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The Drake
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I didn't get to attend. Any reviews? I'm talking about the magic...not Klines party. If you attended Klines party you wouldn't be able to remember much of it so I wouldn't be interested in your review of it...LOL.

Seriously....any reviews?


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See "Scott's Thoughts" on this forum. He gave a very comprehensive review of the convention.
Ron Spangler
Ty Argo
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Columbus, Ohio
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It was really great this year. They had good lectures, great shows and some nice dealers. I really enjoyed the stage and close-up competitions, as we get some great talent at the MagiFest. This was now my seventh year at MagiFest and as always, I really enjoyed myself and can't wait for next year. Great job to all those involved!

-Ty Argo
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Justin N. Miller
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This years fest was one of the best ever!
Thank you all for making my 2 standing room only lectures a huge success!
New friends and old friends a like...thank you.
Justin Miller
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Hey Jussy,

I gotta tell ya. You rock! Not only did you have great lectures, you are a stand-up guy. I saw the little thing you did Saturday night for a couple friends of mine and you definately impressed me! Pm me sometime man!
I am truly blessed to have a job where people are laughing all the time and everyone believes in magic....Come to think of it, I'm blessed to even have a job.
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Hey there Justin, It was great meeting you finally. Looking forward to bumping into you again soon. Brian
If your not having fun doing what your doing....dont do it!
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The whole thing was very well run. Justin, Brian (sorry about your Hawkes), you guys were great. The Friday night headliner show was one of the best headliner shows I ever saw at a convention.

The Mirror Images
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Yes the Friday night show was fantastic. Steven Kline has done it again. What a great job putting it togeather. Kudos to him and his team. What is Kline going to do next year to beat this one?

Steven and Michael, The Mirror Images
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Guys, thanks for the kind words - but I did not do it all myself - actaully, I was a small part of the entire production. It does take a good deal of folks to pull of a show like that.
I have been doing the work at the fest for many years and I honestly feel that this was one of the strongest weekends we have had in a long time. Looking forward to '07.
Steven Kline
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Steve is being modest. Yes there were many involved in the production, but Steve also sets up the ballroom stage, lights, and bleachers...and probably some things I left out. Dale Hindman is also a great resource backstage on Friday night.

I agree with Scott Wells that Friday night was probably the best Headliner show in recent memory, and may rival one of the best convention shows I've ever seen. The close-up show was killer, too, and it was great to see many of those guys in the Saturday night show.

While I run the risk of leaving someone or something out, here are a few of my personal favorites/highlights that went beyond my expectations (I won't mention everyone as most were great, and did what I expected they would, or I had seen before, etc).

Conover performing Goshman's salt and pepper shakers...and doing them well. Brings back great memories of some of my first Magi-fests. He had a great set, peforming some classics from Ramsey and Kaps.

Frewin. I took my family up to Niagara Falls over the summer, so I knew something of what I was in for. His sets are very tight...not much wasted time. Great lighting and music cues.

Kohl and Company. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes.

Junge-Junge. Creative stuff. Four different sets.

Bloch. Just an all-around classy guy, with some creative material and a great sense of humor.

Conover's set on Saturday night. Tremendous energy; the book test with white pages and yellow pages was outstanding. Having kids on stage reveal the phone number was a nice touch (ok, one of them was mine). I've always liked the newspaper prediction, too.

Carney on Saturday night, as Faucet Ross. This is a great lesson in taking things that we may already own or do, and putting it together into a meaningful piece of theater - very inspirational. Gertner had a similar approach with his Flipstick routine -talking about bedtime routines when his kids were young...was as if he had a lump in his throat while presenting it.

Gertner using my 6-year old daughter for the bill change and bill-in-lemon routine. He showed how to treat a kid with respect and dignity, and that he could perform non-kidshow material with a kid this young.

Gertner, Williamson, and Carney hanging out with the crowd in the lobby, performing some impromptu stuff, and watching those with the guts to share their stuff. They could have done their sets, left the hotel for dinner, or go back to their room. Instead, pure class. Williamson was out there eating pizza with the rest of the crowd. A young person went up to Gertner out in the lobby to ask about the top-change. Gertner put on a 2-3 minute top change clinic, one-on-one with this guy. Gertner watching Justin Miller perform a few routines one-on-one, and Gertner smiling at what he was seeing (pinch yourseld Justin). Lot's of class by some of the big names.

I could keep going. I'll post later with some thoughts and questions about contest acts.

Let's hear some highlights from others.
Ron Spangler
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Just want to say that Williamson actually BOUGHT everyone the pizza and gave it away freely...... and also he was the first to come down and IMHO a big reason that carney and gerter hung as much as they did, Williamson is a big reason of why conventions are so great(again imho), hanging out with nobodies, eating with them and showing some stuff, and getting other professionals to do so as well... anyways....


ps I also have a question about contest acts: how do you win a magic contest with no magic??? I'm thinking about doing a non-magic ventriloquism, juggling, or yo-yo routine for magic convention contest from now on.... Smile
John Born
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What a great convention! Awesome featured performers...on top of that you would find guys like Tom Gagnon, Gary Plants, and Sal Piacante jamming and performing in the lounge all night long. Looking forward to next year...

