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Alym Amlani
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On 2006-03-12 01:45, Tim Ellis wrote:
Mat! You could add a piece of string between the cans Smile have one open & empty, the other full - and they transpose!?

I can almost imagine the pun-laden phone call! Hey! Nice to CATCHUP with have you BEAN? Oh, not well, I've had a problem with my KIDNEY...etc etc lol (it's almost 3am, that's as far as I can get along this line of thought at this point!)
Logic Defied
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I have wanted to add to this brainstorm as there have been so many great suggestions going around. First, a normal appearing pole would be too wide for a regular can, but what’s wrong with an old fashioned appearing cane if you really wanted to do that.

This is getting away from the original starting point, but I did like the idea of combining several effects together, and Brad Burt’s earlier suggestions got me thinking. Here is my take on some of the ideas being tossed around:

Invite 3 spectators to participate in a psychic test . In choosing the three, make sure that one has a suitable watch that can be easily vanished, and one is wearing a ring
that can come off their finger.

The three are seated. From one person you borrow the watch, place it in a paper bag and
set it down on the floor in front of them. From the second person you borrow a ring. That too is placed in a paper bag on the floor out front. Third person chooses a playing card, signs it, and shuffles it back into the deck. The deck is placed in a bag and joins the other two. The three bags are now mixed up so no one knows which is which.

You explain that one the count of three you want them all to grab the bags, and the winner will be the first to locate their own item and place it back where it belongs.
The person who chose the card must open the card box and find his signed card, so it would seem that he has the hardest job.

The winner’s prize will be a can of baked beans. The can is removed from your case and placed on the table. You are about to set the “contestants” off on their competition when the Emcee walks on and reminds you that the people on stage were invited up to participate in a psychic test, not play silly games. He hands you a brown cardboard box, removes the baked bean can from your table, collects the three paper bags, and walks off stage with the spectator’s goods. You apologize for starting the wrong experiment and continue.

From out of the box you remove several cans of food. The labels are hidden under sleeves of plain white paper. Each white sleeve is numbered 1 to 4. One of the mystery foods, you explain, is another can of baked beans. Who ever locates the beans with their psychic powers is the ultimate winner.

Numbered discs are dropped into a clear bag and each person closes their eyes and chooses a number. As they call out their chosen number, you remove the paper sleeves. As each can is revealed, and it is not the beans, the spectator receives the revealed can as a gift. Finally there is just one can left and (no surprise!) it is the can of baked beans.

Offering to share the beans with the three volunteers, you bring the remaining can forward and remove the top.(“tear off” top if you can get it) Reach inside with a set of tongs and first remove the missing watch and pass it to it’s owner. Next out is a playing card folded in quarters. It is the missing signed card. Finally you remove, not a ring, but a set of car keys (Ring Flite). Ask who they belong to then realize they are your own. Attached to one of the key hooks is the final item, the ring. Thank everyone and you are finished.

No, I have not worked out all the finer performance details and method, but I’ll give you some ideas of how I would go about it. The three paper bags can be gimmicked as they are never examined. It would be simple to steal the watch through a double wall and have it drop onto your palm and from there to a toppit as the second bag is brought out.
The signed card would be brought to the top of the deck, deck turned face up and a quick Mercury fold finger then palmed off and the the spectator can re-box the deck and drop it into the bag himself. I would have the Ring Flite clip already through a hole in the bag, and clip on with the bag as cover.

When the Eemcee walks on with the box containing the food cans there would be ample distraction and confusion and plenty of time to cover you transferring the goods from a toppit to the box through a hole in the back. From there they would be loaded into the commercially available “trick” can, if they are still available.

The number discs go into a clear or net bag. The number that must be left until last (the beans) goes into the secret part of the bag so it is never chosen. I also like Tim’s idea of the dice with the appropriate number missing.

2.00am here in Auckland. Good night.
Matt Pulsar
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If multiple cans are used. It seems more explicit to have a bunch of cans of different sizes but with the same contents. Lets say Carrots, and then verbally force carrots. Or you can use the lables to force. Nobody will know if the label matches the can if you never put them together. I like the wrong label selected Idea. Instead of a money machine you could use a hundred dollar bill switch to change the label. I also like the Idea of switching the can and ending with snakes.

Any canned dry food will work well for loading an object such as a bill (with torn corner etc.) It is less icky that way.

Lots of great starts here. I will be thinking of what CAN be done all day today.
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Nebula CT:
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I like the idea of using a hundred dollar bill switch to correct the mis-matched label. I was thinking along the same lines. What if a handful of labels all change into the "selected" food? It could easily be done using a Flash Cash / Hundy 500 method. The labels could also be blank and could change into the selected food.

What about having one blank label in the change bag that gets placed on one can. You open this can last and it's empty!

Michael Mode
Tim Ellis
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Melbourne, Australia
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Or even the idea of instantly "wrapping" a can with a label? That could be a neat visual especially if you could give it away at the end...
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