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Tim Ellis and Sue-Ann Webster are so good at what they do, and such unnasuming people, that it is easy to take them for granted.

In fact, Tim and Sue-Anne are hard-working, creative magicians. They understand the fine points of projecting a strong, attractive, friendly stage persona. They combine very strong magic with a theatrical flair that makes for a high-powered show.

Before becoming the editor of The Magic Circular, I was for five years the video reviewer for Genii magazine. And prior to that I wrote reviews on several Inernet forums of the long-running New York City weekly show, Monday Night Magic, where I say Tim and Sue-Anne perform.

I hope I won't embarrass Tim and Sue-Anne if I reprint what I wrote about them way back when. It was so long ago they must have been teenagers.

This is from 7 May, 2001 (!):

Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster, from Australia, perform an act which plays big – honestly a bit too big for the tiny Monday Night Magic stage. Tim is an award winning magician with two prizes from FISM, the Olympics of magic. Tim began with the Razor Blade swallowing and stringing, extremely well done, as was all their material. After some funny patter in which Tim spoke “Aussie” and Sue-Anne translated, they performed a “Dueling Rope Trick” segment with two sets of Pavel’s Sliding Knot set-ups, then went into the “Stretching a Rope.” After removing a can of Coke from his shoe, Tim pulled a 6-foot straw from a paper bag before vanishing a Coke bottle, then did something else with a Coke can which deserves special mention, which it will get in a moment. A spectator then assisted with a comedy balloon sequence in which he wore a coat with Sue-Anne’s hands thrust through to portray his hands. It was funny and well-choreographed. After a rap music version of the “Six-Card Repeat” with (amazingly) a reference to Tommy Tucker, Tim returned for an encore of the ”Cups and Balls” using milk shake containers (the big metal kind they hook on the mixer) and a miniature jukebox which was well-themed and very well done. As an amazing finale, Tim produced an actual milkshake from one of the mixers (which had repeatedly been shown empty), pouring the liquid into the other container,

That other thing I mentioned? Tim poured out a can of Coke and crushed the can, A few moments later he took the crushed can and held it outstretched toward the audience, whereupon the crushed can slowly began to expand, visibly and audibly straightening out the crinkles in the can. Then Tim showed that the can’s top had re-sealed. He popped open the top and poured from within good ol’ Coca-Cola, which he served to an audience member. This is one of the most astonishing things I’ve witnessed in a long, long time!


The only thing I want to add is that I am a member of that website where Anders Moden published 'Healed and Sealed' and, like most other magicians, ignored the trick. Tim took it, ran with it, and turned it into a gasp-producing miracle.

So hand me that can of Fosters, mate, so I can toast two wonderful performers, Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster. It is an honour to have you here with us in the Café.

Matt Field
Tim Ellis
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Melbourne, Australia
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How do I draw the blushing smilie???? I need about thirty of the right here:

Thanks for your kind words Mat though, and I'm sure Sue-Anne will agree, I never thought I'd see the words 'Tim Ellis' and 'Artistry' in the same sentence! Smile

We had an absolute ball performing at Monday Night Magic. It had been another dream of ours to perform there (Sue-Anne's cousin Tim lives in the 'Big Apple'). I think every city needs a venue where people can go to see magic weekly, if not once a month at least. Michael Chaut and his team do a great job!

As for the Fosters, it reminds me of a show I did last Christmas. I got booked to do a company Christmas party at an air-conditioning factory. Now when I was starting off in magic I did quite a few shows "on the factory floor" but in recent years I've tended to only be booked into hotels and restaurants etc. (Though Barry Govan, Sue-Anne and I have done some interesting shows in offices... another story!)

Anyway, I turned up to this factory around 9.30pm in a very industrial suburb of Melbourne. They had the roller door open with a barbie out the front in the street, they'd even built a little stage for me with lights and hired a headset radio mic. It was great. I walked up to the organiser and introduced myself and he said "Great! You'll be on after the next stripper."

I looked around. The 100% male audience of tradesman all had cans of beer and/or cans of mixed drinks and were being served by a topless woman in a g-string. I excused myself and went back to my van and immediately started redesigning the show! Out went all the tricks that require any concentration on the part of the audience, in came anything visual I could think of.

I hadn't intended to do Soda Resurrection that night, but now I was putting it in. I grabbed a can of beer and a can of ouzo and coke to test them out. Surprising the ouzo and coke worked much better!

Showtime. As I was doing final preparations in the office of the factory I heard the MC announcing "Fellers ya better get over here cos this next act is fantastic! He was going to be performing at Star City Casino tonight, but we got him to come here instead...." etc. He was saying anything that came to his head that might get the guys to gather around the stage.

I came out, gave him the signal to introduce me, and he must have assumed it was the signal to sit down and watch the show because that's what he did.

I strolled through the crowd doing the Miser's Dream, and started to get their attention. I introduced myself and went into my silk vanish act. This routine is designed to bond the audience. As I put the silk into my fist I was saying "Watch, as it's getting smaller and smaller and..."

It must have been time for a shift change because a new topless waitress walked out from behind the stage and to the back of the room carrying every single eye with her. One wag called out "It's getting bigger now!" which resulted in much raucous laughter.

I vanished the silk and when they turned back to me I said "It's gone! You see, all I had to do was distract you for a moment and I was able to accomplish a miracle!" From there I produced the can of ouzo and coke from my shoe - which got a goooood response (they saw the value in that effect) and then I did soda resurrection with it. From thereon in... I was a "legend!"

After the show (I ended up doing 45 minutes) I decided to do a little impromptu close up and during this the organiser came up and pointed out to everyone that they were neglecting the topless girls he'd hired. Sure enough, every guy there had gathered around to watch the close up and the two girls were stand all alone over near the barbie. (Secretly, I smiled the grin of a job well done).

I headed off when the next pair of strippers arrived with two cans of whipped cream and... well, you don't want to know.... and the organiser told me the guys had been drinking since 10 that morning. For all I know, they haven't stopped drinking yet!
Sue-Anne Webster
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Melbourne, Australia
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Wow. Thankyou Matt Smile

We LOVED doing Monday Night Magic.
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