, I was choreographing a sword fight for part of a routine, and told the guy with the two-handed sword to bring the sword down upstage of me while I held the sword up to parry, "like this". I turned my attention to the other stagehand to tell her what to do, and through my peripheral vision, saw the first stagehand's sword coming down, just like I had told him to do. I parried because my sword was still in the way, but since I wasn't expecting a full-strength strike right then, my own sword was knocked back, cutting fairly deeply into the bridge of my nose. The blades were prop swords, and weren't sharp at all, but they were 1/8th" strip steel and very heavy. I got knocked onto my butt and stunned for a few seconds, then got up to feel blood dripping down my face. The really bad thing was that I had a show later that day, too...

Luckily, it wasn't bad enough to require stitches, so I slathered cover-up makeup into the wound. Hurt like crazy, but staunched the blood, and looked better than a band-aid would have on stage.
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I once did SAW String Through Neck... my neck was red and swollen for days.
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I've heard of at least two partial amputations caused by dimwitted performers mishandling the Disecto.
I know an older performer who chipped a shoulder and tore two ligaments during a straitjacket escape.
I've cut my hand mildly on the sharp edge of a set of leg irons I was 'rapping' open, on two separate occasions.
The late Lester Lake got 'scorched' a couple of times, performing his 'burned alive' (aka 'Buried in Flames') stunt in the 1930s.
Norman Bigelow was injured a few times while escaping his knife-studded "Doors of Death."
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During a Florida Magic Convention in Orlando a young fellow in the Stage Contest was presenting the "fastest act" in which he was doing a number of tricks in under 3 minutes. At one point he jumped from the stage to have a card selected and broke his leg when he landed. Undaunted he scrambled back onto the stage and limping he finished the act. He won 2nd place in the competition and received his trophy on crutches. I get he took the old saying "break a leg" literally.
Dr. Delusion
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I don't know how many times I've burnt my hands a tad while doing the flaming wallet outside when the winds decides to pick up at the wrong time. I also cut a finger pretty bad while performing a sawing in half illusion. I'm sure that these are just a few of many more I'll suffer through the years.
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I learned about the dangers of large high power neodymium magnets real quick. Nothing but a few minor cuts and bruises, but you better pay attention to what's around on your desk etc when you handle them. Stuff can literally come flying at you. Oh, and I also learned, the hard way, to remove my credit cards from my Stealth Assassin wallet whenever I'm using those magnets or wear my PK ring.
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That reminds me- shortly after I started playing with neodymium magnets, I had a really powerful one strapped to my leg, and my dog (at the time, my wife-to-be's dog) ran up to greet me- and her choke chain stuck fast to the magnet. There's nothing like being attached at the knee to a confused, 80 lbs pit/lab mix... while trying to not expose a gimmick to your fiancee.

* She's a very loving, affectionate dog, and no one was hurt during the incident.
Self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades and google expert*.

* = Take any advice from this person with a grain of salt.
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I almost lost a finger because of an aluminum-foil production coil in a Chink Cans routine. After all the silks, etc., I began pulling out the aluminum foil streamer. The "leading edge" landed a bit too close to one of the children on the front row, who grabbed it and yanked, slicing a deep gash into my right index finger.

Lots of blood... End of show...
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