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Ryan Matney
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I just got hold of Don Driver's new "Building a Tip Bally" dvd and I can say that it was really worth the wait. It's been a long time coming but it's finally here.

Street Magic/ Busking has become more and more popular over the last few years. But the information on stopping and gathering a crowd is scarce. If you can't build a good size tip, you won't get fat hats! This is the first step toward successful busking. On this DVD Don is teaching a very old but little known bally that will stop people in their tracks. This bally has only been passed from one pitchman/carny to the next and you could only learn it if you were 'With it.' I can't believe Don is teaching this but I'm glad he is!

The DVD is homemade and to the point but Don is giving away valuble information here. This is a proven bally that attracts people like a magnet. Don used this same bally in Las Vegas for years to stop large crowds of people every night! It really works and if you follow the advice on the DVD exactly, it will work for you too.

Production is similar to Don's Svengali Pitch DVD. First Don explains the bally and how and why it works. Then you get to see Don on Hollywood Blvd performing the bally for real people. This is amazing in itself, starting with nothing and in under two minutes Don has Hollywood Blvd nearly blocked off with people!

Next you see Zachary Strange performing the bally in a difficult busking situation and still drawing people in. Zachary then gives an interview talking about applying the bally to busking and how he has adapted it. He gives away a lot of great, valuble information here.

Don then comes back with some final words and advice. As a bonus he also throws in a sight gag that anyone can use in any type of performing situation.

This is a great chance to learn a proven, money making, time tested technique to build a tip (get an edge) from one of the few people around that know how to do it right. It's a piece of history for that reason alone. What more can I say, you can use this at trade shows, fairs, festivals, sidewalks, anywhere.

Best of all, the dvd is only $25.00 and it includes a write-up of the bally. It is only available from Don Driver's website. Incidentally, this bally works great with the Svengali pitch and Don is offering a deal right now on his website for BOTH dvds! Thanks for giving up the goods, Don!
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Vandy Grift
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Great review Ryan.

I too have seen the DVD. I think it's EXCELLENT.

Folks, this is a great tip building method. Don builds a HUGE tip out on Hollywood Bvld. A tip that any busker, street magician, or pitchman would envy. Zach Strange also builds a good tip under tough conditions using the method. Believe me, this will stop people. He had me hooked just watching the explanation of the bally. People are gonna stop and watch. What you with them or to them after they stop is up to you. But, if you want to get them to stop,look and listen, believe me, this WILL work for you.

Another thing about this DVD. Like Dons other production (The Svengali Pitch DVD) this is a totally unique and original product. There is nothing like this on the market. This bally/tip building method has been around for sometime and has never been taught to buskers and street magicians. It's been used by pitchmen and tipman building tips for jam auctions etc. But it is gold for the street performer, because as I said before..They will stop, they will watch, they will be YOURS!!

I'm not a busker or street performer, but I appreciate how tough it is for street workers to build a tip. And I know what a good tip looks like. Forget much of what you've heard on this site and others about building an tip. Don't stand there like a clown banging your wand on your table, trying to get people to notice you. Get this DVD and learn a PROVEN method of getting people to stop and watch what you are doing. Get noticed, get an edge and get a big fat hat. That's what it is all about!!

Great product Don!

"Get a life dude." -some guy in a magic forum
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Thanks Guys,
I see we have two threads reviewing my new building a tip DVD.I would perfer any other reviews that come in use only this thread,thanks.
Thanks again,and have a good one,
Steve V
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Northern California
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Not only is the information of great value it is a record of what is becoming a lost art. I appreciate Don making these available to the magic community. Others have praised, rightfully so, this dvd but I want to add that it is facinating watching the dynamic of the tip as it builds. You have to get someone to stop to get things going and this shows how to get it done. Another great offering by Don Driver.
Steve V
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Ok Don I ordered and received your DVD. The only advice is that you should use a padded envelope. My case was cracked, but the information was there.

