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I'll begin this review with an apology to Tim and Sue-Anne.
You see, I've had these three DVDs for many months and for one reason or another have not been able to get this review written and posted. My bad! No excuses, and again - I humbly apologize and sincerely hope that Tim calls off any special contracts he may have made in my name. Ahem. Smile

Obviously, since I have had plenty of opportunity to not only view the three discs, but actually play with many of the effects first-hand, I offer the following insight into their contents. Enjoy. Smile

Ellis in Wonderland


Disc Description: Tim and Sue-Anne have adapted one of there incredible lectures into 3 hours of wonder on this incredible DVD. Ellis & Webster have been known to bring there audiences to multiple ovations. There magic and presentation techniques are world renowned.
Over three and a half hours of magic on the DVD version of their famous lecture.

FEATURING LIVE PERFORMANCES AND DETAILED TEACHING OF Ultimate Blades, Credit Card Fax, Candle Tips, Deckstress, Deathslates, 7 Keys to Paradise, Jazz Cards, Deck Vanish, Cellular Thinking, Cash to Credit Card, Bill to Anything, and Shakespeare's Monte.

The DVD also includes bonus performances of Jazz Cards, Credit Card Fax, Deckstress, and Bloopers. Special features on Strolling Magic, Black Art, Thumbtips, MagicSports. 6 Card Rap Music Video, Photographic Gallery, Glossary of Terms, Promotional Video, and previews of other Ellis & Webster products


As you can see by reading the disc description above, this DVD is crammed clear full of magical material. Some items are solid effects that you WILL want to know the skinny on, while other items range from Tim giving good sound advice on various topics, to Tim and Sue-Anne both playing around and having a good time doing so. That said, let's take a peek at some of the discs contents, shall we?

Ultimate Razor Blades: Since I have not personally seen every single razor blade trick ever invented, I'm hesitant to say this is the ultimate version. However, the effect that Tim presents is every bit as nerve racking and scary as any razor blade trick that I have seen to date - and I have seen a slew of them. Placing sharp pieces of metal in the mouth has always bothered me...probably one of the reasons why I have never done it.

That said, Tim uses the blades to cut paper, swallows the whole lot and then produces all the blades dangling on a piece of dental floss. The best part of the whole affair is the method, which is so darn easy and clever that even I'm tempted to give this a whirl. Good magic and worth a look. Smile

Credit Card Fax: A whimsical little card routine in which the climax ends with a photograph of the performer appearing on the spectator's very own credit card. The kicker? In the photo the magician is holding the selected card. This is fun stuff to be sure and is not very difficult to do. If you perform a lot of walk-around this is just what the doctor ordered. Nice. Smile

Deckstress: Okay, I'll state right up front that this is hands down my favorite thing on the entire disc. Given the great amount of stellar material already included, that is saying something. Those of you who currently own a Mirage Deck are going to kick yourself for never having thought of this concept. If you don't have this gimmicked deck, this is a good reason to go buy one - no kidding!

Given the effects that are possible and the concept being so bloody clever, Tim has several applications he discusses, including a way to personalize the trick as well as a corporate version for trade show workers. Even the purist among you should really give this some consideration, it is that good and easily worth the price of the entire DVD. In fact, this one item alone could have been marketed seperately and sold very well once people realized how well this will play for laypeople. Bravo Tim!

Death Slates: For the mentalist and bizarre among you, this will be something you may wish to consider. A set of spirit slates is required, but the trick itself appears promising when presented in the right hands. Worth a look.

7 Keys to Paradise: This is Tim's own variation on the classic Seven Keys To Baldpate plot, but with what I believe to be several unique improvements.
The effect is very strong and a no brainer to perform. The effect will of course depend on your presentation skills. You will need to pick up a Viking coin tray from your local dealer, but if there was ever a modern day reason to purchase one of these trays, this would be it. Very nice. Smile

Deck Vanish: This is a nice routine whereby the deck vanishes, nothing new there. However, Tim has some interesting thoughts on this and I think many of you who already do topit work can and will appreciate this routine.

Celluar Thinking: A clever and interesting trick using nothing more than a cell phone and a secret assistant. If presented properly you will no doubt run the risk of being burned at the stake. Don't say I didn't warn you. Very cool.

Cash to Credit Card: This is a visual quickie that has the performer turning a bill into an actual credit card. Everything you need to know in constructing the gimmick and then the actual presentation is covered here and I know that this will play well for many of you. Good stuff.

Bill to Anything: A stellar routine which ends with a spectators signed bill appearing inside a banana (though any fruit can be used). Extremely clever and well thought out. I like this and think you will too. Smile

Shakespeare's Monte: (performance only)
While Tim does not cover the real work here, we are given the priviledge of seeing a very nice monte routine performed to poetry. Excellent. Smile

I will end this by saying I believe this to be one of the best magic instructional DVDs I have ever seen. A ton of A+ material presented and taught by an excellent teacher. Mr.Ellis is ever the professional in his performance, and so darn personable that you can't help but like him. This helps us learn better I believe and after viewing this disc I feel like I have met the man himself. It is obvious to anyone viewing this DVD that Tim and Sue-Anne spent a great deal of effort in its creation and it clearly shows. If you can only afford to purchase one DVD from Tim Ellis, this is the volume you can't be without. My highest recommendation. Smile

My rating:

Suggested retail: $34.95


24 years of living next door to Ellis


Disc Description: Tim and Sue-Anne have adapted one of there incredible lectures into 3 hours of wonder on this incredible DVD. Ellis & Webster have been known to bring there audiences to multiple ovations. There magic and presentation techniques are world renowned.

