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Have you ever had a movie moment in your life? Something where in the middle of ordinary life, you find yourself in something you should only be able to see on screen...Whether it be intentional or a random happening. Example 1- Random- Girl breaks up with you, and just as the words come out of her mouth "I'm leaving you..." it starts to rain. Example II- Intentional- Knowing that said girl is going to break up with you and parking six blocks away so you can make a good walking exit, head up, long coat streaming in the wind as opposed to hopping into your Ford Festiva. (Both of the above have made appearances in my life)
My favourite "My life is like a movie" moments are as follows...Contrived they are, but not by me, but by oddballs that I had never met before...
1- Buying some items at best buy. The clerk asks for my phone number. I say "You don't need my phone number." The clerk looked glazed for a moment and said "I don't need your phone number. This is not the phone number I am looking for." Shook his head along with the glazed expression, dropped my DVD's into the bag and said "Thanks for shopping at Best Buy!"
Hrmmm...I only wished that I had waved my hand when I told him he didn't need my phone number...
2- My all time favourite!
I had been at fencing practice downtown in one of the Local College buildings until well after dark one night. It was cold, so I had on my full length trenchcoat. My bag with my schlager blade (A long heavy type of fencing blade)had gotten a coke spilled on it earlier, so I had simply tucked my sword into my belt. I walked down the street and into the parking garage where I had left my car.
Tall guy in a trenchcoat, long hair pulled back into a ponytail with a sword walking into a parking garage at night.
It didn't register at the time.
I walked to the entrance to the stairs to go up a level. A man came around the corner, stopped dead in his tracks, looked me up and down, then yelled:
and ran out of the parking garage and down the street.

If only he had a sword too...

So, those are my favourite and 100% absolutely true "My life is like a movie" moments.
Anyone else have some?
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Profile of Jaz
Not watching my every move I stepped on a patch of ice.
My feet began to slide and as I was tried to regain balance my feet started slipping out from under me in a chaotic manner.
Feet, legs and all the rest of me flailing about insanely.
I'm laughing inside at how comical this must look like right up until I come crashing to the ground.
From the window I hear, "Be careful, it's icy outside."
"No s#l%!"
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In my day, I have driven
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Profile of airship
I don't have what you'd call many individual cinematic moments, but I've sure got a Hollywood-style life plot for you:

When I broke up with my very first girlfriend in high school, another guy started dating her and ended up marrying her.

I began dating another girl, and we went together until the end of the first year of college. In the meantime, that guy divorced my first girlfriend and a couple of years later ended up marrying my second girlfriend.

I married my third girlfriend, who had been my best friend all through the other two.

Meanwhile this other guy's 2nd marriage ended up on the rocks, and he married someone I didn't know, then divorced her several years later.

He came back into my life by sneaking around with my wife. After 29 years of marriage, we divorced and he got engaged to her. She died of sudden heart failure just days before they were going to move in together.

He is now engaged to the nurse who took care of my wife's dying mother just a month before my wife died herself.

So 2 out of my 3 girlfriends ended up marrying this guy, and my wife almost became his 4th wife.

