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Dan Watkins
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The quick answer is yes, you can learn coin magic just with Bobo's.

The long answer is, though you can learn it with Bobo's, its not the easiest way to do it - coin magic is very visual and it helps to see what is going on. You do not want to learn the basics wrong, one of these videos will show you the basics properly.

In the long run, I am sure you can do coin magic with only Bobo's but by purposely limiting the resources you view or read on a subject will ulitimately limit your knowledge. The more resources you can use, the greater knowledge you gain on the subject.

Regardless of what you plan on purchasing, definately do get Bobo's. Make sure you get the Hard Bound New Modern Coin Magic, not just the cheap Dover reprint. After you start with Bobo's you can decide if you need or want something more.

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That's right. When I first started my first purchase in coin magic was Scotch & Soda, then Bobo's The New Modern Coin Magic book. After reading it for a week, I bought Michael Ammar's Introduction to Coin Magic and then "I got it!" was my reaction. Since coin magic is a very visual trick I didn't know how to present it properly--both book and video forms go very well together. Books usually have a lot more material than videos and in my opinion can give more material once you can actually visualize the trick, routine, patter and presentation in a flowing manner (naturally, presentation and patter would be best if you presented it in your own style, but that comes later once you become comfortable in the routine).
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Beginners should watch a video before reading a book. The tape makes the rountine easier to understand. After the video, change over to books. It will prove the trick can be done, and how.

When I was younger I started the hard way because there were no tapes, only books.
Darren Roberts
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I just this morning bought Bobo's book. As a stone cold beginner in coin magic I can tell you that the very first concealment was pretty tricky. Not that I'm opposed to practice. I bought that book specifically for long term learning. But for beginners looking for "immediate" results, Mark Wilsons Cyclopedia has a very good coin magic section.
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I personally like the Wilson book. It gives you step by step drawings to walk you through it. I find it great for learning the basics on both coins and cards. I picked up my hardcover book on e-bay, and it was like brand new for around $10.

Ed Smile
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Larry Barnowsky
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Bobo's text
Roth's video
Ammar's video
Johnny Thomson's Commercial Classics to see a true pro perform coin magic classics
NEW: 21st Century Coin Mechanics DVD
The Book of Destiny
Listen to Esperanza's Dream
Kingdom of the Red Book and DVD

21ST CENTURY COIN MECHANICS and Counting On Deception
Darren Roberts
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For what it's worth...I have supplemented Bobo's book with Ammar's Complete Introduction to Coin Magic DVD and the site. I am finding that, for me, it is very helpful to visually see the techniques described in books. I'm getting ideas of what the techniques LOOK like. Of course, I'm basically repeating some things that have been said above Smile

Hope this may help other beginners.
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Roth's videos are top notch. Bobo's is the classic work on coin magic, every magician has to have a copy, and for 8 or 9 bucks you can't go wrong. Smile
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Flip through a copy of "World's Best
Coin Tricks" by Bob Longe the next time
you're in a book store. I think he's
distilled basic coin magic down pretty

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Robert Black
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When I started out in Magic the best thing that could have happened was the Bobo book, Expert Coin Magic (Roth), Coin Magic (Kaufman), All the Roth Tapes. I have to say that for me Rubenstien and Ammar didn't quite cut it. For ME that is. I am a big fan of simple is better and between Bobo and Roth material you can find a lot of low tech utillity sleights that can be very effective. All the exotic palms and placements will come later with practice if you want to use them. I don't, simple is better for me.
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On 2003-03-06 14:25, frank wrote:
Flip through a copy of "World's Best
Coin Tricks" by Bob Longe the next time
you're in a book store. I think he's
distilled basic coin magic down pretty
I think even before BoBo's. And I reread BoBos every year. I think we need to give Kids the real tools that they will need to perform magic in the real world. we
should get wayman to edit is first post and add "a good magician/teacher near you" Do you know the publisher? any place that sells it?
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I like Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and Fulves´s self working book
"May the Magic be with you"
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1. Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic – Mark Wilson (THE BEST! BY FAR!)

2. Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Bill Tarr
3. Professional Magic for Amateurs – Walter Gibson
4. Self-Working Card Tricks - Fulves
5. Self-Working Mental Magic - Fulves
6. Handkerchief Magic - Hugard
7. Self-Working Handkerchief Magic – Fulves
8. 50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip – Melbourne Christopher
9. Sponge Ball Manipulation - Walsh
10. After The Desert – Martin Gardner
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Almost Amazing Doug
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Harry Lorayne's "The Magic Book." My favorite beginner's book, bar none. Although it's 26 years old, I still often read from it.

Available used for just a few bucks, or nicely reprinted by L&L.

Yeah, there are only 9 coin effects in the book. But, Harry starts off assuming you know nothing about coins, and in his inimitable style clearly explains everything you need to know. The 9 effects are *real* routines, such as Four Coins Across and Coins Through Table, with variations!

Plus, when you need a break from coins (some people do, you know) there's the whole rest of the equally wonderful book to pore over.

Thank you, Harry!

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"Now you see it, Now you don't" is a good overall magic book for absolute beginners by Bill Tarr.
Michael T
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I can’t believe that the Burt tapes have only been mentioned once. Brad is without doubt the most thorough and clear teacher of coin magic.
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'The Magic Book' by Harry Lorayne is a classic and deserves to be on any magician’s shelf as it's full of practical and straightforward advice.


'Simplify' - Henry David Thoreau Smile
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I agree with Dan. Bobo's book is an encyclopedia, not a course in coin magic.
I firmly believe in English, the best one it's Shigeo Futagawa coin book. Give a try.
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I'll vote for the Futagawa book, "Introduction to Coin Magic." It has some very interesting ideas and does not seem difficult. - Tom
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When it comes to videos, I lean toward David Roth. I like Michael Ammar’s videos too. However, (my opinion only!) his tend to get a tad boring to me. David Roth just keeps my attention more.
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