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Many many years ago, I came across a gentleman who had a "shrunken" dollar bill and claimed it was real. After looking at it, it did look real and who was I to doubt him. He said he made it himself and after offering to buy it, he said he didn't want to part with it due to the trouble they are to make. I guess my first question is: Is it possible to chemically alter or shrink these bills and; two....if US currency is really cloth and not paper as I am told by my uncle, then it does seem reasonable that it could be shrunk. Any comments?

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You can purchase miniature dollar bills from many websites and magic stores.
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I believe paper money is made from "flax"?
... or something like that.

just trying to sound smart!!! how am I doin' ?
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Can any experienced counterfeiters weigh in on the subject?
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After watching the Discovery Channel on the process of making paper currency, bills are made of 3 ingredients cotton, flax and linen. Linen is a by-product of flax. Ask me if I care ? Well yes I do.
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Larry Davidson
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I own a miniature dollar bill that's real. I showed it to my father, who's an engineer, and he told me how it was made (if I recall correctly, it had something to do with being subjected to pure oxygen). It appears to be available here, although I think that mine's even smaller than that one.
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With 100 years of inflation that shrunken bill will be the same size as a regular bill and worthless as well. Smile
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I can supply the Shrunken Dollar you discuss. Your local dealer probably gets them from me anyway. Contact me via PM for details.


Paul Green
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OOh Paul, post again please, that number is creepy. Love the snap deal by theway. Off topic, sorry,


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Tou have the wrongGreen paul is the master of the classic force
Lenart green is the snap deal.......
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Frank, you are doing great as always. I always enjoy your posts, comments and ideas. Keep 'em coming my friend. Larry, thanks for the URL showing this item. I have some ideas for using one in a routine/trick and this has been most helpful. Now the real question is "how are these made"? Pure oxygen(LOX)? Hmmm. I wonder.

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Anyone know if these are available in U.K notes?
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Brad Burt
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I used to carry these things and they are really wierd. The bills themselves are visibly thicker than a normal bill and you can see that some process was used to apparently compact the fibers. I have never heard anyone say definitively 'how' the darn things are made. My guess? I think that they are put in some kind of solution and then subjected to electrical current. I don't know if Paul's come with the manuscript, but the ones I had had a full blown booklet of things you could do with them. Best,
Brad Burt
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I'm surprised none of the "old-timers" have mentioned how to make one yourself. In Martin Gardner's Encyclopedia, as well as other books I can't think of at the moment, this is classified as a gag. If you take a real bill and roll it into a small ball, then open it, re-roll it, open it, and continue the process for a while, you'll find that the bill "compresses" so that it appears to have "shrunk". I have no idea how the one that dealers sell is made, but this rolling and re-rolling works. Of course the bill has a bajillion creases in it, but it definitely is smaller than a regular bill. I wonder what happens if you iron it at the point where you've shrunk it down...

Best, PSC
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Hi everyone,

The bills are processed through a chemical process. American paper money is actually printed on cloth (high rag content). The process actually shrinks the bill. The care and artistry of the technician allows the print to remain and shrink with the process. The company that manufactures the bills for me is liscensed through the United States Government.

Brad is correct about the thickness of the bill. He is also correct that the booklet, originally published in 1995, is filled with some interesting (dated) material.

Paul Chosse is also correct about the crushing of a bill which does make it smaller. Not as small as the shrunken bill, but still visablly smaller.

I use the bill with the line, "This is what happens when they get stuck at the dry cleaners!" It always gets a giggle or two.

If you ever cross my path, ask me about the time I showed it to the Treasury Officer in Washington, D. C.


Paul (If it is a real dollar, why does it cost so much more?) Green
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This is OCT 2010 and I just purchased one of these from Paul. I am amazed at this bill.
It is a "real small one dollar bill"
Paul if you read this thanks again.
I would also like to hear the story of showing the Treasury Officer the bill.
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Folks, as mentioned four years ago, you can shrink your own bills of any denomination and from most countries that print money on quality rag content paper, by simply rolling it up in your hand, into the smallest tube you can, and keep rolling it in your hands , over and over again....the constant rolling creates heat and the friction removes moisture, blah blah blah, and before you know it you have a real shrunken bill....we used to do it all the time as kids. That was fifty years ago when a dollar really was worth a dollar too! The reason it works so well is because the high quality of the paper money as compared to ordinary paper, which wouldn't hold up to the abuse of the treatment. There are probably other ways as well in this modern age, but the old way is a do-it-your- selfer.......
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I thought this topic had been covered, but I'm too lazy to try a search.

I remember it being pure Ammonia that would do the shrinking. Not something to mess with though!

Lynn Fox
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Pure ammonia is a gas, and yes that would have to be handled with care; did you mean a concentrated ammonium hydroxide (ammonia dissolved in water)?
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