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On 2002-11-26 11:44, danny wrote:
What is the best heckle stopper you guys use that is funny for everyone else but makes the heckler shut up instantly?

A flame thrower.

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LOL that's awesome craig!!!
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If I'm doing a card effect I say "I've got 2 jokers in here, I don't need another one."
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I know that trick!
** Don't tell me, I haven't seen this trick yet!
** Good, let's keep it our secret, don't tell
anybody else.
Jerry Smile
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I know that trick
** Me too
** Do you want to come up on stage and show us?

If your parents get divorced will they still be cousins?
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For kids, do a I caught you silly throw the silk on the floor for the vanish.

Then look right at the heckler and say "there, you satisfied?"
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While these are interesting, a few points are missed.

The largest one being what happens when the person you "got" gets really upset about it? They can complain to management, the person you hired you, or take matters in their own hands and come after you.

Yes, they all do happen, and I have seen them.

Years ago when I was touring comedy clubs, I saw every manner of dealing with hecklers, the BEST was from a man who worked biker bars. Clearly insulting THAT crowd would shorten ones life span greatly.

Here it is... you are talking someone says whatever, you stop, laugh really loud, and go right back to what you were doing.

That's it. No insult, no trying to out do them, just laugh and get back to your job.

Its the best way I promise you.

Mark Tripp
Sonny Vegas
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Doing Improv and standup for a while, I have come across some prime drunkards who think their heckling is funny to everyone. Actuall it's a huge embarassment to the others watching.

Firstly, Ignore the first few comments...paying NO attention to the goof.

Secondly, make it known to the heckler that you have a show here with other paying customers...being very polite.

Thirdly, if the shots still keep coming, it's time to put the *** in his/her spot.

*If you have some good cut downs(start saving them) go straight for the jugular. Your not only saving you, your saving the good audience too.
Remember,....if you plan to ride the heckler, REPEAT WHAT THEY SAID IN THE MIC. This way the audience knows whats going on and you don't look like a bully.

Usually booze takes a blame here for being obnoxious. I ususally like to hit that topic. Be direct, short and to the point with hecklers. "I remember my first beer"...

Exception: If you have the heckler in a position that they are really making an *** of themselves and the crowd is laughing, you have beat the heckler and now it's time to move on. If they come back, say " Ok, we had our fun with you and you're old news. Now let's play the STFU game and you're it!

Favorites: 1. "Crack makes people say the darndest thing!"
2. "Look, I've only got 30 minutes to make a fool out of myself and you have the rest of your life, so shut up."
3.Ask the heckler to stand so he could show him "the knife in the heckler
4. "Hey, man, I like doing my act the way YOU like having sex,.... alone."
5. "If I wanted to hear from an a**h*le I would have farted."

**These are not to be over used,...these are stock heckler comebacks, but I put these here for you to get an idea.
Start your own on it everyday. Soon you'll have an arsenal of some pretty good combacks to put that heckler back in his/her hole.

This can be fun once you have your list refined. Soon you'll be waiting for the slightest heckler....just wait for the loud/ignorant ones Smile

Have Fun!
Believe in yourself and the magic will come.
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One line I use for hecklers (when the atmosphere is right) , which was also mentioned by Harris, is to stage whisper "I remember when I had my first beer". It always gets a big laugh, and usually shuts up the heckler, though not always. I know in Card College Volume 4 Roberto Giobbi has some great lines for controlling hecklers.
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I will share two things you can say and do to people giving you a hard time.
" They say you're as good as your audience, and tonight I suck". You probably shouldn't use it though because you want to get the audience on your side.

Secondly here is a great way to get rid of hecklers if you are performing in say a walk around/ strolling venue. Give the heckler a index card and a pen, and instruct him to follow your directions. Tell him to think of anyone special in their mind, and to right it down on the index card. However he must write it out of sight where no one can see him. The magician tells the heckler that when he feels the mental connection he will call him back and reveal the name..
In true honesty, the magician never calls him back. The magician performs a few more effects and leaves.

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Here's one I used a while back that really put the heckler in his place.

To audience: "Rest assured everyone, although rowdy, he does not bite, next time I won't let him out of the cage."

It made the heckler I was dealing with just walk off, that line saved my performance.

Magic For Darfur
Save Us.
Phil J.
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When someone shouts out try "I've seen him/her on television... It's called interference!"
You were born original... Don't die a copy Smile
george kaye
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If you are heckled and you feel the need to sock the miscreant with your best one liner, there is a rule to remember - timing.
At first the audience may like the heckler, he might be funny, (perish the thought) he might be funnier than you! He is one of them. If you 'splat' him now the audience will turn against you. Wait; wait until he has upset over half of your audience and then when you 'splat' him, the audience will be on YOUR side. You will be a hero!
"I wonder if Matron knows he's here".
The skill is not so much what you say but when.
Cheers dears,
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Hi all.
got a couple of lines which could be used to put a heckler into his or her place. But without being rude or starting a slanging match with them.

To Him/Her: Thanks Dad/Mum you inspire me in so many ways. (always get a laugh)
Guess what? (they usually reply) Am being paid for being entertaining. What you being paid for???? (you can mutter being a jackass if you want)
and finally.
Hes/she's my evil twin. with any luck they will do the amazing dissappering trick. (wait a couple of seconds and then say) Nope! still there

but with any luck I hope no one gets heckled by people who have had to much to drink or are attention seekers.

have fun
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You can get away with a lot more if you are working a comedy club than you can in the gigs most of us work. Mark Tripp is correct in that most of the time you just laugh and get back to your show. If you're too harsh you will alienate the rest of the audience and you don't want that.

If he absolutely won't stop Steve Roye of killer stand-up recommends, and I know this works because I use it, stop what you're doing and ask a simple question "What's your name?" That will usually be followed by silence. You then say, "Check your ID. It's on your ID." That will always get a laugh. Then go back to your act.

This is usually enough to stop most of these guys as they now know they can't just get away with saying anything that comes into their heads without a response from you.

Also, try not to take it personally as most of them just want a little recognition for their "cleverness."?? If you get ticked it can just turn into a battle and you must be ready at that point to get down and dirty in the gutter. Again, in a comedy club setting this is permissable but not in most venues.

Jim Barron
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Dependiung on the severity and situation , I have avariety that I use...

Since most of my street performances happen across the harbour from the Provincial Mental Hospital, in severe cases I have used...

"Qucik if you leave now, you can catch the ferrry, gt your meds and they won't cancel your TV Privledges...." For all the locals it slays them and they get the point.

For milder cases... " grade 3 can be a tough 4 years...."
or " I don't bug you when your flippin the burgers"

One tiem with the heck from Hell I gave the "Redneck University Exit Exam" You have 3 hours to complete the exam. Write an essay: "If your mother and Father get divorced are they still brother and Sister?"
Crazy people take the psycho-path thru the forest...
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