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James Adamson
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Are the hardcore MAC users going to accept the new CPU and what if any problems do yo see in the future since it will be able to run Microsoft software?

MAC users may hate the problems associated with Microsoft in my opinion. One of the reasons there have not been many security issues for MAC & Linux is because the user base is so small.

It is possible that the number of security problems with MAC now is being understated. PC Magazine states a couple of months ago that the percentage of problems with the MAC versus the number of MAC users was actually higher.

What do you think?

MAC users are very loyal and in many aspects they have a right to be.

James Adamson
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Michael Messing
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From what I'm reading on a couple of Mac forums ( and, it looks like the majority of Mac users are anxious to try it. Some are quite cautious but most are very optimistic. They're excited about the possibility of higher speed processors. (IBM was definitely not moving quickly on speeding up their processors.)

Many of the people don't believe reports like the PC Magazine one you mentioned. They just think it's sour grapes. I guess only time will tell.

I'm likely to stay with my current Mac for a while or even purchase a used G4 as they drop in price simply because I don't want to have to update all my software. That's the expensive part!
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Are the hardcore MAC users going to accept the new CPU and what if any problems do yo see in the future since it will be able to run Microsoft software?
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I don't think there is supposed to be any software issues with the new processor. Whatever you have running on your current Mac should run on a Mac with an intel chip.
Michael Messing
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Actually, software written for the PPC processor run on Rosetta, a built-in emulator. Unfortunately, not all software will run on Rosetta, including some Apple software. Here's one list of compatibility:

While most will run on Rosetta, they're not likely to run as fast. Adobe's Creative Suite works but suffers from "performance losses" which means I'll likely wait until all the software I use has been written to work with the Intel processor.

I'm not sure if iDVD 4.0 and iMovie 4.0, which I still use will run on Rosetta. I know that the latest version of the iLife series ('06) will run natively on the Intel processor but I'm not ready to make that jump.

On top of that, Classic will not run on an Intel-based Mac and I still have a couple of OS 9 applications that I haven't finished with. (I'm converting all my PageMaker 7 files to InDesign CS 2 but sometimes I have to open the PageMaker version to see what might have changed alignment.)

I'm not complaining. I just going to be patient.

Frank Simpson
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I agree, I think that patience is the key here. I have almost grown to love being "a generation behind cutting-edge!"

I recently upgraded from Pagemaker to InDesign CS2 and really love it. My fist big project was to convert my father's latest book (312 pages!) to InDesign. Fortunately Pagemaker and InDesign "play well together", and the transition was actually quite smooth. The biggest "problems" I encountered were several of the smaller linked graphics automatically embedded themselves instead of linking, and InDesign kerns and justifies type much better than Pagemaker, so I did have just a few issues with text flowing. But now that the book is in its final proofing stage, it is going much more smoothly.

I can see myself having two computers set up simultaneously until all the intel transitional issues have been addressed. A habit I have been in for years, like when I kept my G3 set up in another room with all my SCSI devices until I upgraded all my hardware to USB/Firewire. I just try to keep my transitions gradual, and it seems to reduce the pain!
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On 2006-02-17 19:49, James Adamson wrote:
Are the hardcore MAC users going to accept the new CPU and what if any problems do yo see in the future since it will be able to run Microsoft software?

Actually that is not entirely true...yet. All current builds of Windows are built to be run on BIOS (Wikipedia explain it best: ), but the new Intel Macs are built onto EFI (Once again Wikipedia: ). Most "good" sources seem to say that Windows Vista will run on EFI, but the only people who currently have that are developers, those at Microsoft, and people who downloaded it illegally off the internet.

There is currently over $10,000 in a pot of money waiting to go to the first person who can load both Windows and Mac OS X onto the same Intel Mac. Apple has said before that although they will not offer support to anyone putting any other operating systems on their Macs, they will not try to stop anyone from trying it.

Those who buy a Mac are not very likely to want to load Windows onto it (many of us current Mac users are switchers because we were so fed up with Windows. Mac and, by extension, Apple is famous for putting amazing software together with incredible hardware (Think iPod + iTunes) that work beautifully and seamlessly. To try and load Windows onto an Intel Mac as anything but an academic exercise (or to win the prize money) would go against what many people find so appealing about Macs.

The major reason for the switch by Apple is that IBM and Motorola (Apple's two partners in developing the Power PC chips that Macs have been running on) essentially halted development of the chip. Apple kept asking them to produce a faster, smaller, less power-hungry chip, and nothing ever cam about. That is why the Powerbook (and iBook) laptops were stuck using the older, less powerful G4's instead of the more powerful G5's (and later dual core G5's seen in the Power Mac). The G5's were always too big, too power hungry, too hot, and not powerful enough. With the switch to Intel, Steve Jobs and Apple are guaranteeing themselves faster development and faster computers in general, because the chips are coming from a company that has 30 years of history that demonstrate its ability to produce a great product that is almost always at the front of the pack.

The new Yonah chip (aka Dual Core Intel Processor) that runs inside of the 15" MacBook Pro can more than double certain core response times...Now it's all a matter of time and waiting before the "pro applications" that many professionals require are recompiled in a Universal Binary format so that both PowerPC and Intel Mac users can see what an amazing difference the new chips really make.

Tech rant over.

Nick Fox

PS: There were recently two "Proof of concept" viruses/trojans released which affect PowerPC Macs...too bad that Mac's security settings actually require an administrator's password to install the viruses/trojans. Symmantec has released a patch for the first one, and the second patch is most likely forthcoming. BUT: DO NOT PANIC. Both of these are both just proof of concept and are completely benign they just try and replicate themselves to other computers (The first one accesses your iChat Buddy list and sends itself to your buddies. The second uses bluetooth to detect nearby devices to send itself to). Once on other Mac's they still require an administrator password to install, so stay calm...the waters are still safe.
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It's great! Andy Grove had idea's about burning operating systems into the processors (years ago), which Bill Gates didn't like for obvious reasons. But, Mac users tend to be a bit more courageous. Maybe this standard will be used in the future.
In the end, we just want a computer that will handle our creative demands... we'll leave the bean counting to the rest.
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