John B. Born
Michael Dustman
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First of all...most probably the best convention I have attended. Kudos to Jep and the Red Coats for pulling off this fest. Kudos to Kline for heading up the technical end. The reason everything runs so smoothly is because he is there from sun-up to sun-down to twilight time to Miller time to make sure every technical facet is nailed down.

Top 10 Highlights for me included the following in no particular order:

1) Far and away the smoothest headliner show I have experienced. Rich Bloch did a great job MC'ing the show and is probably partly responsible for ensuring the show ran smoothly.

2) Witnessing Tim Conover in person. I had seen video clips of his mentalism and had been told by Bob Kohler and Dave Williamson that his close-up was off the charts. I was in awe at his close-up set, especially his handling of the Kaps Cash. Personally I wanted to body block the kid into a wall who was walking out ahead of me muttering "Never heard of him but he is just doing Greg Wilson's Hundy 500." What an idiot. The days of seeing people like Carney talking about learning at the feet of Faucet Ross and Dai Vernon, I could only hope to someday session with Tim Conover.

3) Meeting and talking with Rory Feldman and seeing photos of his collection of Thurston memorabilia. My next trip to NYC will include a visit to his place. Rory is my new best friend.

4) Seeing Kohl and Company in person.

5) The All Star Panel of Conover, Salwak, Gertner, Carney and Williamson discussing their careers and offering advice on how to become a better performer. Nuff said.

6) While everyone was waiting for Rich Bloch to lecture on magic tricks (hoping specifically for his Do As I Do Card to Forehead....suckers) I could have sat there for the whole hour listening to him talk about how to take the stage and present yourself to the audience. Thankfully, he was kind enough to spend about 45 minutes the next day talking about just that.

7) Did I mention seeing Tim Conover do close-up? I did....ok, how about nailing me with the phone book prediction.

8) Finally......I have always read the signature of the Mirror Images..."The Most Identical Twin Illusionists".......after spending 3 days and nights with them....that is not an exaggeration...they really are one in the same. Sorry if I kept calling you by the wrong name.

9) Seeing old friends and meeting new ones in person that I only knew from the Café.

10) All You Could Eat Quaker Steak and Lube wings in Kline's suite. Thank you for your generosity.

Now I will go back to solving a few mysteries....the Conover phone book effect, the vanishing and reappearing 6 foot balloon sculpture that ended up in Doomo's suite and trying to figure out how to get to know the hot chick that Rich Bloch had on stage for the Gumball routine. I liked her......Smile
Dan Watkins
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My personal highlight was Tim Conover's close up act. His magic is very strong, his technique flawless, and his performance style is extremely energetic. Its like he feeds off of the engergy in the room and reciprocates it.

I like coin magic so that is another big factor why I liked Tim's set since it was heavily coin centric.

He opened with Goshman Salt and Pepper Shakers, then did his bending coins routine, a money trick where six $1 changed to six $5, $10, $20, $50, ending with six $100. A production of a full shot glass. Ramsay's Cylinder & Coins, and he ended with Fred Kap's Chinese Coin Trick.

He was the only close up performer to get a spontaneous standing ovation in our room. All of the other performers were all extremely good as well, Tim just was exceptionaly powerful.

Ramsay's Cylinder & Coins is a favorite routine of mine, and I can say without hesitation that Tim's is the best I have ever seen it done.
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ActuallyMichael, I would like to point out that that 6 foot balloon sculptureended up in Bogunia's suite. Most mysterious! In fact Lee Asher was MOST puzzled how it ended up there. As for Kline, it was fun roasting him.
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Some say there is video of the "vanishing and reappearing balloon sculpture."
Might just be a rumor though.
Lee Asher
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I'm still puzzled!!

I sort of remember Kline's roast...lots of fun and lots of beer.

Oh Quaker Stake and Lube sponsored it too. Now that's a party!

To all those who've missed it this year -- Don't next year.

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HMC Mike
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As typical with Magi Fest all three day’s (& nights) were filled with great acts. The headliner show was a first class production. The 75th ranks up there with one of the best I’ve attended.

While the Red coats may work hard, without the professional team work of Steve Kline and friends Magi Fest would be quiet and dark. The wings were great but thanks to Steve’s Jagermeister my wife was smiling Smile
Michael Dustman
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Columbus, Ohio
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Holy ****!!! How did I forget the incomprable Lee Asher. His reputation preceded him but to watch him do his Continental Divide about 30 times was a thing of legends.

And for those of you not aware....not only is Lee technically one of the most gifted card men on the planet, but he has a true talent for photography. The only thing he had in his hands more than a deck of cards this weekend was his camera and he put together a tremendous slide show that was shown Saturday night of what went into putting the headliner show together. They only showed a remote fraction of the pictures but I was fortunate to see the whole show in his suite. Lee rocks hard.
Chris Keppel
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Kansas City MO
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Son, get your d&%* manager on the phone

Hahahha, you would have to be there. This year was great, hanging out with all the fella's. Wont miss next year either.

As for the video dean was talking about. I think its just a rumor (wink wink)
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