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The Mac
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Brad teaches very well. He really seems to care about the buyer. Wen you buy an ellusionist dvd, you can be sure the production quality will be top notch. Their prices might be higher but they offer great support.
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So does Peguin (to some extent) but on the first page Ellusionist prices beat Penguin (but now let's not forget the discount codes). A lot of stuff from Ellusionist isn't thier own, so they can't put discount codes on them. They usually buy in mass product from other suppliers. Penguin mass produces thier own crud *wink*.
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The first law of behaviorism:

"Any behavior that gets rewarded tends to be repeated".

So if you don't like someones prices, don't buy!
If decks of cards are too expensive buys elsewhere (thanks DannyDoyle)
If you don't want to see Brad in the DVD, don't buy it.

I for one am glad to see them make a profit. I think many people need a lesson in economics. They keep putting out new things because it is profitable. This is good!!!

When they stop making profits, the avenue for many brilliant young performers is gone. I think they have done a good job marketing to the people who are responding. Including me. I bought nary a thing until Wayne Houchin came along.

Now I'll keep watching to see what's coming

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I have been happy with Ellusionist's products and top-notch customer services. Granted, it's a little more expensive, but what you get is first rate quality DVDs and excellent teaching. I'm happy to see the new talents that Ellusionist is able to attract and their willingness to collaborate with Ellusionist also says something positive regarding E's reputation.
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Hi all! I happen to find Ellusionist one of my top retailers for my effects. The prices COULD be a LOT higher. We're lucky...(good grief, Doug...have you LOST it???) one's mentioned the one thing that keeps the company from maximizing its profits. One word...


Case in point? A long-time friend in magic just moved up north for good. He gave me ALL his magic CD's/DVD's. Almost ALL were pirated copies from (pick your favorite P2P)...including Ellusionist's Crash 1 and 2, Ninja 1 and 2, and Street Magic.

How many of these exist out there? Can you imagine? Imagine the $$$$$ now LOST, that Ellusionist can NEVER recover!!! We are DARN lucky the prices don't SOAR to recover losses such as this. And now, you know why everyone's going to one-trick DVD's.

After doing some serious pondering, I made a decision. Those pirated copies have now been destroyed. Please...don't flame me for this...I realize how valuable they were...I just cannot keep and use them if I feel they were stolen. And I do.

When some dealers prices seem too steep, and you feel one-trick DVD's are unfair....well...just re-read this post. I admire the guys at Ellusionist too much to allow myself the guilt of keeping something stolen from them.

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The reason people like L&L and Ellusionist are so successful is because they both offer a quality product at reasonable prices. Both put out products that do an excellent job teaching not only the basics of how a trick is done, but pointers on presentation that really do make the difference between doing a trick and performing magic.

The biggest difference between these two, as far as I can tell, is that L&L uses magicians that have been long established in the magic industry, while Ellusionist shows magicians that are up and coming in the field. What makes this great is that the younger magicians can approach this craft from some new,fresh and interesting perspectives that many of the established magicians may have forgotten about.
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I'm also fed up with the one trick on a DVD lark.

I recently bought a couple of tricks from Al Bach, and he is doing his instructions on DVD, rather than a printed sheet. So when you buy one of his tricks, the materials for the trick and the instructional DVD come packaged in a DVD box. Considering that the cost of reproducing a DVD is now down to approximately the cost of dirt, I think the trend towards one-trick DVDs is going to continue. As long as it's not overpriced, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. I personally like the idea of buying a $10 or $15 trick and getting a teaching DVD with it, rather than some badly written instruction sheet written in Pidgin English with some indecipherable drawings.
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You gotta pay the bills one way or another. Prices too high? Find another dealer.{Unless the item is exclusive then you either want it or you don't}
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A lot of performers are very busy and direct people. I for one don't like a lot of byplay, I like to get straight to business and start working on what I need to work on.

For instance, I was looking for a bizarre, skin manipulation/pain effect a while back, and I didn't feel like searching and looking through books and DVDs to find a simple effect, so when Saw by Sean Fields hit the market, it was HIGHLY convenient for me. $20...the same price as a mainstream film DVD at WalMart, an effect matching my criteria, bullcrap for me to sift through. I jumped on it.

Everyone likes value, everyone likes to find gold, but not everyone likes to sift through the rocks to find it.

Convenience. That's all it is.

||sean ||
//Sean Beard
ed rhodes
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In his book "Magic Digest," George Anderson talks about dealers. He mentioned that he'd complained to one dealer about the price of a certain item. The dealer responder that the item was made by hand, with great care. George said it was still too expensive. The dealer reaponded; "George, did you ever know a really <rich> dealer?"
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