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I have two questions for those people who currently do Cardiographic(Rising Card from Drawing Pad):

Should you ask the volunteer what the card was before you make the card rise? Without asking it's more of a card trick (how did he know the card?), Asking first makes it the finale purely about the animation of a drawn object. My gut tells me that asking first makes it somehow even more amazing because it draws the question, "does that mean that if the volunteer say a different card that one would have risen?" "How can he make any card rise from a pad of paper?"

And two more issues

Should both cards be black cards to match the pen you are holding?

Or is a Red card coming up from behind the black card way more amazing?

Sorry if this has been covered; I did a search and read a bunch of posts but didn't see this covered.

Peter Gross
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I like to make it rise before asking. But it fits my character to already know. Try both and see what plays best. Your audiences may like one way much better than the other when you do, but my audiences might like it the other way around when I do it.

No one has ever noticed a red card doesn't match (or at least no one ever mentioned it.) I think the contrast of color is more eye appealing.

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I've done the original Cardiographic for many years now. I always ask the person what their card was. They usually refuse to show me so I say "Okay....SIMON SAYS what is your card". That gets a laugh. Then I look at the card and say something funny about screwing up the trick. Another laugh.
I then draw the rest of the deck and say "Taa-Daa, somewhere in this deck IS the four of hearts!" and take a deep bow. After the laugh, I say I'll prove it, the card rises about 1/3 of the way, stops, the music kick on and it rises the rest of the way.
Hope this helps...

Ben S
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Nathan Alexander
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After I go 'ta-da' nd flip the pad around to reveal the ace of clubs, I look confident like I have nailed it. Once they shake their head and it's quiet, I mutter (miked of course) with a shrug "well I've got 51 more sheets of paper here."

Done tongue in cheek it always gets a laugh. I play it like "oh well, what are you gonna do?" It fits my character so you don't do it corny or anything.

Then I turn and ask, real seriously and intently as if I was just joking but that now they should pay attention because I am about to blow their minds...I say, "would you be impressed, that all jokes aside, I of course knew it wasn't the ace of clubs, and to prove it I am wearing a t-shirt under this shirt (my button down) not only with your real card on it, but today's date with your name as well? Would you be impressed (you have to look around like you want everyone to lean in because you're about to undue your buttons to reveal this awesome feat) ?"

After mutterded whispers and usually a nod from the spec, you drop the straight face and say "Yea I would too." It's an old gag of course, but plays great in this spot. Then I usually say something like, "No I know, that would be awesome. I have no idea how I would do that."

Again, it has to look impromptu.

It's funny for me! - Then I ask what their card was...then kinda frown and give it some thought as I turn back to the pad and look at it thoughtfully, etc...
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You can use the Martin Lewis line for his effect "Switched"...Have the 8 of hearts as the riser, and the ace of hearts drawn, and when you ask what card they chose, pretend to mis-hear and say, there, the ace of hearts, and then proceed...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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Before my card rises, I sign, date, and add the time (according to a spectators watch) to the gimmicked page, this is later seen on the handout exactly as written before the card rises.
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Was there available at one time, (approved by it's creator) or currently, instructions for constructing your own Cardiographic?

Secondly, which, in your opinion, would be the most budget concious way to go...purchase allready made, or construct at home?
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
Nathan Alexander
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I bought a video with Martin's intstructions to build your own. It was actually enjoyable to do.

Having done so it is easy to adjust/repair and refill the work behind it. I did however have a problem at first making one of the parts work smoothly, but fixed it with a little thought and work. It really is not hard to come up with what is needed.

Having thought on it for a second, I think he described the working on a video of five or six tricks and the work behind them. If you need more info about the video let me know.

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Instructions for Cardiographic are very clearly given in the DVD/VHS "Making Magic vol. 1", and also in the book "Martin's Miracles" by Eric Lewis. I'd recommend the DVD, as it has very clear, step by step instructions, as well as 5 other excellent standup routines. I've made my own Cardiographic by following the instructions on the DVD, and it cost a total of about $15. Works like a charm! Let me know if you have questions on the construction (assuming you have purchased the DVD or book and have the instructions to get started).
David Bilan
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The Making Magic video shows Lewis's presentation for both Cardiographic and the Big Switch. Directions are straight-forward and there is a pdf Mr. Lewis has put out recommending a couple of changes from the video. The video is a great investment if you are serious about the effect.
Yes, I am a magician. No I did not make my hare (hair) disappear... it just took early retirement.
Scott Wells
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This is a wonderful trick and a wonderful thread. I first saw Michael Weber perform this in the early 1980's at a Desert Magic Seminar then later Dan Garrett with his touches on the effect. He promised to publish a book with variations that have been developed over the years (including some of my ideas) though it has never yet seen light. Cardiographic was actually first published in Genii (if you want to keep a secret, publish it) then later in the Eric C. Lewis book, "Martin's Miracles" on pages 67-70. You can find and purchase the book through Magical Publications at this link: http://www.mcmagicwords.com/books/martinsmiracles.html

