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Richard Osterlind
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On 2005-11-18 16:56, jimtron wrote:
Here's one place.

Thanks for finding that! I got mine in a rather older (than Staples or Office Max) office supply store.

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Eternal Order
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That was fast, thanks!
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Glad to help.
Richard Osterlind
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Since so many of your have asked, "Digital Feedback" is back in stock on our website. I wanted to mention it here as there is a slight differenece in the new unit. The manufacturers have changed the design of the case. Instead of a sliding panel to open and close it, the new ones have a door, just like a lot of other calculators. I changed the routine to accomondate this. After using this design and routine in my shows for a few months, the book was re-written with the new handling.

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My birthday present came in a couple of days ago, and so I haven't been posting while I viewed (and re-watched) these birthday DVDs and studied (and re-studied) "the Final Answer" manuscript. My first thought was "What a remarkable bargain!" (Actually, that was my second thought. My first thought was to significantly thank wife Cherie for these wonderful presents!) My second thought was "Oh no! He 'gave away' StenoESP!" But I have more thoughts on that.

Things I learned from Mind Mysteries Too:

Never, never ignore the classics of magic & mentalism. Even the ones which might be considered "minor." And there's always something one can learn about those classics. F'r instance: I've been getting teriffic response using a certain move with the No 2 Pencil routine, but I learned a significant improvement which will make my routine absolutely impossible to believe.

Did I mention that I was saddened that StenoESP is out there on video, where even people who won't read can learn it? My alarm was tempered by the opportunity to see StenoESP performed by its creator/master. Yes, I learned something to improve my performance of this effect. And - HA! - those who don't read will miss out on further touches which are in the booklet which included StenoESP! (Strangely enough, that routine was included as a "giveaway" bonus originally. Did Richard not realize, at the time, just how powerful a routine this could be?)

What else did I learn from Mind Mysteries Too?

Something which I'd suspected from my decades as a magic fan (but not performer) - and that's that our audiences don't always distinguish between magic and mentalism. With proper performance, they each look equally impossible and mysterious - while Richard shows that one can be, at once, mysterious, humourous, and quite human. Striking those balances, blurring the lines between magic, mentalism, and everyday, can create an even more intense level of astonishment and rememberance for one's audiences.

That's a lot to learn from a DVD set.

Oh yeah -- learned some new tricks too. (Can I say "tricks" here?) But it's become evident that "the secrets" are not the *real* secrets of magic and mentalism. The real secrets of magic & mentalism are right here on these DVDs, though.

And they're darned entertaining, to boot!

#ShareGoodness #ldsconf
Sven Rygh
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Great post, Chet!

- and a thing he did not give away, is The Miracle Thought Projection.
I wondered/worried about a bit if he would do so in connection with Dad's Favorite/My father's favorite, when I first saw that effect included in the add.

You are right, this is an amazing gold mine of knowledge!

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Just picked these up and watched through them. I can honestly say that they make one of my best purchases. My favourites effects are Inside Out, Final Answer, CL Deluxe and Haunted Key. I really recommend taking his advice believe in your powers to the point that there IS NO method.

Osterlind truly is a madman for attempting projects as vast as ETMMM and MMToo within the space of 2 days. The relief on his face at the end is like that of cinema-goers coming out of the third Lord of the Rings film - 'It's taken hours and hours, been one hell of a ride, but thank God it's over!'

We can all learn from Osterlind's professionalism and generosity.

Scott Johnstone.
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I agree...these are fantastic videos by Richard Osterlind. I love the spoon and multiple fork bends on vol. 5. You can't go wrong with these.

