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a little town in nowhere
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During a trick I was doing for some friends of mine, another friend of mine, I'll call him "fatty" comes over and watches. He's familiar with the shop I go to and has been there one or two times. Well, I don't know if he learned this there, but in the middle of my trick he has to tell everyone what a DL is. You can feel my frustration, so what would you do?
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I would hide his Twinkies.
Michael Baker
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Near a river in the Midwest
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...or Twink his hide.
~michael baker
The Magic Company
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Busking is work.
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Express in no uncertain terms to "Fatty" exactly why what he did was not kosher and give him a few reasons not to engage in such activity in the future. Some folk are dolts and need things spelled out for them, after all it was a first offence. He probably got a rush spilling the beans and your job now is to replace that feeling with yet another not so pleasant, and longer lasting, so his cause and effect remembrance of the event will not be favorable. Hopefully the lesson will not need to be addressed again.
Shawn D
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If he is a friend I would also deffantly let him know what he did wasnt right. If he is just a jerk then I wouldnt do anymore tricks while he is around and if you want to do tricks while he is around pull off the same trick with a differnt method and prove to the others that's not what you did.
SHawn D
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St Louis, MO
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When he spills the beans on the DL switch to a TC and fool everyone.
Then later pull your "friend" aside and make sure he knows what a jerk he was.
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If put on the spot like that I would have handed him the cards and said we are now going to watch an expert show us what real card magic is after all he knows how every thing is done.
or may be I'd have told them I don't come here to be heckled I normally go next door.
Simon Bakker
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the Netherlands
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Maybe it was because you call him 'fatty' all the time. Smile
Al Angello
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I would be upset with fatty too, if I only knew what all the DL, TC, BS was about.
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
"Footprints on your ceiling are almost gone"
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Lol...this type of thing has happened to me with my brother, he knows some of the basic moves because when I was younger I would need help, and I turned to him. That evil evil
Mediocre the Great
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Rich Hurley
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I feel your pain.

Maybe a line like, "shhhh... don't tell them for free, sell it to them!" with a wink. or hand fatty the deck and ask him to show everyone how it's done! If you have the time and circumstance, perhaps you could explain why they shouldn't blab out a method like that, but if he's a real jerk, I would definitely not perform around this person and politely brush off any request to keep performing.

Another thing, it's been a long time since I've been busted on a DL and I think it's becuase I'm getting better at picking the right moment in a routine when to do the move. If you keep using the same move over and over, exposure is a possibility if you have a logical thinker in the audience. Even with perfect execution. We must mix things up a bit. Using a TC as Steve B suggested is a good idea. You may want to look at that... getting burned is good motovation to improve your magic!
Mediocrity is greatly under rated!

Rich Hurley aka Mediocre The Great!
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On 2005-11-07 19:05, Michael Baker wrote:
...or Twink his hide.

Couldn't have said it better myself!
I Came, I Saw, I Conjured
Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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Hit him in the throat with a broken table leg and then see if he can double lift his fat butt off of the floor.
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
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On 2005-11-09 10:54, Reis O'Brien wrote:
Hit him in the throat with a broken table leg and then see if he can double lift his fat butt off of the floor.

Is this why you enjoy doing hospital magic?
I Came, I Saw, I Conjured
Review King
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On 2005-11-07 18:48, Montethrower wrote:
I'll call him "fatty"

Nice way to refer to someone. GOD is proud of you!
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
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Vancouver, BC
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If they were your cards, put them in case, say "thanks folks, but I'm finished here" and leave. They are your friends, they wil understand the sitation, and give the fatty hard looks (that is, if they were really enjoying your magic)
If your friends happen to be ***ho**s as well, then explain the situation. tell him, openly, that he might know the trick and ruin the entertainment for himself but not to ruin it for anyone else.
Then, proceed to perform the KM move and show that its a single card.
vanish that card and ask fatty to find it if hes so good.

I was jk about the last part...
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I'd kill his rudeness with kindness. Or I'd turn the table on him and tell the spec that "fatty" is going to show a couple of card effects unexpectedly.
One hundred percent of the shots you don't take don't go in - Wayne Gretzky
My favorite part is putting the gaffs in the spectators gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside! - Bob Kohler
Richard Lucas
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TX fornow- MemberMagicCastle'65-'88
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Simple. HE IS NOT YOUR "FRIEND", although he may "act" friendly to you he is obviously jealous, and has an egotistical need to show everyone how smart he is. That is no place for a relationship between friends. I had the same thing happen to me by a roommate many years ago on the Bill In Cigarette. He was my subordinate and was later terminated.

Two lessons:
1)Don't take so-called friends to a magic shop and suggest to the owners that they not shown him any sleights unless he buys something.
2) Don't be quick to have acquaintances exposed to magic.

Also, don't have a fellow worker as a roommate.
"The only difference between a Card Cheat and a Magician is that the Magician shows off.".......... Jay Ose 1965

Bobby Forbes
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virginia beach, VA.
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Do a km move and laugh in his face
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