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I am so happy to see that so many of us are still using this deck !I have done lots of research and it is my beliefe that you could walk around in crowd of people wth this deck and entertain for hours never doing the same effect!
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Well what are some other effects with the invisible deck. My presentation is to hand someone an imaginary deck and tell them to spread it and take a card and turn it over. What presentations do you do with your Invisible deck?
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If possible, I spread through my invisible deck right before performance so that I know how pressure to use in order to properly spread the deck during peformance. Also, the more you use your deck, the more that you may have to make adjustments to your pressure during the spread. But, I agree with earlier comments in that this is a awesome trick and I would not let this problem discourage you from using it. Especially when the problem can be so easily corrected.

Have a good one.

Bill Palmer
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There never actually was a Don Alan Brand of ID. Those were made by the same people that made all of the other Haines products.

When you get a new one polish the smooth surfaces with a silk. Leave the other surfaces alone. The cards will work much better that way. Also, when the cards get dirty, polish the smooth surfaces with a silk. That will restore them. I have R/S decks that I have used for 15 years on a regular basis. I replace them when the ink begins to come off the cards.
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You can always make your own if your not satisified with magic shops decks. Theres several resources if you don't know how but first hint is to get the roughing spray.
Joey Stalin
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What is the exact type of spray to buy for roughing? I remember the krylon part, just not the number.
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I've used the spray-on roughing fluid but I am wondering how good the roughing stick is? Seems like it would be much easier to use if it was a good product.
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Never tried the roll on. Theres several different kind of roughing spray. Ive used the ones you get through magic shops and bought one at a arts and crafts store or a local hardware store and its made by 3m. They've all worked for me.
Joshua Lozoff
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Oh lord, please don't do that. It takes what could be a lifetime memory of true magic and turns it into a joke. Please take some time to creat or research real uses of this deck that take advantage of it potential. Unless you like using the Mona Lisa as a table mat.

TA Waters has some great uses, Osterlind, Blaine's simple presentation, etc.

Does anyone else use the "invisible Deck' presentation with this deck? I just assumed that went out in the 50s or so.

On 2006-05-03 03:37, gink103 wrote:
Well what are some other effects with the invisible deck. My presentation is to hand someone an imaginary deck and tell them to spread it and take a card and turn it over. What presentations do you do with your Invisible deck?
Joshua Lozoff
Alan Munro
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High humidity can affect how an ID works. I make my own IDs out of PVC cards. They work well, even in high humidity.

I sometimes use a bar of Cashmere Bouquet soap and cut the corner off of it. Then, I draw an "X" on the smooth sides of the cards with the soap, to make them slick.

Pressure does have a lot to do with making the deck work the way it's supposed to work. Use a firm pressure to keep the cards together and a very light pressure to separate them.
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On 2006-05-05 00:44, Joey Stalin wrote:
What is the exact type of spray to buy for roughing? I remember the krylon part, just not the number.
That would be Krylon Matte Finish #1311. Smile
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Brent McLeod
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I for many years havre used the ID as an interlude item in between music segments of my act-a test to see if the the audience is in sync with me etc by sending a mental image of 1 card to the spec with the phone etc

AS posted in other forums I get the spectator to call on a cellphone to someone outside the venue to select a card

The reactions for years have been so much stronger with this method & by play & comedy etc

I also use Jumbo ID cards at certain venues!

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I like to keep my ID in a dry place together with some siliga gel packets.
humidity = bad!
Brad Burt
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I speed read through the posts, but I don't remember seeing this: You may have just gotten a bad deck. It happens. If the rough fluid was misapplied you could have a deck the will work very inconsistantly.

A good Invis deck should take only the most basic of pressure to insure that it works correctly. If you have to bear down in an unnatural way to make it work you need a new deck. Best,
Brad Burt
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I have the same problem with my ID. I just use a one-handed fan instead of two-handed spread, which allows me to use more pressure.
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When you spread the cards out push your right thumb harder and move it lower..

I would take time to fix the're missing out.
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I just bought the invisible deck from Theatre Magic. I've found if I'm not holding the deck "just so" some of the reversed cards may reveal themselves. I'm still practicing & am fairly new to magic so I'm not speaking from much experience. It seems that the technique for holding and fanning the cards will affect the effect,

Bill Hammer
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Here's a simple routine with the ID that always has impact for me. I thought of it but I'm sure it's been around for a while. The spectator reads the magician's mind after he/she turns back and "turns over one card." Patter and simplicity make the trick.
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Darwin Ortiz has a routine called "Do as I did" in his book "At the card table". It involves an invisible deck (Ultra-mental deck) and a deck in Si Stebbins order. Sounds like the same premise as Osterlind with his breakthrough system that akumasan42 posted about.

The advantage of this type of effect is that the heat is off the deck when the climax happens i.e: you first show a reversed card (you know what it should be thanks to the stack) removes it and pockets the deck. Then you turn over the selection and finally your prediction card. The ID is out of sight, out of mind.

Easy effect, great impact.

Mikael Johansson
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When I first saw the invisible deck effect I was quite intrigued. Looked quite good. Quickly though I realized (just by the demo) that it probably utilizes the same principle as the mental photography deck. Even though this is (or can be) another good trick, I'm not too happy with how robust it is. I mean, even if you have roughing spray the amount of friction between cards may differ. This means that you will either reveal more than one card (in any trick deck) or, when you get to the point where you want to reveal the card you're pressure will vary significantly....Basically it will be more than obvious that you're pushing harder.
Secondly, and most importantly, someone's that watching the trick up, close and personal, has a good chance realizing that as you go through the deck, you're pushing two cards at a time.... And I know that you guys will suggest to watch my angles, but I'm telling you...I have friends that I can show them two cards as one (perfectly one behind the other), completely face on, and from five feet away, and they know I have two cards just from the thickness.... And that has left ME scratching my head (and frustrated, of course).
Sorry for all this babble, but taking into account all of the above, how do we really rate the invisible (and mental photography) decks???

Please let me know before I purchase in vain.

Thanks so much everyone.

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