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Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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What Are Your TOP 3 Comedy Magic Props Used in Your Kid's Show? Add others YOU USE if you really like them.

  • Breakaway Wand
  • Spring Snakes from Giant Wand (25 of them)
  • Comedy Faucet (Milk from Head)
Dennis Michael
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Milford Haven. Pembrokeshire wales U.K.
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Wobbly wand from Warren Stevens

Breakaway wand

Timed delay wilting flowers from Warren Stevens

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Mine are:

Breakaway wand
Card from mouth (giving the card gets the laugh)
Burning an adult's money

I realise the last two aren't props as such but they seem to get people going.
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Peter Marucci
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This is not meant to take anything away from a successful children's entertainer like Dennis. (He phrased the question that way for simplicity's sake.) But props are just props. The magic— and the comedy— comes from the performer.

Dai Vernon using a breakaway wand in the middle of the cups and balls would not be funny— it would be pathetic. Carl Ballantine just walking onto a stage can be hilarious!

That aside, I get the most comedic reactions from wands: wobbly, nesting, bang, etc. Kids figure a "real" magician should have a magic wand; when the wand "acts up", they think it is hysterical!
Adam V
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I'm sure everybody realises that Peter.

Personally, my favourite props are an ugly giant scarf, an earmuff hat and a toilet plunger.
Adam V - 9 out of 10 dentists recommend him.
Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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Every single thing I buy is a prop, some are bought with the intention of seeking out a laugh through presentation. The breakaway wand can be a disastrous prop if I use it to embarrass a child.

Is the Professor's Nightmare a trick, a prop, or three pieces of rope which cost about $20 bucks? (All three.) Is it funny— not at all, can it be funny— absolutely. Is it thought of as a comedy prop? NO.

Now the scissors in a cut and restored rope trick are a prop but they are considered a comedy prop because their usage generally is accepted as to bring about a laugh, without even speaking a word.

Card in mouth with slobber all over it, now that's a prop which is funny, no magic, taking a card from the mouth with all that ohhwee gooowee germs and dribbling slobber. The overall trick doesn't matter here. I love the concept!
Dennis Michael
flourish dude
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from ? But I know where I am going!
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#1 Wand gag, break away, plunger painted like a wand. A Barbie doll on the end of a wand (my magic blonde) and multiplying wands. I am looking for spring wands from a can. I think this would be good. I saw them once but can't recall where. :0(
#2 Rabbit in the hat (can't speak enough about this prop), this routine is full of funny props also like a box of dove soap (he produces a dove that's not a dove, it's a bar of soap— that's because he only does clean magic etc.)
#3 Hocus Pocus Hare, a sucker type trick...

As you can tell I need to add some more.
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Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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One form of spring wands can be purchased from Barry Mitchell.

He also has a funny new change bag which looks like the udders of a cow.
Dennis Michael
Andy Wonder
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Auckland, New Zealand
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1. Giant size toothbrush
2. Giant size comb
3. I use some music I edited as a comedy prop. It is playing from a CD I edited myself while I perform. There is a section of the music that starts to play slower & slower so it sounds like my battery is going flat. When I try to fix it the music starts going too fast and ends up playing double speed (like chipmunks). It is not difficult to use some audio editing software to make your own custom CD like this. Comedy props don't have to be visual.

I also think the cut no-cut sissors would be a great comedy prop even though I don't use them.
Andy Wonder, Auckland, New Zealand
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Silly Billy's wands, nest of wands, and real looking doughnuts that I sneeze out of my nose.

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Break away fan is great. Hand it to someone, count to one and listen to them roar with laughter.

Black hand gag. Ask someone to help you cook but first clean his hands. Watch the kids faces when you turn that towel around!

String of foam sausages after a good sponge ball routine, just stick the balls into a change bag and suggest you will try and vanish them only to have them change into these...sausages!

Anything that is really unexpected is funny.

So there are three but break-away wand, bang a plastic egg on your head and blow up a balloon only to have the darned thing fly out of your mouth all over the place will bring joy to all onlookers.
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1. Fishing Pole Wand
2. Rubber Chicken
3. Spring Snakes

Thanks, Marty
Shawn D
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1.Break away wand
2.Multiplying wand
3.Giant funny glasses used for safety glasses when doing needle through balloon
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Los Angeles
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Really like Andrew's music "prop" of the slowing down then speeding up music. That must play very well. Magician in trouble syndrome. My top three comedy props to date:
1) My boxer shorts appearing where they shouldn't.
2) Plunger under a wizard hat
3) Break away wand / backward scissors (couldn't decide)
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Ontario, Canada
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Comedy wands for sure:
a) break away
b) jumbo tooth brush
c) jumbo scissors
d) plunger
e) etc.

Clothing accessories:
a) funny blindfolds
b) jumbo glasses
c) funny hats

Springs snakes for sure.

In my egg bag routine, a plastic chicken wing is produced.

For a rabbit routine, a cob-a-corn (half eaten) or a toy cob is produced.


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Comedy wands, and the boxer shorts that appear from my trousers when the children pull a rope. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
Simon Williams
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Reading, UK
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I still use an old Supreme item, the Beacon Wand. I only use the wand part— the tip of the wand 'jumps' from end to end. Of course I never see it— the ol' double take is still one of the best devices to get a laugh.
Cheshire Cat
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Wilmslow, UK
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Oh, anything that let's them laugh at my expense— a giant pop-up in a magic spell book that 'scares' me, or a magnificent bouquet I have paid a fortune for that when uncovered looks like a weed (to be made into a magnificent bouquet of course by a child).

The water powered wilting flower was always a good one but not alway practical. I feel the collapsing wand has 'collapsed' a bit— as everyone does it— in fact so many kids now take a wand off you by holding the centre (as if that would make a difference!), I think they naturally assume something to happen. You can easily rig simple devices that go down so well, i.e. a phone that doesn't ring— but LIGHTS. "Let me know boys and girls won't you". Just lean onto a battery operated circuit switch or step onto a switch to activate. When you finally answer it, it squirts water in your face!

I personally (but we all have our own ideas) do not use any items of clothing that imply vulgarity. The temptation is always there to produce a huge pair of knickers etc. but I have listened for too long to parents' observations of some other entertainers, and in my area and culture probably best left alone. Smile
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My favorite 3 are:

Break Away Wand

Nesting Wands

Blooming Bouquet

Happy Holidays Everyone. Smile Smile
Salazar Magic
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New Jersey
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Wow, a lot of break away wands out there!
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