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Eternal Order
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Which fire wallet is the most professional? Is it Kaps, Viking, El Duco or the one that uses flash paper only?
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Northern California
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I don't know anything about the fire wallet. Sorry!
Let me know when you find out.

Frank Hand Crafted Magic
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Though it's not exactly a fire wallet, Jim Pace's Hot Leads is a fun way to hand out a business card. Well made and easy.
Joey Stalin
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Here is a tip on the fire wallet. Odds are that your bank teller will not find the effect pleasing. Smile
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Vandy Grift
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On 2006-01-27 11:50, Frank Starsini wrote:
I don't know anything about the fire wallet. Sorry!
Let me know when you find out.


If you had a fire wallet it probably wouldn't work anyway. The insides would be all wet from the washing machine.
"Get a life dude." -some guy in a magic forum
James Kernen
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I have had a long and good experience with my Viking wallet. Very well-made.

Posted: Jan 28, 2006 1:28pm
I also have several of Jim Pace's fire products including Hot Leads.. This is sometimes a little more practical and easy to carry since it is smaller...Hot leads is a business card wallet
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Eternal Order
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Thank you very much.
Jamie D. Grant
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Does anyone have a Haslett Wallet?

I, too, am considering a fire wallet but it needs to carry at least 5 cards (DL, ATM, etc.)and some moohlah...

Any info?

Jamie D. Grant
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Matt Pulsar
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I use my fire wallet almost every day. I a have a Kaps on fire, Jardonet wallet which is distributed by Murphy's magic. It seconds as a card to wallet and works beautifully. I have never had it mis-strike and it keeps its juice for around two days if I don't leave it out of my pocket too long. It uses a flint striker. The company seems to have gone through a few changes over the last few years in its design. The first one was wonderful, but had a few flaws in the glue, the second one had a shoddy flasher, but the most recent is great. If I am not using it for fire, I am using it to produce a signed card. I would also warn against electronic systems because of the unreliability. The battery can go dead, and the system can go off too easily. When it comes to fire, you want all the control.

On another note, when I discovered what is included in "Hot Leads," I was appalled. I can't believe that such a cheap gimmick and system can be distributed for prices from $30 to $50. I am embarrassed to have it in my shop. The amount of soaking you need for you cards, which will dry out anyway does not make this very good for a working performer. And the apparatus is laughable. My only defense of the trick is that I have never tried to use it but once and found it to be too awkward. So I may be missing something. If so, please let me know what's great about it.

My take on Hot Leads is that it will continue to sell on the internet, but not so well in shops. (Not exactly easy to demo like the wallet is.) People will thusly continue to feel gypped when they open it up and look at the thing.
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RealDeal JU
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I also have a Kaps wallet and love it. I use it often and it's great.

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you have to do the same thing that everyone

else is doing to be a good magician."
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I'm looking for a small card wallet size. Anyone know of one that they could recommend?
Jim Pace
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Portland Oregon
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Ouch Stuart!
Thank you for your honesty.

Just as a footnote to those who are reading this.
My wallet is Italian leather. It is the size of a credit card wallet holder. It is not a shoddy wallet as my esteemed friend might say.

My wallet is completely different in effect than those others he mentioned. If you want to hand out your card in a way that they will remember you then hand it out on fire.

I have an electric version, AFTERBURN, and a much simpler version, HOT LEADS. It was created after many requests for a repeatable version of AFTERBURN. To this day stores all over the world still sell HOT LEADS. It is my hope that they will continue.
Over 6 years ago I created this wallet. That is a pretty good track record for any magic item.
I too worked behind a magic counter for 16 years. If you have an item that sells for six years running... that is a good product any way you might see it.

Reading things like this always stumps me and I apologize for the rant... I wonder if people review the potential of their words before they write them down?
"The drum that beats the loudest is always the most hollow."
joker 55
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So Kaps seems to be the best option, correct?
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On 2006-03-09 14:37, joe.bacchus wrote:
I'm looking for a small card wallet size. Anyone know of one that they could recommend?

I have the Kaps on Fire, and the size of this wallet is perfect for me. It's small and fits any trousers (or pants) pocket!

