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Jim Poor
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Fairfax, VA
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As I mentioned in my introduction a couple weeks ago, I was medically discharged from the Army in Feb of 05. My 'condition' is debilitating (though I'm determined to fight that part of it). As much as I have enjoyed it, I never really considered magic as a career/money maker for me. It turns out that since I have started actually learning instead of watchin only,it might be an alternative to consider now. I'm not sure that a 35 year old man can become good enough quickly enough to actually make some money in the future. I love my current job (teaching of sorts) and plan to incorporate some magic there too, but I work 12-15 hour days. That leaves little time for practice.
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This is a good number:
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Yes. You can start at 35 and start making money at magic if you rehearse and practice and focus on one area and work at the markets for that area.

If Jerry Andrus can still be doing it at 93, you can certainly start at 35!
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Ive seen many people of all ages making money. Its how much you are looking for. You can do it. Age don't matter.
Justin R
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I think I read on here somewhere that Bert Allerton didn't start magic till he was 50(ish). Can somebody confirm or deny this for me?

The good thing about magic is that unlike baseball,basketball,football etc... you're not an old man at 40 that has to retire.

Didn't people also say that Marlo was in his prime during his 50's ?
Paolo Venturini
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Lucca (I.) - New York City
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The best thing in magic is that an old magician (I mean an old man doing magic) looks good (instead of many jobs), looks experience, and people paid more attention to them. First at all you should think about doing tricks with passion, feel the tricks like you like them not for doing money... this will came later, when you'll be really sure what you're doing. Take you time, practiced them and learn the psicology of entertain people. And alls above say that you'll havn't problem.
Don't forget to ask for any advices you are looking for: this is a great site for help.

Paolo Venturini
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Boy I hope 35 isn't too old...I'm just starting at looking to make money doing magic and I'm over 50 Smile. I don't think you're ever too old to learn to do something, once you stop learning, you die. My goal is to learn at least 1 thing every day, most days I learn much more.

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I think Eugene Burger was 40 when he started.

Brad Burt
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Dear Jim:

35 is nothing. I've had students all the way into their 70's who took magic up as a hobby and actually did get good enough to do shows on a part time basis. There is so much available now that if you really applied yourself there is no reason not to go forward. Best,
Brad Burt
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I personaly find my ability to focus (esential to learn magic well) improves with age, and I'm the same age as you. Starting at 35 will give you a real edge is missing out on all the remedial garbage we have to learn as kids, because we are kids. Things like understanding that executing an effect is the least important part of performing it.
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Ha so there is still hope for me.

I am 18 right now. Smile

Actually this thread kinda makes me feel relieved because I always seem to hear that everybody started like when they were in kindergarten or elementary school.
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East Orange, NJ
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As long as you don't feel a need to start learning how to ride a unicycle, you're OK. Now THAT'S something you have to start before you are 16 or forget about it! But magic isn't like sitting on a stick that's mounted on a wheel, fortunately, and when you fall, it's not as painful to get up again.

Spellbinder (in his 70's) just announced to me he is going to take up Contact Juggling to work it in with his Wizard magic. This, I'll have to see!
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The City of Ithobaal I son of Hiram I
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Too old would be when you forget to unzip ur flyer when you go to the loo....till you reach that it's never too old! good luck!
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No really!!
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Taunton, UK
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This thread has brightened my day!

I thought I was too old starting out at 32. Nice to know that I am not the only one starting "late".

I have found that as I got older my patience has increased exponentially and that can only be good as you battle with that new killer move Smile
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United States
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I'm 56 and I find that magic is ageless. Next time you get the opportunity to perform a bit of magic, watch the faces of the spectators. Your age has little to do with anything my friend.

Best of luck to you.
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So. Cal
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I took a 12 year hiatus and got back into magic at age 32 (I'll be turning 35 this year). Although, I haven't performed for money, I feel I'm more than ready to do this if I chose to... But, I prefer to baffle unsuspecting people instead... for free. Smile
Josh the Superfluous
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The man of
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35 is when I got back in to it. It doesn't work. Abandon all hope.

Now Rusty is another story.

By the way, Recently I saw a man who'd been performing for 45 years. If you 1/3 as good as I think you are (from your posts), you'd be 20 times better than him.
What do you want in a site? "Honesty, integrity and decency." -Mike Doogan
"I hate it, I hate my ironic lovechild. I didn't even have anything to do with it" Josh #2
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35 is not to old, that's when I got into magic, it's been 8 years, I've learned a lot and have performed many paid shows. My advice is to pick what type of performer you would like to be (kid shows, closeup, stage, comedy) and devote your time developing that type of show. I've seen many magicians that performed pretty simple tricks but were big hits because of their personality. Remember, it doesn't have to be a technically challenging routine to be entertaining.
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Louisville, Ky
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I agree with a lot of these posts. I'm 28, but I started in magic at the tender age of 8, so I've been an off/on again practicing magician for 20 years now. But some of my friends have just gotten into magic over the last couple of years and they are all pushing 30 like me. I also had a great friend and teacher by the name of Mike Davis who had only begun magic in his mid to late 30's, but became good enough by his 40's to command a pretty penny for childrens parties and stage shows.

Just remember, magic is like fine wine- it gets better with age.

Good Luck!
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I think that as long as you are physicaly capable of performing the routines you are never to old or to young to learn this art.
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You would be surprised how many accomplished Magicians started in their 30's. Bob Kohler comes to mind right away. Age is just a mindset. Ask Big George Foreman!
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