Cameron Francis
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Can't wait to get my hands on these. I love Steno ESP and am very excited to finally be able to see it performed! I just posted this in another thread but I find both books and videos to be equally invaluable learning resources. A lot of people say that books are the only way to go. While I love books, there's nothing like seeing a pro like Richard perform his fantasic effects. In person would be better, of course. But this is one of the main reasons why dvds are so important to our art.
MOMENT'S NOTICE LIVE 3 - Six impromptu card tricks! Out now!
Carlos the Great
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On 2005-11-16 15:46, Sven Rygh wrote:
Talking about lines;
(I ment to mention this a long time ago, and forgot to do so)
Your own "Do you call that a cirkle"? is IMO one of mentalim's most clever lines!
It puts the spectator in a fun and charming way in immediate defence of what she did, and is to me an amazing example of the cancellation principle.
- and of course it can be converted to other effects, and will make the spectator defend with her body and soul what she did, said, wrote or drew .
I just love it!


I am in total agreement, Sven. I knew what was going on as I use a variation all the time but when I heard that line I just about died laughing. It was great! Any heat is completely lost and... I don't even know what to say except read Sven's quote again.

Cognite tute
Matt Andrews
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I had a small show last night for a few friends (about fifteen people). A few of these people did see me do magic before, so of course they suspected some tricks.

At the end, most of them came to me and said how much fun they had. And one came and told me that on the mind reading effect (PCT) he didn't see me read but "one can see it" and fished for some explanations on the drawing dupe (ODDS) and eventualy gave me this advice: "you should do more manipulation. I enjoy that, as well as rope tricks". Chances are I'm going to follow this advice (1% is still a chance).

Sincerely, Matt
Because nice matters
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Simon Shaw, Suffolk, England
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Personally though, my own thoughts regarding Richard Osterlind, and specifically his last Mind Mystery DVDís is that the guy and all his material is awesome. Seriously I would never be able to say enough good things about him. Simply put he is my favourite performer, and of all the sets of DVDís I have, his are my favourite (although you have to say that the Banachekís, Max Mavenís and believe it or not, the Marc Spelmannís are right up there).

Of all the DVDís I have, I perform more of Osterlindís material (tuned to my own style, naturally) than anyone elseís (Apart from my own of course). The material Richard Osterlind puts out is pure gold, and it is as much a joy to watch his performances as it is to learn the secrets.

But will I perform everything on all the DVDís? No. Of course I wonít. Much of it isnít for me. Much of it doesnít fit with my style, and bits of it I plain donít like, but that certainly doesnít mean that I donít still love the DVDís and will watch them time and time again, because I feel there is so much to learn from this man, Richard Osterlind, and the bits on the DVDís that I do like. I like a lot.

And Richard Osterlind, when you next come to England, Please, Please, Please will you come and lecture for the Ipswich Magical Society?
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As with any DVD'S or Books,we are all bound to usually find things we like and things we don't like..things we can use,and things we can't use.
Personally,with my purchases;if I can glean 1 or 2 thing's of use to me,I am satisfied.Those 1 or 2 thing's may be of no use or liking to somebody else.It is a very personal decision.We can't like or have a need for everything that is puplished.
That said,I thank Mr. Osterlind for sharing his works and ideas.Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth.

Jim Sisti
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Richard has been on the road this weekend but has been kept up to date on the progression of this particular thread. He's asked me to mention that he is arriving home this afternoon and plans on making some very specific comments about some of these postings (and posters) when he does.

Jim Sisti
Hypnotic Winter
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From time to time I have shown close friends material on Mr Osterlinds DVD's that I do not use, such as the Glass of water production, yet have not shown then the BCS or Bank Night which I do use.

The public couldn't care less if what mentalists think of other mentalists, when I walk out to perform no one ever asks me what I thouht of the latest mentalism releases.

I have created one of my nost favourite and killer rountenes with a great back story from MR Osterlinds BCS and other effects, these are that effects I used, his rapport with the audience is to be modeled.

When your only reality is an illusion, then illusion is reality.
Steve Brooks
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All this material really sounds interesting. I'm really not into mentalism, but am looking forward to reviewing this new set of DVDs...stay tuned! Smile
"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
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