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Odd how you suggest that you used to come into our shop. Were you one of many that used to sit at the table and benefit from the magicians that sat there and shared information?

Here is a thought Danny,

Perhaps you can post your information about how YOU would routine an act like a close up act. What would you open with and why? What would you put in the middle and why? And then what would you close with and why?

Then add any information about your own experience as to why this works for you. And then add any information about your education in "theater" as to what you have learned as to why your "theater experience" makes the effects stronger and more successful.

You say I do not learn that is your opinion again - so far I do not see how those kind of opinions are very useful!

Then perhaps if you do others might post what they do and why and what works for them and then everyone benefits by the shared experiences!
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On 2006-04-23 10:55, Dannydoyle wrote:
Tommy, it all depends on WHY you are performing. Ricky Jay made a living showing off poker skills. He was a performer.

To show off skills at a poker table, though, is counter productive.

Now, to show off to amuse and amaze your friends at a friendly poker game, well that falls somewhere in the middle now doesn't it? Not being paid for the performance puts a different twist on it entirely.

Now to the routining. If you are going to "properly" routine anything it has to have some sort of followable progression. It has to start noticeably and finish so it is obvious you are done. This way you avoid the uncomfortable, "well that's it guys" when you run out of stuff to do. It also stops you from having to continue past your "closer", which is again bad.

JackScratch seems to have hit upon this in his earlier post. Without the script to read I think this is what he is doing.

So find and effect you have that never fails, is easy enough to do so you can concentrate on the audience, (without whom all magic is nothing but THEORY) and grab thier attention.

Here is where I get my PM mailbox filled up but I am going to say it anyhow. Remember you are working for the audience, not yourself. As much as magicians seem to love 4 ace routines, and 39 phase oil and water routines, the public really does NOT. I know everyone has "their" routine which kills so save me the trouble of deleting your PM's ok? Even if these things work, they do not INVOLVE the spectator in any tactile way. So avoid them as an opener. Get them involved, speaking, taking cards, remembering cards, and reacting to a conclusion or you will have a tough time capturing their imagination. Not knowing the tricks you can do limits how much I can tell you what to open with.

Remember, you have 30 seconds to capture their hearts and their imagination. Fail and you have one heck of a fight on your hands.

The rest of the tricks should lead somewhere so they don't seem like a disjointed series of events. Build tension and every so often you release the tension to give them time to relax. Again the "how" to do this is a much bigger subject than a message board can really help with.

But think of it like a stock market graph. It has ups and downs. So should the show. But over time the market always is eventually "up". Try to do this with the tension in your act. Build and release build and release, build to the conclusion!

The reason for this is we are taking them on a "journey" if you will. We want to take them on as long a journey as we possibly can. The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. So if you only build build build,then conclude, it is a relativly short journey. With the stock market graph, you are taking them almost twice as far! In the same span of time. Sounds crazy but it is true.

THIS is the reason you do not take props off of the shelf and just BAM go out and make money. Keep in mind now that "build tension" is a huge term. It can not properly be covered here by anyone. Let alone "release tension".

Then in the midst of all of this you have spectator management, comedy, and things like call backs to consider. Why do you think SO many comics end with a call back?

Heck the last 20 minutes of Mac Kings act IS call backs. This is a reference to something that happened earlier that was either magical or funny. It makes them remember the old joke, and gives it a new look. Kind of a magical or comic 2fer.

I hope this helps. If you would rather, you can just get some props off the shelf in the garage and BAM your making money. I will say one thing for that method, it certianly is easier than all this "mumbo jumbo".

Oh by the way others here will tell you, (Laurie and George) I have only scratched the surface. Tip of the iceburg if you will.

This is a quote from earlier in the thread, Glenn. Did I not clarify how to routine? Did you stop reading in one of your fits?

Seems pretty specific to me.

Unless you are looking for someone to figure out what tricks fit YOU best this is a great guide, I feel. And if you are looking for that, well then there are many more serious problems.

See Glenn, instead of ranting and quoting dead guys and only reading what you want to read so you can feel slighted, you should read everything.

That way when you want to accuse me of NOT telling people how to properly routine something perhaps you can think twice and not do it.

So tell me what I have left out, other than specific tricks, which is up to the individual. Let me know so I can clairify.

Posted: Apr 25, 2006 8:03pm
Oh and just to clarify Glenn, I DIDN'T SUGGEST I CAME INTO THE SHOP, I STATED IT!

Perhaps if you just read the posts it would cause less conflict.

Let me know if this is the "useful" information you were looking for.
Danny Doyle
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When performing close up what do you open with and why? What do you do in the middle and why? What do you close with and why? You should take your own advice and read the whole post.
On 2006-04-25 20:01, Dannydoyle wrote:
See Glenn instead of ranting and quoting dead guys.

Yes - one of those dead guys was my Dad. I guess you were not there when he talked about manners and professionalism between performers.

Or is that mumbo jumbo, too?
Glenn Bishop Cardician

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Two way streets.
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