I was heading out the door to go pop some shows down at my pitch and stopped by the mail box and there it was. There was also a package that I didn't want to take with me, so I came back home and dropped it off. I had a couple of extra minutes and so I popped in your DVD and watched it. I WAS HIT BY A BRICK IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. This information was a jackpot.

I putted to work just thinking about the possibilities. When I got there, I thought I'd just try it and see what would happen.

I've been drawing nice crowds, but have been having trouble getting them in close and drawing that nice tight edge. This bally stopped them, brought them in and after 3 shows my hats were up a third.

Now I can't wait until I put the time into it and get it to evolve into what it really can be. Just that first day showed me the potential and I know I'm only using about 40% of it's true value at the moment. I'm writing and working on it and will be out there today laughing inside as I watch them stare at Washington's little eye getting ready to blink.

All I can say is THANKS! It's in the show and will be there as long as I'm on the streets doing what I do. If your Svengali Pitch is anything like this, I don't think I could handle that much money in my life.

Thanks for sharing Don, you're a gem.
Bro. Paul West
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Hey BroPaul,
I agree, I got Don's DVD the other day, popped it in the DVd player and watched it twice, once for show and then the secodn time with details.
Great Stuff Don!
Thanks for a well done video.
And I thought Merlin stopped them in their tracks!!!!
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Just got my Svengali Pitch and Building A Tip DVD's today from Don (Just ordered 'em Monday. Great service!). Woo Hoo! Killer stuff, Don!

Both the pitch and the bally are easy enough to learn that even I can do it, and make money with it! The only way possible to NOT make money with this info, is to just never leave your house. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can go out and do it!

Seriously, the info that Don gives you on both DVD's is worth WAY more than he's charging for it. I highly recommend them both to everyone.

Hopefully I'll catch up with Don at the Wisconsin State Fair this year and watch him live and in person (Yeah Don, I know I've been saying that for the last couple of years. This time for sure! Hehehehehe!)

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Here is my comments on the DVD:
I ordered the DVD and received it last week. Well I watched Don do his bally to gather a tip and thought it "might" work. You can tell that sometimes I am not the sharpest knife in the house.

I went out on Sunday because it was barely warm enough to busk and I wanted to try Don's bally. HOLY ****!!!! Might work? It is like a *** miracle!! people appeared out of nowhere! They stayed to watch the show (which was only about 15 minutes long) and they put money in the hat!!!

I pulled in US$50 for one show!!! I mean I followed Don's advice, I did use my own words like Zach Strange suggested, and IT WORKS!!!!

Buy the DVD, use what you learn, it paid for itself in the first 15 minutes I used it.

You guys know that I am not one to give a lot of praise unless something deserves it. This does!

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Wayne Whiting
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I got Don's Svengali Pitch tape about 15 months ago. I spent most of last summer pitching the decks at street festivals in Oregon. Some of the festivals went real well and at some of them I barely made rent and travel expenses. I found that where I did well drawing a tip was almost effortless. There were so many people wall to wall all you had to say was "boo" and you would have a crowd ready to watch and buy. Other festivals were not that well attended and drawing a tip was more difficult. I would get discouraged, sit down and talk to the guy in the next booth.

When I first heard that Don and Whit were going in on a DVD on how to draw a tip, I knew this was something I wanted. Unfortunately, Whit had many things on his plate and he finally just handed everything to Don and let him run with it. We have waited for almost a year to get this information, but it was worth the wait. I have no doubt that this will work. Just to prove his point, you get to see Don do this on Hollywood Blvd. When he starts there is no one within 15 feet from him. When he finishes there must be a tip of 75 people. It is somewhat hard to tell because the camera has to pan the audience to get them all in.

Thanks Don! First pitch is in three weeks. Couldn't ask for better timing!
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Review King
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Don has done it again! This DVD is a must have if you want to see a real pro working on the street and gathering a crowd. The DVD is inspirational!!!