FEATURING LIVE PERFORMANCES AND DETAILED TEACHING OF Kruger Kard Trick, Hi Tek Deck, Coins Across, Divide & Conquer, 7D, Rubberband Restoration, Barehand Coin Vanish, Spiral Bound, Big Deal, and Tricky Trick.
PLUS - Performance only of Soda Resurrection.

BONUS PERFORMANCES INCLUDE Hi Tek Deck, 7D, Rubberband Restoration, Coins Across, Tricky Trick and Bloopers!

SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE How to get an Agent, Floorshow Magic, Ellis & Webster On The Road, 6 Card Rap Music Video Dance Mix, Photographic Gallery of Jeannie, Glossary of Aussie Terms, Elly May's Scrapbook, Promotional Video, and previews of other Ellis & Webster products


From the description above it is obvious that this DVD is crammed full of material - and it is! That said, let's take a look at some of the highlights...

The Kruger Card Trick: A stand-up routine involving the finding of a selected card ala Freddy Kruger. Claw marks are seen and cards are shredded! A must do routine for any kind of Halloween show says I. Cool. Smile

Hi Tek Deck: This is an interesting trick using a gimmicked deck (found at any magic shop) and a calculator. Different enough that you just may want to give this a try. Fun stuff me thinks. Smile

Divide and Conquer: Another stand-up routine which makes use of a secret assistant in the audience. The effect is very strong and would be considered a real miracle to the average layperson. Extremely strong.

Big Deal: With the current popularity of Poker (and casino games in general), this will no doubt be a hit for any performer. The audience will love this and it is a breeze to perform. I like. Smile

Tricky Trick: A bill is signed by a spectator, torn in three seperate pieces and then magically restored. What more can you ask for? My personal favorite on the disc and worth your serious consideration. Smile

Broken and Restored Rubberband: A close-up miracle and my second favorite effect on the DVD. A rubberband is broken, then tied back together. As a kicker the performer causes the knot to fall off leaving a perfectly restored rubber band. Excellent thinking here and very strong material that is not too difficult to perform. Smile

Soda Resurrection: (performance only)
This is a variation on Andérs Moden's Healed and Sealed Soda Can. Fun to watch and may give you some presentaional ideas if you already own the effect.

Spiral Bound: Instructions on constructing a tablet which will allow you to actually predict numbers that are given to you by a spectator. Mentalists may want to give this a serious look. Very clever.

Coins Across: A gimmicked three coins across routine with a jumbo coin climax. This is easy to do and uses a gaff that most magicians already own. If you don't already own a jumbo coin - go find one! Very, very nice.

7D: This is a variation of the standard Insurance Policy trick, but with a twist of sorts. Like Tim's other ideas, not too difficult and is sure to please your audience.

Bare Coin Vanish: This is a bare handed vanish of a coin using an extremely sneaky method. It is one of those tricks that makes you smile once you see the work. Very cool. Smile

Like Tim's first DVD, this offering is loaded with a ton of great material. Besides the effects that I covered, there is a slew of bonus material which makes this DVD a real bargain. Again, Tim and Sue-Anne took the time to really make this a fun disc to learn from and it shows. It is interesting to note that Sue-Anne actually does the teaching on this disc and I had a lot of fun whille learning some great magic. Highly recommended. Smile

My rating:

Suggested retail: $34.95


Runaround Sue (Cups and Balls)


Disc Description: A 1 hour DVD containing the full explanation of Tim's entire FISM award winning routine. Tim Ellis is one of the most energetic and captivating performers in magic. He is a FISM award winner and an incredibly influential magician. Don't miss out on the chance to learn some of his fantastic magic. FEATURING LIVE PERFORMANCES AND DETAILED TEACHING OF THE ENTIRE ACT! EVERY MOVE EXPLAINED IN DETAIL.
SLEIGHTS EXPLAINED INCLUDE The Reel Vanish, The Tap Vanish, The Barehand Vanish, The Sunglasses Production and The Milkshake Production. PLUS - Early performances of Runaround Sue from 1991 to 1996.

BONUS ITEMS INCLUDE D'Cups & D'Balls, Promotional Video, and previews of other Ellis & Webster products. LIMITED EDITION - ONLY 1000 COPIES WILL BE SOLD


If you have ever considered doing the classic Cups and Balls trick but never got around to actually learning a routine, this may well be the motivation you have needed. Those of you who already have a routine that you are comfortable with will gain knowledge in just watching this performance and listening to Tim's thoughts and ideas that led to the creation of this wonderful performance.

Now while this disc is a ONE TRICK affair, you need to know and realize there is a good reason - there is much to learn here and Tim spares no expense in teaching you the real work as it were. Everything is covered - props, sleights, presentation, heck even the music.

In addition, we are treated to a slew of bonus material including one of the funniest infomercials you may ever witness. Okay, maybe not, but you WILL smile. Recommended. Smile

My rating:

Suggested retail: $29.95


Available from your favorite dealer.

Dealers - contact Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-853-7403
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You can also purchase directly from:

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Phone: + (613) 9486 4445

Questions? You may email Tim at:

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