I have been performing Cardiographic since the book was released 1985 and like many of you, I have developed my own timing and routining over hundreds and hundreds of performances over tha past 20 years. I have always made my own drawing pads and have even made up some for noted magicians who wanted the trick before it became commercially available.

Early on I used black on black until a fellow magician (Bob Murphy) suggested the rising card should be a color contrast. After further experimentation before audiences, I agreed that it made the effect stronger by having a red card rise. Also it provided for additional comedic lines. For example, as I nearly finish drawing the card, I ask, "Your card was a dark card?" They respond, "no" and I stop drawing, pause and look puzzled then use the old line, "a dark red card?" to laughter (don't knock the lines that work in the real world. BTW, Nathan Alexander, I love your line of "Well, I have 51 more sheets of paper left here." Very original.) I then proceed with some other bits of business before their red card rises.

Supposedly I still don't know their card so I ask the volunteer to remove it from hiding and hold it up to her forehead, face out, so the entire audience can concentrate on the card. "I won't look at you or the card but I want everyone to look at and concentrate on the card. When you have it, then focus your attention and thoughts back on my drawing pad." This gets people's attention back to the pad so no one misses the magic when the card rises.

So, Peter, in answer to your initial questions at the beginning of this thread: I do ask the volunteer the name of their card before the card rises and I do use an alternate colored card.

And to the rest of you, thanks for reminding me about the book. I went there for research and saw the "Bill in Card" trick which I almost forgot. I will be preparing a few of those to use tonight at the New Year's Eve party where I will be working.

Happy New Year everyone!

"A magician who isn't working is only fooling himself." - Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

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Very informative thread. I agree with those who said buy the video. One other advantage of making your own, you only spend 6 bucks on another pad of paper for the refills.
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I draw the Ace of clubs on the rising pad, the audience sees this, but the spectator does not, at that point in the routine is when I ask the card to be named. That's just what I prefer to do. I also feel that having a red card rise from behind the black card better too. When I start to draw the card, I usually say something like, "I hope you picked a black card because I only brought one marker" That always gets a laugh because the audience already knows its a red card selected.
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I've always let the spec hold the card to their chest as I draw the card. then I turn the pad around at the same time I instruct the spec to show his card. draw the pack and say your card is in the middle. card rises then I trade the spec his card for the paper.

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Does anyone use any other drawings instead of a card rising out of deck? Say a jack in the box rising out of the box>
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Thanks to Scott Wells' kind words re: my version of Martin Lewis' Cardiographic. I was doing it LONG before a commercial version was available, even before it was published in Martin's Miracles. For the record, though, it was ORIGINALLY published in M-U-M, not Genii. That's were I learned it, and I immediately had a few problems with the original prototype I made. I loved the concept too much to give up, so I made changes (I guess you could say 'improvements' - at least they came out for the better in my personal experience) and they worked. It remains my "signature" trick for my shows for adult audiences to this day.
Dan Garrett
SAM National President 1994-1995
MIMC with Gold Star - London
email request to dangarrett@aol.com to receive a free catalog
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On 2005-12-19 16:52, Christopher wrote:
Before my card rises, I sign, date, and add the time (according to a spectators watch) to the gimmicked page, this is later seen on the handout exactly as written before the card rises.

Hello Christopher:I recently purchased the new Signature Cardiographic.I like your idea of 'signing,dating,and writing the time'on the gimmicked page,but how does this info wind up on the handout page?Am I missing something here?Pm me if you wish.Thanks.

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The process seems to be "gilding the lilly" to me.
Danny Doyle
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I have the new Signature Sketchpad.Can someone who has actually ordered the 'refill package' please tell me what is included in the 'refill package'?

I have been told that you get 6 of each card for the sheets you hand out...and only 3 of the sl** sheets that are drawn on.[you know what I am referring to if you own the effect]

This does not make sense to me.I feel if they are sending you 12 handout sheets there should be 12 sl** sheets.Thanks for any info.

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