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Okay, in order to stop PM's from one guy I'm going to repost this and remove what I'm guessing he didn't like. In the place of what I remove I'll put (kittens and puppies playing) instead. I'm only posting this because 1. it is good and 2. I put the effort in and this will be my grand fairwell to this section.

Oh, in case any of you are wondering I was a Gospel puppeteer in the seventies, toured with a youth mission group on the West Coast with the Baptist church, and have some great routines that would work for Gospel that I shall now keep to myself.


Thank goodness I'm (kittens and puppies playing) ! It's tough being a Gospel magician.

First off the paper tear can be found in The Encycopedia of Impromptu Magic by Martin Gardner. (kittens and puppies playing).


Get yout a sheet of paper, a normal sheet (kittens and puppies playing). As you look at it long ways up write 1 on the upper left, two on the upper right, 3 on lower left, four on the lower right corners....this will help you. (kittens and puppies playing)...

Okay! Fold four up to align with the left side. There will be a point at the corner lower left (3). Now take the point at three and bring it up so there is a multi layer triangle, it will looks sorta like home plate with the point pointing at you. You can see corner 1 and 2 on top. Rotate to the left so the 1 corner is now positioned lower (closer to you) left. Fold corner 1 up to corner 2 (yes, this is like making a paper airplane). Now take the bottom, long, edge (the crease) and fold it up to meet the top edge. You are done folding. Pick up the paper, multiple layers toward you (smoother side out), point down, now make a single straight tear down the leangth of the folded paper. There is no seem etc, you are tearing the face of the folded paper, not at a crease. Note, if you use scissors that doesn't count as an 'original variation'. Okay! Lets look at what you have and number as I indicate, this is so when I give you the presentation you can follow along. Save the long piece for last.

you have:
1 and 2 are small squares
3 and 4 are lil' angle things with almost even sides
5 and 6 are long rectangle looking chunks
7 and 8 are looking like L's (for you having them upside down they may look like a 7)
9 is.....a cross.

Okay! Here is the presentation. Do note this is better for small groups, Sunday school stuff, boring as heck (kittens and puppies playing). Also note this is PATTER, it isn't a true story.

"Many years ago, before World War One, a missionary went to Turkey and was quickly arrested, being in violation of their laws. The man went to jail but his good nature and kindness started to win over the amazed guards. No matter how tough things got this missionary would pray and then seem refreshed. Finally, before his scheduled execution, one of the guards told him 'I will give you a chance. If you can, with only a single sheet of paper and w/out writing upon it or tearing it more than once, you make your holy cross, I will let you go'. The missionary gladly accepted the piece of paper and he began to pray, the guard watched at the missionary slowly started to fold the paper."
>>start to fold
"The missionary kept praying, not paying attention to the folds as they went into the paper, he let other, stronger, hands guide his. Soon the missionary stood before his table with the folded sheet and he tore the paper, one tear, right down the center of the folded paper"
>>(kittens and puppies playing) this is when you do your tear.
"The missionary slowy opened the pieces, none resembled a cross....until the last piece...and a minor miracle occured, for there in the missionaries hand was a cross, a look of amazement crossed the guards face"
"The guard came over and the missionary said to him"
"Jesus came to die for the sins of all people and to, through acceptance of his word, give them eternal life. He was crucified. A hole was dug (place 3 and 4 on your presentation surface toward the bottom in a manner that it looks like a hole exist. I mean like L on one side and the mirror image on the other)
"on either side of him the Romans put a criminal, they were also being crucified"
(above and to the right and left you place 7 and 8, leave room for the cross have the upper shorter angle of these torn sheets go outward from the center not to the center, this looks more pleasant)
"Between these criminals they put Jesus on a cross" (insert cross into the 'hole, do not (kittens and puppies playing))
"above his head they nailed a sign saying 'King Of TheJews" (place number five on the top of the cross, a little bit below the upper edge, (kittens and puppies playing))
and below the crucifix the Roman soldiers cast lots (dice) to see who would get the robe after Jesus' death (toss 1 and 2 near the bottom of the cross).
"after many hours, and Jesus' death had come, to make sure the guards stuck a spear into his side" (fold the end where the fold already exist on so there is a point then place this at an angle so the point is over part of the cross, like a spear poking)
"Jesus was placed into a tomb, but three days later, as promised in the Bible, Jesus rose from the tomb and lived again. In doing this, in keeping the promise, he saved us from.....
(spell HELL using H = 5 2 6 E= 3 1 2 L=7 L=8)
"Hell.... and gave us...."
(spell life using L=7 I=5 F= 8 2 E= 3 1 4)
"The guard fell to his knees sobbing and handed the missionary the keys to the gate....."

Sure, not as exciting as (kittens and puppies playing)Let me know if any questions and if need be I'll draw you a picture <---this was sincere, I was going to do an excel thingy.
Steve V <---Gospel Magi-ing dude

Steve V
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Steve, I have no idea what has happened in the past, but don't go. The trials are just that, trials.

Your patter is good, and I like the presentation idea. It's not for me but just because it's not my style.

My off the cuff thoughts about your intro are:
If the PM're is not a moderator don't worry.
If you're getting bullied then report it. Zero tolerance on bulling
I understand that there are 2 side to any story, if 'whoever' wants to put their side forward then I'll listen.

Oh, I like kittens and puppies playing, but can't help but feel that I've missed something...

"Well if I had one wish in this god forsaken world, kids
It'd be that your mistakes would be your own"
Steve V
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Hi gangsters! Just dropped in for one quickie (that means for only a moment) and that is this special offer for you, my brothers and sisters, and here it is. I have made up a drawing (no offense staff dude) on excel of how the paper is folded and how the display looks with the cross and also how the words 'life' and 'hell' look using the pieces. If anyone would like this please let me know via email to and I'll be happy to forward it as an attachment. I can also fax if you want.
Steve V
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I followed your instructions and it worked out. It is similar to the story, "Last Plane to Heaven, but it uses 3 tears instead of one. Like the routine and hope to show it to my critical jury--wife and daughter. Good stuff.
Lefty (aka) Sterling Dare
Author: Money Menagerie
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