"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
The Great Dave
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I just got my set of Don's Building a Tip and Svengali Pitch. Ordered it Monday, got it Wednesday. Great service! The set is fantastic... I have watched it twice and am still amazed. The one sentence where Don explains how long the pitch should be for todays audience was a golden nugget. The written material for the pitch that comes with it was a great way to have a rehearsal document. On the video in the live pitch at a street fair just getting underway, Don sells 7 units in 20 seconds. Not bad for a few minutes of work. This set will pay for itself the first time out. And the historical value of it is priceless. Great material. Excellent value. Thanks Don...

Best Wishes,
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Hey gang, it is finally here! There is a good reason that everyone has been looking forward to Don's products. Guys have been telling him for years that he should put out tapes and stuff, but he's been adamant that he isn't interested in cashing in. He has now reached a point in his life where he wants to leave the world of magic and pitch some evidence that he was here. Well guys, he has done far more than that. If you have any interest in making some money on the pitch, Don is to pitch what Oxford is to dictionary. Oh, and the fact that he gives you more for your money than just about any other video you've ever owned doesn't hurt, either. I feel completely confident that if Don wanted to, he could easily include the guarantee that if you purchase any of his systems, you will - YOU WILL - get the money back the *very* first time you go out on the street. Turns out, there are way too many guys who would take advantage of the guy, but believe me, you'll get it back. This one is a two thumbs up, easy. He delivers.
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I got the DVD's the other day...great stuff! It's stuff you can use in the real world.
Danny Hustle
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Boston, MA USA
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I got my Building a tip dvd and all I can say is wow! Drawing an edge and turning that edge into your crowd is one of the hardest things to learn as a street performer.

This build cuts all the BS and works sure fire every time. It has been in use by Jam auction workers for years and I know Don learned it at least thirty years ago working a joint in Las Vegas. This thing has been honed over the years to a razor sharpness that will work every time sure fire.

Try this out and watch the crowds stop dead in their tracks. If you can't build a crowd with this information you need to have your pulse checked because you are probably dead.

Because Don self produced it and cut out the fancy bells and whistles in most commercial DVDs the price isn't a bargain it is a steal. I wish he would jack the price up just to keep the circulation of this stuff to a minimum.

Watching Zack Strange rope in a circle show sized crowd after just hearing Don do the pitch once was the strongest proof that this thing is sure fire.

If you are a street worker or just interested in the history of the pitch you need to own a copy of this DVD. It stands as a shining testament to the fact that my pal Don Driver is "with it".

Great, great, stuff!



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Vandy Grift
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Just a friendly reminder. The weather is starting to warm up and I'm sure all the Buskers and Street Workers who have been inside all winter are chomping at the bit to get back out there and go to work.

If you haven't done it already, now is the time to pick up a copy of this DVD. Start the year out right!! If you want fat hats from Spring, through the Summer and right in to the Fall...Then you want this Tip Buiding method. You have got to believe me... This WILL stop them, you will build better tips and you will make more money.

"Get a life dude." -some guy in a magic forum
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Anyone here used this in the UK?

Would love to hear how the British public react to it.

Many thanks,

The Magic Cafe account of The Conwy Jester, Erwyd le Fol formerly known as Roslyn Walker.
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I received the DVD and watched it for the first time yesterday. It is absolutley fascinating! This certainly does appear to be a goldmine for street performers. I do have one question, however. At one point Zachary mentions that some people in the audience sometimes get annoyed when you do not do exactly what you said you were going to do (those with the dvd will know what I am referrring to). Have any of you encountered this? If so, how did you handle it?

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Hi T House,
I know Zack said that in the DVD. I've been doing this bally for many years and never had this problem...NEVER.Perhaps Zack isn't squaring it up right at the end.

He did come up with a great hat line at the end that should not only square it up,but help in getting a "fatter hat" I'm sure you know the line I'm talking about.

Thanks for your order...REALLY ! I wish you Fat Hats,

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Just ordered both dvd's and am looking forward to seeing them. I do have one question for Mr. Driver. Can the building a tip be transfetted to building a crowd for say a trade show? or even in my case to pitch my banking services?
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This DVD is amazing. I almost feel like I should've payed more for it. Thanks Don!
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