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The worst is:-

Anti Grav Levitation


Hole in the Head

These are the Worst for the year 2006 - Hopefully!

No? Still more to come? Smile Smile

MAGIC is a SECRET, without the SECRET, there is no MAGIC.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke.
Cameron Francis
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Sparks, that is a funny but sad story. Thanks for sharing.
Muckey Spleen
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On 2006-08-31 12:32, Christopher Williams wrote:
Ok guys, to be fair as we all know about 95% of the creators look on here, how about an explanation as to why you don't like them. Its magicians helping magicians on this site, and the constructive criticism will be of great use to a lot of people, including the creator

Offering constructive criticism is difficult without tipping methods - especially when you're dealing with effects as laughable as MY choice, "Hole in the Head." The perpetrator - - er, "creator" knows what he did.
Martin Pulman
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I'm starting a new support group: AGA. Anti-Grav Anonymous, were buyers of the effect can meet once a fortnight to share their experiences in confidence with fellow sufferers.
Members can relate the stories of when they first heard of the trick, and when they first realised they had a serious problem and the kind of effect it had on their relationship and family.
Members could buddy up, so that someone is only a phone call away in case one of them goes off the rails and ends up rifling thru their sock drawer in the middle of the night.
Remember, once an AntiGrav purchaser, always an AntiGrav purchaser, but with help and support the symptoms can be controlled and it is possible to lead a normal productive life.
John Gerard
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On 2006-09-19 09:02, Martin Pulman wrote:
I'm starting a new support group: AGA. Anti-Grav Anonymous...

Sign me up! Oops. I won't be anonymous now. Hehe.
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Quote.[Ben Harris is soon to release an item I consider one of the top 2 or 3 impromptu items I have EVER seen in over 30 years of magic (one of the others being the signed Coin In Soda can By Wayne Houchin) entitled "Hole in the Head". It will not be released until early April but when it comes out you should RUN to get it.

When Ben sent me the clip a number of months back I LOVED it. I immediately showed a couple of the other well posted magicians I work with at Murphy's and we all felt it was just exceptional. It is VERY eerie to watch. I've seen the project progress and the result from Ben is just great and truly a bargain for great piece of magic you will do forever.

Basically one will get a really thorough booklet as well as a DVD for $20. I know Ben is working on a clip for it and will have that coming along eventually.

I had recommended to Ben that he show this to a few other individuals to get their feedback as everyone at Murphy's that it was shown to just raved about it as mentioned. Here are a few of the comments Ben received and forwarded to me:

"Bravo! Mind expanding magic, in every sense of the word!”
Michael Ammar

“Something that’s never been done before using a method that’s never
been used before —very cool!”

“Truly a wonderful thing... a totally original breakthrough plot”
PAUL Harris

“situational, astonishing and a devilishly clever piece of magic
—the best effect I’ve seen in a long time!”

“Fooled me... you could probably start a religion with this!

Just remarkable, I love it!”

I asked Ben if he could provide me with the ad copy to share as I knew people would want more details on the effect so here it is:

HOLE IN THE HEAD has been one of the art’s most closely guarded secrets of recent times—it has fooled, amused and delighted some of magic’s biggest names. Using no mirrors or reflective devices and no stooges, HOLE IN THE HEAD is a radical and visual NEW PLOT—drawing on the mysticism and wonder of the mythically proportioned “Third Eye” legend. It’s an exciting piece of street theatre that simply MUST be experienced live! What’s more, it’s 100% practical! This is a one person—do anywhere—illusion.

In effect, the performer gathers a crowd around himself in a brightly lit, sunny spot. Discussing the amazing legend, he offers to open his own “Third Eye” allowing the sun to shine right through his head.

As this would be too dangerous to observe directly, he suggests that everyone focus attention on his shadow. After some concerted effort, a small blob of light appears in the centre of his shadow head. Amazingly, this blob of light then grows larger at his command. To prove that it is no mere optical illusion and that the light does indeed pass through his head, a spectator is asked to wave her hand behind the performer’s cranium. Incredibly, when she does this, the actions are reciprocated in the shadow head— her fingers are clearly visible in the shadow hole! THE CONCLUSION IS INESCAPABLE—THE SUN IS INDEED SHINING STRAIGHT THROUGH A HOLE IN THE PERFORMER’S HEAD! The process is now reversed and the hole slowly closed. YOU CAN PERFORM THIS STUNNER VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE THE SUN SHINES. Complete with bonus handlings and clever ideas by Paul Harris and Michael Weber. YOU CAN EVEN OPEN A SPECTATOR’S OWN “THIRD EYE”!

