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I drive a Ford F150. With dark tinted windows. It is a great truck. Just rolled over 150000 miles this week. I love that truck!

M Sini
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On 2009-11-05 17:36, M.Frymus wrote:
OK, this is a very old thread, so if your mad about bringing it up then sorry.

The car you drive will make a difference. Its best to go look professional as soon as they see you. Better off having a good looking car than one that's full of rust and breaking down. Better be safe, you never know who will see you or when.

When I went to see David Copperfield's show 2 years ago was it? In Toronto, after the show I waited for him at the stage doors to meet him for the first time in person. Well, after that I began to wonder what kind of a car he would go in. So, he came out, we talked, autographs, etc. Then next thing I see this red pickup truck pull in and he hops inside. He is squished in the middle between some woman and another guy. Its one of those 2 car pick ups with an additional fold down seat in the middle. It was ridiculous. I though he would at least have some decent car. Im sure the car was one of the people he was working with but still. It shocked me. Haha, a picture perfect moment!

It was when I first say David, so, I don't know what to expect if he normally does this or what.

So, yeah. It does make a difference in what you drive in.

Did I miss something? You now think less of Copperfield because he drove away in a pickup?
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[/quote]Did I miss something? You now think less of Copperfield because he drove away in a pickup?[/quote]

No, it just seems odd to me how he would drive this kind of a car rather than another car that is a bit better looking.
We all know that DC is one of the best, so his look on driving in a 'pickup' might give a bad impression, but it does not seem too negative.

When you hire someone to a show claims he is good and has this great show but, you never seen the person, and the first thing you see is the person pulling up in a rundown car, does give a first bad impression. that's how I would feel. If I hired a professional and seeing him in a bad looking car, I would think to myself 'Why did I hire this guy? I hope this show is good.' The show may be amazing, but the first thought counts. After the show most likely they will not care about what car he has as the show was amazzing...... and I don't know where I am going with this.

But, you get the point.
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Sam Sandler
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At least in my neck of the woods Flat out what you drive does indeed impress the client and affect the show.

when I pulled up in my custom show car kids and adults would come out of the house to look it over and talk with me.

I also (from private parties) recieved much larger tips as well as receiving tips at all from show much mroe often then when I drove my full size SUV which is of the higher end models but not out of control.

I miss that car I sold it quite a few years ago
oh and right above it to the right is my old mini van
you can see it here scroll down tot he red transam this was not done yet but she had jsut finished the yellow racing stripes.

byt he way I took 2nd place in the potiac all day event 2002

any who I now drive the SUV and it looks nice and fits in with what I need as it pulls teh trailer for the bigger shows and for the smaller it all fits inside the suv.

but my original point is that NIce vehicle does indeed affect others both on the road and the ones that book you

sam sandler- America's only full-time DEAF Illusionist
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I believe a nice car is one of the first necessities when you decide to go pro.
I was so relieved when I finally invested in a decent ride.
Long gone were the days of having to park 3 blocks from the gig.
Here is a tip from my early days.
I remember when I was first doing shows, I would be hired to perform at high end cocktail parties in private homes. The bathrooms in some of these homes were larger than my entire apartment at the time. I had to try to fit in, which I could do with my personality and my magic...but not with my car.
So, I would park my car 5-6 blocks from the show and call a cab.
I arrived in front of the event in a taxi, which made me look like money was not an object...and it wasn't for a ride of only a few blocks Smile
If you looked close you would always see an angry taxi driver in the front seat though.
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I drive a new Mercedes. It does look good at valet parking.
GrEg oTtO

Bryan Gilles
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I drive a Scion Xb as well... It stands out and does its job in turning heads. Around town, people have referred to it as the "Magic Toy Box!"

Pre Loaded "Magic Toy Box"
Side shot of the Xb
"Got Magic"
Anti-Masked Magician Decal
Anti-David Blaine Decal


p.s.- I've taken the Calvin decals off as to promote a more professional appearance... I think it was a good choice Smile
M Sini
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That's a sweet looking ride!
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I don't think too many people check the loading dock doors at the theatre to see what type of truck I use to haul my props or pull my trailer.

This question is, as always, only relevent to the minds that ponder it. It can also depend on the size of your ego, your maturity level or your personal taste in cars as to what you drive.

If you wish to drive an expensive car, then do so. If a unique vehicle helps to promote or advertise your business and you want to drive it, then do so. If a van makes it practical to get around with all your gear, then drive it. If basic transportation makes sense to you, then drive that. And to heck with those with small minds (oooh, if you're successful you should look the part nonsense) that somehow think your ride is a reflection of you, your character or your abilities. It would be few of us indeed that are hindered in our magic business because we don't drive something flashy.
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I drive a '78 VW beetle that burns oil. As duly noted - Got to project your image.
Jay Mahon
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Perhaps a hybrid of some sorts would be more suitable. After all, you want to project the green image that we all know and love and you can blend in with the celebrities. That's the 'in' thing isn't it? Roll up in a Prius...

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I hitchhike to gigs and if I want to arrive on time I have little control over what car gets me there.
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Jay Mahon has a good point.

I have been driving a Prius to my gigs for over two years.

Not only does it accomplish the things Jay mentioned, but I also often hear comments about how amazed people are that I can fit my entire show in the Prius. One guy even said he thought that packing that much into that little car was quite a good magic trick !


Mark Pettey
Naples, FL
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