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Well, that's basically what happened today!

I stopped off at a studio for editing of my new act. This has been a (I'll try to watch my language) an unpleasant and tempering week for me. (With best Andy Rooney voice) Ever notice how the smallest details in life turn into a National Crisis for one when you least expect it?....

Anyway, I was running a little late (more things totally beyond my control - really!) and rushed past a man on a cell phone outside the studio entrance. He stopped me and asked if I had jumper cables. My first thought was I could care less about his car as I had far more important things to do.

As much as I hated the moment, I had one of those little angels on the shoulder scream "You will do as he says and now!". I was still flustered and said I'd actually have to pull the backseat out of the car and all that craziness. He said he'd help me. I told him to give me a second as I had to notify someone in the studio that I was late.

Turns out it wasn't his car but his assistant's car. No idea why the battery was dead but I chose and forced myself to keep a smile and pleasant tone while doing my good deed for the day. Once done there I ran back in and we got to work.

During the editing, the same guy came in and was watching! I figured he worked there. The editor introduced me to him as host of a late night talk show on Mexico's Televisa Broadcasting. He said he had fun watching the act and wanted to air it on his show along with a few interview minutes with a total of 12 TV minutes. I told him I'm bilingual and would be honored. He then flattered me when he said "I like that magic stuff you did and even if you were mute, it would speak for itself". Is this a great way to start a Monday morning or what!? This is the strangest way I ever got TV promo time as the customary approach certainly does not call for jumper cables.

He turned to the editor who was working on his audio recordings and said "Tim, we got the car started and gotta run".

Tim: "Great! how'd ya get it started?"

TV guy looking at me: "It's magic Jim...It's magic!"...
Vandy Grift
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Allright!! Good for you. See what happens when you do good? Good things happen to you!! LOL.

Congrats on the TV spot.

"Get a life dude." -some guy in a magic forum
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This is a great story and reminds us that good things do happen and unexpectedly when we help others in need!

Go get'em with your magic - it's a great opportunity to get known south of the boarder.
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Patrick Differ
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Ahhh... the fortunate accident.

A little bit of this stuff goes a long way, doesn't it? Doing the right thing isn't something that can be taught in school. It's something that is learned somewhere else. Sometimes it's learned from your parents, sometimes your friends, sometimes just plain old experience. And it's one of the most important lessons in life.

Ya did the right thing, Randy. And this time it looks like it will pay off. Give yourself a pat on the back.
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-can ne'er come down again.
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Love it! What a great complement to Whit's story he posted recently:

"You must practice your material until it becomes boring, then practice it until it becomes beautiful." -- Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer
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The name for this phenomenon is "jumper cable karma."
"The Swatter"

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No Bill, just one word Karma!
Magic is a vanishing art.
Lee Darrow
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At least the karma didn't run over anybody's dogma!

Best of luck to all involved!

Lee Darrow, C.H.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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On 2006-05-13 23:17, Lee Darrow wrote:
Best of luck to all involved!

That is most important isn't it Lee. Most important. As it turned out, everyone did benefit from the encounter. I met with him again since then and what a fellow! With all the business aside, I've made a great friend who appreciates me as a person and yes, an occasional talent when I suit and get into character to do an act.

A most fortunate occurence which leaves me very grateful that people are given the opportunity to cross paths. Most importantly that they, for whatever reason, have the intuition to respond to each other at the right time and manner.

Life is interesting for some but for me remains stranger and stranger each day.

I'm OK with it though.
Josh the Superfluous
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Great story Randy. Next time someone asks me for help, I will ask their occupation before I blow them off.

My wife and I had a day when we gave a bagel to a crazy homeless guy, a baby hat to a tourist, and let an elderly lady hold my daughter. When the lady left the restaurant she slipped my wife a $100 bill and told her to get something for the baby. Now when times get tough the first thing I do is call charities to do magic shows.
What do you want in a site? "Honesty, integrity and decency." -Mike Doogan
"I hate it, I hate my ironic lovechild. I didn't even have anything to do with it" Josh #2
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Texas (USA)
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You know Josh, you never fail to amaze me with your perceptive truths. Some may see it as humorous but how much humor is there in some truth? Much I think.

As a follow-up to this adventure, I got a second interview on another show owned by the same company. As a side note, apparently the host of the show is also playing a role as a Cuban club owner in some moview for HBO. Having met him I can see why. Talk about a character! I asked him if I could have a list of questions or topics he wants to talk about so I could brush up on my Spanish. He said I could practice all the Spanish in the world but it would be of no use as that show is in English. Nice as Im more of a comedic character in person and tend to keep a fun-spirited tone about such interviews. Of course the never-dying question "Do you believe in Magic" is in there. I never did like long, boring, and deep answers to such questions from magicians. The viewer just wants to be entertained and not given a dissertation on what I think - who gives a ....

Anyway, that will air at the time actor Cheech Marin and Steven Seagal is on his show. Now the opportunity to hang with Marin and Seagal, if for just a little while, has presented itself. I'll pass on it as they, just like anyone else who's there are only present to plug their upcoming career phase, movie, or just get a little more publicity. Besides, what does a farm boy like me and movie stars like them have in common? NADA! NOTHING! Now if they wanna talk pigs, I can talk pigs. I know my stuff.

But will be nice to pass them in the hall, stop them with a frustrated look, and straighten their tie or jacket collar, rub a little dandruff off their shoulders, slap 'em on the back and say "There! You look wonderful - carry on"....What the hell, let them figure it out.

Oh! by the way I got a new set of jumper cables. Check out these specs:

Heavy-Duty Mechanic’s Quality Jumper Cables

*Flexible strand
*16 Ft. No-tangle construction
*400 amp
*No-shock clamps

A few nights ago, I had a nightmare that I was helping an ambulance driver in an ambulance carrying a patient to a hospital! The nightmare came when I took the cables to the battery and forgot where the positive and negative went? Was it the black on pos or black on neg? What if I do more harm here than good and the patient doesn't get to the hospital because I had a brain fart with a pair of jumper cables! What if the whole thing just blew up in my face! Fortunately I woke right as I decided to take a gamble and attach the cables. Don't know what happened and don't want to compadre! Leaving those things to Sandman.

I'm convinced a turn of events such as this will never occur again as a result of helping a stranger jump start their car. And I wouldn't continue helping others in similar situations with the expectation of anything in return. However I've decided to help others in such need with the condition that they will rush out to get a good set of cables and be prepared to help another in need. This way, together we will spread the happiness, brotherhood, and good will that comes with helping a stranded stranger on his way. Not to mention, the good fortune that may come THEIR way if they mysteriously end up helping one who can help them far more after the car is started. The best part is waving them goodbye as they eagerly jump into their car with a big grin and wave back at you. Rolling up my cables, before dropping them in the trunk, I take a quick last look and wave because in their nervous excitement, they wave back and often times accidentally bump their hand against the rear view mirror as it ends up cocked to one side something fierce. For a moment it makes ya bust out laughing as you whisper "moron"...but hey it's the beauty of the moment that counts. Ah yes....the beauty of that moment.

Anyway, these cables are Bah-Uties! Bah-Utiful!

You can see a picture of them here:
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