I see a LOT of magic in my job as Purchaser of new products for one of magic's largest distributors (Murphy's) so when I see items like the signed coin in soda can, Cesaral Melting Point, The Flicking Fingers DVD, and now The Hole in the Head that I really feel stand out, I want to let others know. This is just an exceptional item that is HIGHLY recommended (make sure to watch the DVD). Do NOT miss this when it comes out.

Tim Trono

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Wow, such great names raving about that....That's why negative reviews have to be included with the positive ones... Smile ..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
Don McCleod
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It beats me why something that has such rave reviews from some of magic's top names can turn out to be so bad. I think something fishy is going on or we are missing the genius behind this.
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Wow.....those guys must really, really know how to adapt an effect, or else they're just on different levels of awareness than (apparantly) the rest of the magic community.
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Any time I see reviews such as the one on pegasus's post. I always, always take them with a huge grain of salt.

It makes me wonder how much credibility will they lose when they do this type of review. The next time they review something will they be taken seriously? The next time they rave on about a product just remember what they said about this effect.
Magic is a vanishing art.
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I have always said "big name" endorsements are pretty much worthless. Others endorsed Killer Red Caps, for example. On the rare occasion that I endorse an item, it is something I actually use and have experience with before a paying audience or an item that I absolutely WILL add to my show when I've perfected it. Other than that, I won't endorse any trick. I did for Mind-O-Matic and continue to use it successfully. I will endorse Anthony Miller's Hip Pocket Bombshell because I have handled the prototype and fully intend to add it to my work when I get one. When was the last time you saw any of those guys do "Hole in the Head?" Maybe, they're all still working on it.
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So true. I hope they'll be wiser after that, by raving about bad products, they're throwing away our trust in their words. I hope they'll be more careful reviewing effects as a result of that. I kind of feel they reviewed before learning the method, I think it might make me feel slightly better to know that. Only slightly.
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One more thing. I would rather take the word of some of the "regular" guys here that have worked with an effect than the "big name" endorsements of these guys.

BTW good for you runawayjag. We need more honest assessments of magic effects.
Magic is a vanishing art.
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I would definately agree with above point. It seems that these big names seem to be raving more and more, seeing it happen over and over kind of lessens the pull it has on me.
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I think in some cases it comes down to, I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. If I say nice things about your effect you may be more apt to say nice things about mine when I release it. I do mean some cases by no means do I think this happens all the time.
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I think you're probably right
Chris Oberle
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The lesson here seems to be simple: endorsements are worthless. They are as reliable as the ad descriptions. One very popular web store describes just about every book test as "the best we've seen". Two years ago Gene Shalit named 14 movies as "one of the 10 best of the year". Now I listen only to magis who have used a trick.
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For me it is the Mental Energy Transmitter. I hate to step on any toes by stating my opinion, but for this to win an invention competition? Give me a break!
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First of all, there is a good reason why there is the expression:

I need that like I need a hole in the head.

So those of you that bought it should have known better ; )

That being said. I was not a fan of Killer Red Kaps either, actually I thought it sucked. I even told that to Bob Kohler, who's a dear friend, when we visited Denny's magic shop in Vegas.

He had them bring out the trick, and then he absolutely floored me not once but twice with it. We then discussed the different variations you could use with it. I became a believer right then and there. And decided to work with it until I got it. When I did I use to do it behind the bar all the time and have since then spoken to a few working pros that use it as well. Funny how most of the guys who use it all say the same thing about being glad most magi don't like it. Less people doing it.

I worked the castle last month and heard some of the boys saying how they thought the trick was terrible. I took it out of my case, did it on the bar for them and some laymen...they had the same reaction I had when Bob did it for me.

Years ago Jack Chanin tought me that no matter how bad a trick is, if you're a good magician you can sell the hell out of it. And belive me, Jack sold a lot of junk that he would make look incredible. Years later, I got the same lesson from Al Cohen when I use to work at Al's Magic Shop. You would think I would have remembered that lesson after being taught twice when I first opened Killer Red Kaps. But I didn't. And I should have known better since Bob was selling it.

All that being said...HOLE IN THE HEAD STILL SUCKS.
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