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I thought "La Parolaccia" translated to "The Cuss-word" or "The Dirty/Bad Word." Isn't there another Italian word for insult?
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While the heckler interrupts you, you say out and loud. "Ladies and gentlemen, here a great magician (pointing to heckler) who will play a little bit after my show. He´s off num, so when i´m done he can show off!"
I trust jewish magicians and bagels
Daniel Faith
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Hecklers are just ego maniacs and control freaks.
They want the attention that you are commanding.
You must not give them any attention at all.
Speak only to the rest of the audience.
Never insult anyone!
Darwin Ortiz in his book "Stong Magic" discusses this topic. The whole book is a must read!

I love the line Peter offered. "My act is usually better but, then, I usually work alone."
Daniel Faith
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Do what Harland williams does and wish them the happiest christmas for them and their family Smile they can't say much else after that. you gotta say it sincerely too, that really confuses them Smile
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I have to mention a line I heard years ago from the Amazing Mr. Smith, an excellent musical comedian who's been working for decades in the North of England;

I do actually have a list of wisecracks here for clever hecklers.. but I'm afraid you don't qualify, Sir.
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Randy Shaw
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I guess I have been lucky. In almost... well lots of years, (I knew Harry Sr) I never had to stop one verbally. Just keep my timing and went on. I did, however, cut some shows short.

AIMC with Silver Star
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On 2003-01-07 18:54, Magicduck wrote:

Female Heckler:
"Listen Lady, do I come over to your place and turn out the red light when you are working?"

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I don't use "Heckler Stoppers" when I perform, but I did collect a few over the past few years,Just in case the situation should ever deem necessary.
So, here they are:

"I need an intelligent member of the audience to help me with the next trick,but perhaps you would like to try instead."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you...I was talking."

"Watch it,Or I'll come down to 7/11(or the car wash) and bother you while you're working..."

"Aren't you suppose to be out front Parking cars?"

"Hey...Who gave you a speaking part?"

These are all pretty good heckler stoppers most of which came from Henry Youngman books and from various other performing artists I have watched perform over the past years.Hope they might serve you some purpose if necessary. Although I would have to agree with most of the others that have stated that it is probably not the advised approach.
Your friend in magic,
Chris Berry
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One I just thought of: "It doesn't matter how much you act up, the people are here to see me."

I haven't really had to deal with hecklers. Most of the time I have just ignored them and they get bored and go away. I did actually approach one where I was working a restaurant one night. I was telling him in front of everyone, "sir I am the entertainment hired for the evening. If you are going to continue to disrupt my show you are free to leave the building".

He then realized what was he was doing and apologized, gathered his kids and left.

James Fortune
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I actually don't believe they ARE such people as hecklers. And I've been strolling, doing tables and cabaret for years.

I suppose it's how you come across. If you make friends with your audiences why would they attack you?

I think Sid & rkrahlmann's suggestions are the best IF it becomes necessary. Smile
Warmest regards

James Fortune MIMC
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Pepper spray?

What? Hey, it worked on my mother!

Try it before you completly disregard it.
Mr. Ed
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I have just started recently useing "hey, hey, hey, I'm the one with the Mike here" As I pull out a small stuffed Mike Wysowski doll from Monsters Inc. It matches my personality. My main persona with kids is one where I am little mean and grouchy. For some reason I can yell at kids and they just laugh at me.
He who laughs, lasts.
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I think the majority of the time people don't even know they are the heckler. Many people who talk loudly and interupt usually do it for attention, but also end up doing this out of force of habbit because everyone put up with them. I know quite a few people like this who I avoid completely because I can't stand them. It's better to point this out to the person during the show by asking them to be quiet than to have them go through the rest of the show or even live the rest of their lives annoying everyone. For those types of people it's best to just ask them to stop, for the drunks who are intentionally ruining the show is when breaking out the one liners works best.
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1. Start fake crying.

2. Pull a pickpocket effect on them. Boy, will they feel stupid.
Bill Palmer
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I seldom use heckle stoppers on my audiences. I seldom need to. Once in a while you get a really rude, horrid SOB who wants to mess your show up, but, if you are any good, you really probably won't have many of them.

Several years ago, I was working at the Laff Stop
Comedy Club in Austin. We had an opening act who was really awful. To make it worse, she didn't know it.

Saturday night, second show, the manager comes in and tells her, "C.J., we have a bunch of guys from Sigma Alpha Mu, the Jewish fraternity, in the audience. They have been drinking. If they give you a rough time, cut your act short and bring Bill on. He knows how to handle them." She misunderstood. She went out started her show, and they gave her just a little trouble. So she started in on them. She smelled the room up. She showed her worst aspect, and she finally brought me on.

They started to give me some trouble too, so I handled them, like this: "Hey fellows, don't make fun of my clothes -- wait until the headliner comes out. He gets paid more than I do. Make fun of his, instead. What do we have here, some fellows from Sigma Alpha Mu? Great! What's the occasion? Wally's birthday? Great! I'll bring him up later, and we will all have some fun." So now we were back on track.

I brought Wally and one of his friends up at the end of the show for the straitjacket escape. I turned to Wally. I asked him how old he was. He said he was 35. So I patted him on the head and said, "Well a Gezinteh oyfn deine Keppele, Kind."(that's Yiddish for "a blessing on your little head, child.") It's something you say to a 5-year old kid. It got a huge laugh. That's one of the only phrases I know in Yiddish.

At the end of my segment, I got a standing ovation. Not only that, later, I got booked by the Sammies for another show.

And that, is how to handle hecklers!
"The Swatter"

Founder of CODBAMMC

My Chickasaw name is "Throws Money at Cups."
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I believe I read this in the Technique section of Expert Card Technique (A great source of information). If on stage infront of a lot of people, lower your voice greatly. The heckler will be noticed by the audience, and THEY will try to shut him up because it will seem he is rendering them unable to hear. Works great.

ok. The red light joke is great but what job specifically does that refer to? (blanks)
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Hecklers, Hecklers, Hecklers. They can make or break your show.

A line that I use that is really effective is, "Do you know what I like about you? Nothing, shut up."

I use more but they aren't comin' to me at this point of time.
The Village Idiots
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It refers to the red light district. Like in Ansterdam. The world's oldest profession.

Two nights ago I killed the audience taking care of a heckler. I changed up a line I found on the link Alessandro offered.

"I am paid to be an idiot, what's your excuse?"

Now I don't normally bash hecklers but there is one place in our show that if there is a moron in the audience he is going to yell something. Well he did and I threw that line at him and the audience just died. Thanks Alessandro.

Some are born idiots.

Some are made idiots.

Some have idiocy thrust upon them.
Rupert Bair
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I think hecklers can help our shows, if we are prepared, know the right put down gags and have a perfect heckler trick, they can be a godsend. I love 'em, as long as they shut up once you put them in their place, you get all the laughs and the admiration from the audience if you pull it off well.

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