Excellent quality!
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Eternal Order
High Desert
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El Duco for me, never fails. To bad the wallets are so overexposed now. Im using it more for a firestarter effect.
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The Viking/ Collectors Workshop one is very nice.
Cory Gallupe
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I vote for the Kaps on fire wallet. (Fire wallet, AND card to wallet.)
It USED to work great for me. Although, a little while ago the flint fell off. So, no big deal, I put it back on with super glue. It stays on great! But now the bloody thing wont light. Does anyone know how I could fix this??
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I got Hotlead,yeah, IMHO, it's somehow overpriced. Well, anyone has Jerry Palmer fire wallet? How is the quality?
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North Wales, UK.
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I too, was very disapointed with jim paces hotleads, and aggree that it is shoddy and vastly overpriced. incidently it wont work if you have business cards that are laminated, they need to be just cardboard type. overall really disapointed.[as I have been with other jim pace products]
Jim Pace
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Portland Oregon
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Forrest said:
"I got Hotlead,yeah, IMHO, it's somehow overpriced. Well, anyone has Jerry Palmer fire wallet? How is the quality?"

For those who are reading this. I have been in contact with Forrest and he was concerned that I may be angry for his opinion for the value of Hot Leads.
I do want to offer to those magicians that would want to manufacture and sell their own products a little insight..

I am not angry with you.
I do have a few questions about making magic products.

Have you ever made something and sold it?
How would you come up with a price?
How would you go about selling a product all over the world?

Let's play a game...Lets say that Forrest, has a brand new trick that will allow him to see through walls. While developing the trick you spent $100 buying stuff to make it work. Do you sell the trick for $100 because it cost you that much money to make it?
Now you ask some friend what you think of your new trick. They Love it. You ask them what they would pay for this trick. Some say $20 and some say $100 or may be $200. Now you know that it has a value. You have a perceived value of your amazing trick.

Lets say that you decide to sell your product for $100. How can you do this if it cost you $100? Answer, you must do more R and D. By researching the cost of your parts to build your trick from many sources, you will find that you can buy them for less if you buy in quantities. Now you decide that if you want to sell this trick you must spend more of your money to accomplish this.

Now, who are you going to sell it to?
Local magic stores?
Run an add in Magic, or Genii magazine?
If you choose either one of these you will spend more money.

Run an add? It will cost you about $500 for a full page add. You need to run an add at least 7 times for it to be effective.
You do the math.

Selling wholesale...selling to stores will cost you a sample for each store that you want to sell to. Then you must wait for an answer. If you are lucky enough to get a name in this business then you may not have to wait.
They will not pay you for the sample so you must decide that you will take the risk.

If you find the right wholesale outlet then you could be fine. (Penguin magic, Hocus Pocus, Ellusionist are a few) They will buy in larger quantities so you need to sell your product for generally 40 to 50 percent off the retail price. Now that $100 dollar trick needs to sell at $50 from you, so the wholesaler can make their money.

Can you still make money on selling to a store at 50% off what you think it should sell for?
You can if you have done enough R and D to keep your cost of manufacturing down. Lets say that your item cost $30 to sell it for $100. Sounds good? You bet it does, now take 40% from that and in most cases 50%. Now your profit is $20 to $30 dollars for each item, remember it cost you $30 to make this product.

Now lets say that I would like to sell to world wide distributors. (This is what I do)
I now must sell my item for a 60% discount and sometimes a 70% discount so that $100 dollar item... I need to sell for $30 or $40. If I sell them for $30, where is my profit? If I sell for $40 I make $10 on each $100 dollar trick that I sell.

Is it becoming clearer yet?

If I would like to offer my product for 70% off retail then I must do more research and development and buy larger quantities to reduce my costs even further. I may have to buy 1000 items instead of 100.
The more that you can afford to buy in quantity then the better you will be for the final profit of your new trick.
How much is all the research worth?
How much do you factor in for actually setting down a making each product?
Are you paying someone to have each item made or are you doing it.?
Do you want an hourly wage?

All these and more need to be considered for marketing your new X ray trick.

Profit is not my motivation in my business. I enjoy magic and selling to those with similar interests. Some items are better than others as far as sales go. Hot Leads has been a great seller for many years so I can afford a smaller profit while getting my product to market all over the world.

My 2 cents...

Click here to view attached image.
"The drum that beats the loudest is always the most hollow."
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