You can't make this stuff up. Who would believe it?
'The central secret of conjuring is a manipulation of interest.' - Henry Hay
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Profile of Trinket
I got dumped by a five year relationship and moved out (I found a pair of panties that weren't mine under the bed in the process... pretty sure they belonged to a friend of mine). After a sufficient depression phase, I got over it and started dating again. Ex couldn't stand this and came crawling back. I wasn't interested (duh). So he started stalking me. The guy I had been seeing began to become a more serious relationship. He was a friend I had made in the neighborhood where my ex and I had shared the apartment. I was very careful about where I parked, so that the ex wouldn't notice. On my birthday, I went out with my friends and new boy and got fairly tipsy. We stumbled back to his place to sleep it off. Back in the house, I noticed the bathroom window was broken, but the screen had held it together. Too drunk to care, I crawled into bed. The next morning I got breakfast and happily said good morning to said boy's roommates. They asked me if I had heard a crash last night. I said "no, but...hey, the bathroom window is busted... I wonder what happened." Everyone was silent trying to figure out how that could have happened, and I then I quipped, "My ex probably threw a rock through it, Ha ha h...." ......... I stood up, strode out of the room, ran down stairs and opened the back door. It wasn't a just a rock, it was a stone bear figure I had given him about two years before. The officer he had to talk to was named Lisa (my name). And to make matters even more amusing: that month the 100 yr old tree out front of our old apartment literally broke clean off at the base and almost killed him as he walked under it on a sunny, non-windy day. He had to throw himself out from under the massive beast as it crashed. The "friend" that I suspected of him cheating with moved in days after I left for a few weeks before she, herself, packed her panties and went to her summer job at a camp ground. Now that she was out of town, with most of her stuff still there, he brought a coworker to fool around with one friday night... but someone got the weekend off, made a suprise visit home, and had a key. I still get an evil little smile imagining the look on everyone's face at that moment.
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Profile of Margarette
My life is like either a B-grade horror movie or a really bad soap opera!

I guess the worst was when my ex walked out on me when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, denied he was the baby's father, and insisted on a DNA test (with the needle - before they swabbed the inside of the cheek). Paternity was established (there was really only one way the test could have come out!) Then, after not paying child support for about eight years, HE is suing me for custody of our son because I moved to Memphis. I guess that's not as bad as being pregnant and having your boyfriend leaving you at the Wal-Mart! (ever see the movie "Where the Heart Is"?)

The only stupid question is the one not asked.
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Profile of Payne
Most of my cinematic life ended up on the cutting room floor.
I'm hoping the better bits make it into the extra features section of the DVD when it comes out.
The directors commentary ought to be interesting as well.
"America's Foremost Satirical Magician" -- Jeff McBride.
ed rhodes
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Profile of ed rhodes
I've come to the conclusion that life is God's movie screen and I am his comedy relief!
"All the world's a stage, but the play is badly cast!" - Oscar Wilde
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Profile of Cliffg37
In college one day having to walk across a 100 yard concrete path through the wood to get to my dorm. It was winter and the path was literaly a long sheet of ice. I walked using the flat step native-american technique. It works well but can be slow. I made it all the way without a fall. Patting myself on the back I enterered my dorm building and sprained an ankle badly when I triped on the stairs over my own two feet.

I agree with you mandrake, we are the comedy relief.
Magic is like Science,
Both are fun if you do it right!
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Profile of Trinket
I just thought of another one. One from the college days.
I was one of the few pagans on campus. I'm not a staunch pagan, but the school was full of fairly conservative rich kids who were convinced I was a horrible person, just because I wasn't their version of Christian. One night a girl friend and I were out on the quad running around cause it was a beautiful, warm, blustery, partly cloudy evening. On the back quad, a group of frat boys were painting "the rock" (a large cement block used for advertising events) in this case it was an air guitar contest they were hosting. When they saw us, the paused long enough to start calling us names rhyming with witch and other interesting synonyms. We ignored the jeers and instead opened our arms up to the sky and stood there for a moment. We merrily skipped back to the dorm and just as we stepped inside, the heavens opened up and the deluge destroyed all their hard work. We were most amused.
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Profile of Partizan
Life, death, fun, action, misery and more would feature in my movie.

I have saved peoples lives, caused a few accidents and seen many injuries, all would make good watching.
I have caught life myself four times (caught life = nearly died), once from choking (was seven), once in a plane crash (more of a failed landing), once from a stupid driver and once from a fight.

I have been shot. I have been a hunter and killed. I have been on some great adventures, met great people and done great things.

I have loved, been loved, had children, lost family.
I have served my country and my people.

Many events in my life could make a good movie. I am confident that the remainder of this gift will be as varied and enjoyable as the first half!
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
- Mark Twain
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