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I played a very detailed April Fool's on my wife at the time using the international dateline as a little misdirection. I did it via e-mail on my 1 Apr and she received it on her 31 Mar. That opens a lot of doors.
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How about emptying out bottled waters and replacing the water with white vinegar. Drawing mustaches on people in their sleep is another classic
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On 2006-03-27 11:17, Margarette wrote:
You know what's scary....I'll be at a magic convention on April Fool's Day!


Some interesting and funny stories should come out of that day. Smile
Peace on the Magical Streets
~Nick V.~
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I don't do April Fools things but some pranks I've had pulled on me or pulled on others:
1. Taped a phone handle down to its base so when answered the person pulls the entire phone up.
2. Ran around all offices and conference rooms and turned all the phone and conference boxes to high volume. After this caused a ruckus we ran around and turned them all down to zero volume.
3. Sent letters to a moron telling them they were selected the Trade Specialist of the Year and that a dinner was being planned in their honor. As a side note this dip fell for it completely as did his boss and when they found out and had a fit the HR manager, who they ran to, told them both that the guy wasn't good enough to get a raise and obviously wouldn't be selected anything but loser of the year.
3. Done to me on wedding night. Plastic wrap over the toilet seat, the shower head, and tops of trash can. Bed short sheeted, alarm set for 4 am and on, volumes of TV and radio set at highest level. Problem was I do not usually drink but had about 12 shots of Tequilla right before heading to the room. Tequilla makes me one of two things, very sick or very violent. I went in, got sick, and threw up in the trash can, which had plastic wrap on it so it went all over. I then staggard to the toilet, same thing. My wife tried to get the shower going, no dice. I finally got cleaned up and was put into the short sheeted bed. The alarm goes off and I went from my sick phase to my violent phase and destroyed the hotel room (I had to pay severl hundred dollars for damage). Good times.
4. In the days of big antennas on houses for TVs we tossed wire with beer cans onto one during a super bowl party.
5. Put a neighbors house on the market while on vacation.
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On 2006-03-25 07:00, Lyndel wrote:
Did this one to a buddy of mine.

Props Needed:
1) A big ugly rock or brick...

2) Some broken auto glass. Pick it up off the street or ask a friendly wrecker driver for some. They usually have a bucket full of it on the back of the wrecker and will be more than happy to give it away.

3) An extra key to your friends car.

While they are away from their car, perhaps in a mall shopping, open their car door, put the key in the ignition and roll down their window. Put the big ugly rock or brick on their front seat and sprinkle their front seat and the ground right next to their car door liberally with broken auto glass. Take the key and don't forget to lock the car door back up. Then all you have to do is wait and enjoy the fun!

Bonus idea: Video tape their reaction so you can live it over and over again and ridicule them for many years. I still have the tape from when I did it and it's funny everytime I watch it!


I just tried this one out tonight and it's GREAT!!! I did this to my Aunt's car while we were performing in our church's passion play. My rock was a big chunk of blacktop. Instead of glass, I found an old strip of scrap clear lexan and sawed it into various sized pieces which resemble broken glass and a zillion smaller shards. Also, I wedged some of the larger jagged pieces into the weather stripping where the window would normally close, so that it looked like broken pieces of the window were still there. The reaction? UNBELIEVABLE!!! My Aunt and uncle went to the car together and my Uncle, with keys in hand, saw it first and stepped back while it all sunk in. He then reached forward and felt around in the empty space. My Aunt then walked around and had a rather loud reaction. All the church members, who had been hiding and watching, ran up laughing. Hilarious! This prank, unlike some others, only took about 10 minutes to make and it's a snap to set up. Definitely give it a shot! Thanks a ton Lyndel!

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I have a few...
My fathers birthday is April Fools day. So, I took a long balloon (Not a twist type, the fatter cylyndrical type) glued it to a tray and then frosted and decorated it. By the time I was done, it looked like a decorated Jelly Roll.
I gave him a really sharp knife to cut it with.
Now...You would think that it would explode and throw frosting all over the place. Not so.
It made a pop and then colapsed in on itself.
Not too bad...

Take a bottle of squeeze catsup that is about 2/3 to 3/4 full. Gently pour in some baking soda. It will fizz a little, and then settle down.
Next person to grab the catsup turns the bottle over for use, mixing the baking soda with the vinegar in the castup.
You now have a high pressure catsup shooter.
They will be surprised.

Empty your medicine cabinet, take out the shelves inside and drill a 1/2" hole in the top. Close the door.
Put three or four bags of marbles through the hole that you made, filling the medicine cabinet with marbles.
When the door opens...You have a mess and a lot of noise.
Do this just before a party or before having dinner guests.
Nosy guests will never want to snoop again.

Take a paper cup full of marbles, and put them in the freezer.
Got a spouse that is hard to get out of bed in the morning? Gently pour the cup of marbles into the bed with them. Over the shoulders is quite nice.
As shocking as a cup of cold water, but without the wet mess.

Personal alarms are getting cheaper all of the time. I found them at Wal-de-mart (The store that shall not be named) for under $5. Duct tape an alarm to the back of a car bumber or fender. Tape or tie the panic pull string to a rock or curb. The car backs up, and an alarm goes off, whether or not they have an alarm. It can be very confusing. Also can be taped to the undersides of desk drawers, or the bottoms of office chairs. That one works well. Alarm taped to chair, cord taped to desk, chair gets pulled out, and an alarm goes off. One that is very very hard to deactivate unless you know the device.

Just some of the things I have used in the past.
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