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Corey Harris
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In my opinion, if you want more value for your money. THen you shouldnt be buying Magic DVD's in the first place, you should be buying magic books. Then you will being getting more for your money.
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On 2005-12-25 16:23, Corey Harris wrote:
In my opinion, if you want more value for your money. THen you shouldnt be buying Magic DVD's in the first place, you should be buying magic books. Then you will being getting more for your money.

I understand that books are great source of knowlege and you can never loose your money getting a book..i also have numerous books..but that's out of the topic Corey..I am trying to disscuss about dvds not books..if you think that Magic DVD has no value then I think you are absolutely wrong..some people learn well by books and some are better with video..you may like books but I like dvd better..i learn faster by that way..anyway this is not what we are disscussing originally..I own a number of dvds..great dvds..i buy them not only to learn a certain trick but also to get some insights of some sleights from the authors..i have allready know those sleights but I want to learn how the author does it as there are many preferences.example if an instructor says use any force..it means you can use any force that you know..and yes I know a number of forces..but what I want them to do is include their opinion of the most suitable force for this particular trick..or which force they will do while performing this trick..for example I want the magician to say something like"at this point I would normally use the hindhu shuffle force because the pack of cards doesn't have to leave your hands..so you don't have to worry about repositioning your order of cards" that was just an example and sorry if that doesn't make sense..if he just take a moment to demonstrate his moves than those who knows about that sleight gets to see how this magician does it and those who didn't could learn it there and than itself..dont you think this is important??It is an instructional dvd after all..and as I have said before there are authors that give this in their dvd..When I buy a dvd I am also feel that I have just supported that magician in his effort..dont I deserve enough??going into that extra effort would only take a few extra minutes..And again it is not about getting books for I know just how important books are allready..there are reason for those people who spend their money on dvd and I think its proper to say to all buyers to be carefull of what they are buying..do not support dvd that has bad quality..you can get value for your money by being extra coutious..
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Michael Taggert
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There is a piece of wisdom brewing here folks. The one thing that helps all of us as magicians is the fect that we can commincate with each other but it needs to be a bit more personal than that. This is why The brick and mortar magic shops are so important and belonging to a magical society is vital. It is here that you get an honest assesment of your skills and recomendations from your mentors as to what would be a perfect addtion for you. Not all books Videos and DVD's are ment (nor should they be) for the beginner or even some of the more advanced of us. some of them aren't woth the paper they are written on. when I was younger I too wasted a lot of time and money searching for great material. it wasn't untill I started listening to and asking those that mentored me, That I was able to sort through the huge pile of material that is out there. Not all material is good in print. almost every lecture Ive been to the presentor had a book of some kind but not all of them have been good. Yes the author should have a sense of responibilty for the work. will it happen NO! will you be able to save your money for what is good for you YES if you ask and listen to those who try to help you. think about it and then make an informed decision. don't just buy from the web do your homework first.
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If I may I want to get right to the top of th epost and answer a question there. The DVD mentioned with the trick that uses a glimpse.
I do not think that the glimpse is the main point of the effect. The trick in question is purely taught as a way to introduced a memorised deck and can be left out of the routine although it is a great effect. There are two options of which I use both. 1 Learn another glimpse or two switch hands and use the glimpse taught on the DVD. It felt a little funny doing this the first time I did it but the sleight is so good that righthanders could also use it very convincingly.
The reason I say this is if he went into an explanation of the glimpse for a right hander then number 1 he should have changed hands which is unreasonable to expect and 2 I would have been bored because I don't want Ortiz to teach me a glimpse. That is not why I buy the DVDs. I buy his DVD's mostly to watch how he routines effects which is why I think the essence of that trick is the introduction of a memorised deck and not so much the effect or the glimpse. The point I am trying to make is that the authors can not please everyone and I am 95% happy with all the material I have acquired over a long period of time to act in unison and make sense to me. In due time you will have everything that you need thanks to the exact way magic is authored today with a wide variety of of presentations.
Just a last note.
I disagree that you learn faster from DVD's. If you are an absolute beginner then maybe yes but if you have a large number of hours under your belt performing and practising then you will learn a lot faster from a book. The reason is you do not have a lot of nonsense going on in the meantime. No lets look at that effect from the audience point of view. Now in slow motion. Now let me do it again and show you another angle. Ok now let me show you the set up or the move or whatever. I hate that.
You should focus on what you can learn from DVDs that you can not learn from books to make them valuable which is why I don't think the authors should change the way they are doing DVDs (at least the respected ones like Ortiz,Mcbride,Piacente Etc)
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