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My seven year old is a tiger scout and we are hosting his monthly den meeting next month. My son wants to do magic as his theme, my eyes teared up at this point. We have to have some sort of craft for the boys to put together. Anyone have any ideas on a magic craft that won't take long, meeting last about 1 hour, and that seven year olds will be able to put together and that is magic based? I know, I am asking alot. I thought of double sided paper bag and then show them how to use it. Or maybe plastic cup and balls and a lesson to go along with that, not sure if that would be a hit. Any ideas! Thanks to all!! Smile
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Dennis Michael
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As a Bear Cub Scout Den Leader, there are several avenues you might want to persue.

  • Check out the book 'Cub Scout Magic' Lots of great and easy to do ideas
  • Check out the Bear Book (There is Magic in it)
  • Cut and Retore Rope is easy to learn and do
  • Floating Paper Cup (Use Thumb and poke a hole in the back)
  • Ring on a Rope (Slip knot)
  • Paper Tree (Old but still good)
  • Rope Through Body (Rope and Piece of thread)
  • Cut and Restored Cub Scout Neckerchief (Requires Two Neckerchiefs and a Double Paper bag (or change bag) (Use search engine here for details)
  • Floating Cub Scout (Sticks, Blanket, Table, and Shoes)
  • What Next (Card, Dots, and Magnets)

There is a lot more in the Cub Scout Magic Book.
Dennis Michael
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My son is a Bear scout and we just went over the rope magic section last week. The "What's Next" trick would be easy to make with a piece of cardboard and no magnets (I do that trick and I don't want to give it away!). Also, the arrow trick can be made from cardboard (the trick where the arrow keeps changing directions while turning the card).

I was always facinated by the Penny through the piece of rubber trick when I was a kid. If you can find the right kind of rubber, you can cut it into squares and use a rubber band to hold it onto a paper or plastic cup.
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Dennis Michael
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The rubber for quarter through rubber trick can be used from the gloves doctors and nurses use. They can be found in any drug store.

There are a ton of things I could write about for close-up such as the coin through rubber trick, but I was trying to limit it to stage/palor, easy to do and make, tricks.

Professor's Nightmare is easy to make but requires a bit of skill to do it right so I left that out.

What Next!, could be done with black felt and white velcro dots. A little different than the magnet type but still effective.

Then there's the appearing silk from a TT which is still effective and easy to do but one needs to buy a TT.
Dennis Michael
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The best thing to do is go to a magic shop in your area. Ask the seller what easy ones he has for a child of seven years old.

P.S. Ask the seller if he has Rocky.

Good luck

Merry Christmas Smile
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Leland, purchase the book "Blue and Gold" - Kyle Peron. It has everything listed with how to book your shows and what tricks you can do: I promise you will love it.
Mr. Woolery
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I have a Cub Scout, too, so this is a topic dear to my heart. I'd actually shy away from teaching tricks that are close to the bread and butter of a kid show performer. I'd certainly stay away from the TT. If we are puting it code here, perhaps there's good reason not to expose it to little kids. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, though.

Anyway, go to your public library and get a couple of books of EZ Magic or kid magic. Titles will be something like My First Book of Magic Tricks! Find a few from there.

Don't discount their coordination. My daughter in First grade could do a very clean French Drop. She actually fooled me with it a couple of times. However, she could not keep a secret and taught her whole classroom how it is done. The result is that I can't use that excellent little utility move with her class anymore. They bust me on it every time. (There are other false transfers, though, so I'm not crying about it.)

Some favorites from when I was a kid:

-Rising ring on wand (black thread attached to top of wand goes to the kid's waistband, a ring is placed onto the wand and as he moves the wand away from his body the ring rises up the wand)
-Linking paperclips on dollar bill
-Hopping rubber bands
-Sticky wand (wand in the hand - it gets called all sorts of things)
-Knots that untie themselves as you pull them - for Scouts knot tying is a big deal, so learning some trick knots can be fun for them

A craft that you might want to use to start off the season is making their own wands. Just use dowels and have the kids paint them. Don't insist on black and white, perhaps give them a range of different colors to work with and let them paint their dowels whatever way they like.

As early as Wolves (we didn't do Tigers), my son was being given "homework" that had him coming up with ideas for the next meeting. This was fun homework, so he looked forward to it. Maybe you could photocopy a bunch of possible tricks from library books and let each boy pick one to learn by the next week. Half of them might not even look at it, but the other half will work on it and a couple may even surprise you.

Putting together a magic show for the Pack meeting is a great idea. Might also inspire the older boys.

Skip Way
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The I.B.M. recently invested a great deal of time and money to promote a Scouting Magic Merit Badge. The badge would have been totally funded by the I.B.M.. Several of our top names were closely involved with the project.

Sadly, the national Scout committee that approves such things opted not to include the new badge and workbook into their program. Would have been great to see.

Some great ideas above! Good luck with this. Let us know how it goes.
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Cub scouts are used to rope, so give them some rope magic. Have each scout make a rope loop, using a piece of rope about 5-6" long. Bring lots of string and have them complete the loop by securing the two ends with string. Then teach them the cut and restored rope trick using the loop they just made. I've done this at several cub scout / boy scout meetings.

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I am an assistant to the CUb MAster and we do a Magic show fundraiser every year ... The way we do it is we have a few magic oriented skits ... no real tricks but more theatre ... then a few kids do simple tricks ...this gives them a goal to work towards... and then after intermission ... a 1 hour long Magic show done by me ... the tricks they learn in the den meetings can be done in the first half . Make the tricks short and sweet ....When I teach magic to the scouts is Rubberband magic and a few rope tricks.
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What I have often done is tied in a full meeting (or show package) aimed at assisting the pack or dens in earning their showmanship badge. The showmanship badge is something the cub scouts can achieve and usually highlights areas such as puppetry, music and drama. It is a perfect way to tie in magic to create a special program the scoust will enjoy and that also engages and empowers scouts.

Your local scout council also has a book you can get that is on scout magic. It is a full book that teaches scouts simple magic they can do with things around their house. I also have this book and tap into it as part of my program.

The program consists of a short stage show, a teaching workshop and then a simple Q and A session at the end. It is a full meeting solution for the pack or den and something that is so very easy for a pack or den to say yes to.

Kyle Peron

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