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What is your favorite opener? Do you do your best trick, then go for some mediocre effects, or do you save the best for last?
Me, I do my best trick (a basic "pick a card"), make it look like I screwed up, then I change one of the mistakes into their card.
So what's your opener?

I just remembered a good opener. Three Card Monte. Any version (as long as it's not a scam).
-The penguin has spoken Smile

-How could 52 pieces of cardboard ever bring so much joy?
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3 card monte is a great opener. I use the Skinner 3 card monte. It's the best!! Smile
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Cards don't seem very visual for an opener.
For an opener you're still possibly drawing at that point.

Wouldn't sponge balls or silk and TT be better for that. Something where you can be moving a bit and interacting with some of the eager spekkys? Hand Crafted Magic
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I agree with Frank! If you are drawing... cards might not be the best way to go.

If you are working a small crowd and they are already huddled around you, and everyone can see the top of your table then 3CM or another card effect is fine.

But if the crowd you are hoping to draw can't see it, then they aren't going to be drawn.

Something high in the air, with color, (good choices Frank!) along with a lot of appropriate noise (which depends on you and your style), will reach the outer traffic areas and keeep drawing. Sponge Balls and TT and silk, are good and visual. Or try this! Launch Rocky straight up into the air high. Scream and act like he is attacking you when he comes down. And then do a quick bit with him. How about a bit like the Verizon Ferret that grabbed the guy's tounge and he couldn't talk. Gotta be something there!

The first effect in a performance of any kind depends on the need of the moment. If you are still drawing an edge, make it big-time noticeable. If you already have a big enough crowd. (Tell me how you did it, please!!!) then you can make it whatever you like to do, and hopefully that you do well.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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Back when I did street, I would open with my version of cut and restored rope. It used a volunteer from the audience and was a good crowd builder, as people would stop to see what I was doing with a kid, a rope, and an extremely large pair of scissors.
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I use a three card monte. The set that I use is Harry Anderson's 3 Card Monarch. The cards are huge. They took a while to learn to handle but it is worth it. The effect is funny and strong and with the big cards, people stop. I have used it on the street and at Renaissance faires for years and love it.
Ron Giesecke
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Redding, Ca.
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I use a really flashy four ace production (almost exactly like Gregory Wilson does in his new DVD, called Straight A's, but I've been doing it awhile), and then follow with a phoenix production of the four jacks. My patter is totally scripted for these two events, and very deliberately an over-the top, intellectual narrative.

I have a mall show in 3 1/2 hours, and that's exactly how I'll get them to hang out at the table for a few, until I can get into the "Thinking" routines, and then kill them with the cups and balls.
Stick Man
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I use coin bite because it instantly grabs their attention. They just don't believe what you've done with "their" money. Smile
magic hands
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I always open with my 3-D rabbits routine.. Smile
Jim Davis
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I have two openers, a jumbo card warp and the Drill Bit of Death. Both are held up high, and both get the attention of those standing nearby.
Diamond Jim Davis "The Cardslinger" ~~~ Magic from the '80's....................the 1880's!
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Getting attention is the aim. As an opener I use the rings, linking and unlinking, also dropping them makes a nice sound. (Remember the late Ken Brooke gag?) Also, c&r rope, single cuts and restoration. When a few have stopped, drop the rope (some 10ft long) on the ground as a barrier and state that if anyone crosses this line they will turn into a frog!! Do a double take (point at someone), say, "Look it's worked." Then straight into your act.

Thoughts on the many posts re: street entertaining. Ken Brooke was my mentor, also the teacher of many other magicians back in the 60s and 70s. The result was a huge number of second best Ken Brookes working the cabaret scene. I hope the future will not produce loads of Gazzos and Cellinis. Yes, respect. No, not copy!!

That's stirred it up. Gotta get back to the pavement. Car's got a parking ticket.

jon roberts
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St. Joseph Mo
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I'm not really all about the street magic. I do a lot of strolling. I will usually do something to drag in an audience like coin bite (cheap but effective),then I will bring out the cards and do some of my own stuff mixed with some favorites of the masters.

Oh hey,
Jon Smile Smile
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I open with my voice. Watch Gazzo and learn. He does 2 tricks and to tell the truth, one isn't even a trick. It's a top change, takes 30 seconds. But he has a huge crowd cause he uses sound. That's the opener everytime. Sound. And movement...and color. Then do a trick--a good trick.

Like Sonny Holiday says, "I do 3 tricks. 2 good tricks and one great!" Think about how brilliant that is. Two good and one great. Well, if you like the first one then you won't leave because you don't want to miss the great one.

The trick doesn't matter. It's how it's presented.

Donny Orbit
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I usually don't open with cards. If I do open with cards, it's never a pick a card trick. Too much audience participation too fast. I like to open with CMH. It's quick and visual. I just lead into it by telling them I have seen the strangest thing ever with the rubberbands. Then I show them melt then unmelt. After that I will use the rubberbands with the cards so everything flows. There are a few nice effects in AOA which combine the 2. Also Apocalypse has literally dozens.

do magic
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I used to open with a card trick or with some kind of bottle production.
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I usually open with a TT or the Raven then move onto cards. For some reason, people enjoy seeing things go poof and disappear.

If you're going to open with cards, I suggest doing something that involves the spectator holding a card and you changing it with out them letting go. Anything with flash makes them melt. Smile
"The ability to amaze those who don't care is better than the ability to amaze those who do."
Pablo Tejero
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I prefer to begin with two signed cards (one by the spectator and the other one by me) which travel from spectator´s pocket to mine, and my card to his.

Or maybe the two card monte. Or even just an ambitious card. It always grabs their attention.

All the best magic,

Pablo Tejero Smile
"The Magic is in the air, you just have to... breathe it!"
Al Kazam the Magic Man
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Here in Taiwan, I do a regular spot in a large park and have music playing in the background and often wear a mini mic as well, which really helps. I start out with some real rocky music and start clapping and getting everyone to join in for a while. Of course, before that I'm telling everyone that I'm about to start and a crowd is gathering right from the start. Funny enough, for my opening piece I do the stiff rope that I bought last year in India. It's super easy to use, but gets a really great reaction here with the kids. I use audience participation to get them to help do the MAGIC and make the rope do its thing, and then again to make it droop. Always gets the crowd going. I don't do any card magic at all in my street (or busking) set. C&R rope always goes great. Of course with a lot of props to hand out to get everyone involved, keeps things moving along.
OK, enough said,
JoJo Smile
Al Kazam --> Magic guy in Perth Australia
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You ahve to start with something quick and mesmerising like a coin bite, you don't want to have too big of a crowd with the trick or someone may see how you do it. I like grasshopper its quick easy and I find effective even if its not a great opener. Smile
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