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Justin N. Miller
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So many of you know I am on my lecture tour right now and one of my stops was Houston, Texas. My very good friend Daniel Garcia invited me to stay at his house for the duration of my Texas tour. Last night we went out after my lecture here in Houston with a group of locals. What took place was this...
Danny: You guys want to see something new I have been working on?

Us: yea, let's see it.

Danny: Justin, go ahead and finish the rest of your beverage.
So I took the last few remaining drops from my glass.

Danny: Take this napkin and wipe out the remaining moisture from he inside.
(So I did).

Danny: Does any one have a penny on them?

(A penny was given to me)

He held the glass by the stem with one hand (He never went into the glass at all).

Danny: Justin, drop the penny into the glass.

(I did)

He looked at all of us and said someone name any coin, a quarter, dime, nickel, half dollar…anyone?

I named a dime…he started to spin the penny in the glass with one hand by the stem. Half way through I said "no, a quarter" he just looked with a smile on his face and said "watch."

So with childlike anticipation all of us stared, burned, and never took our eyes away from the penny.
And then it happened...without warning, and without caution that penny visually, and completely changed into a genuine quarter!!
He slowly tipped the glass into my hand and the quarter (and nothing else) came sliding out. The glass, and his hands were totally empty.

We all asked if he would do it again and he proceeded to do the exact same thing this time a dime was settled on and sure enough…bam, a dime.

None, of us ( and there were some very notable names there) knew what had just happened or if it really did happen.
I asked Danny to tip this to me and with a smile he said "This is something I have never showed a single soul. It has never been performed nor practiced under any condition. I cannot and will not show this to anyone…ever!

Suffice to say I was a little disappointed in this transaction of words, but at the same time Danny did something for all of us that has been lost in the world of magical brothers...he made us feel like a child again, he made us feel alive.

I wanted to share this with you my brothers and sisters only to say...the magic is not lost...we are.
Danny showed us that last night..
Bravo Danny,
The Martini brothers.

(The change, Danny said, is called the Martini change).

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Toronto, Canada
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I dunno Justin, I STILL think Silver Dream's hard to beat Smile

Seriously, that sounds too good to be hoarded. I can understand not tipping something like that, but let us ALL see it! The green envy monster strikes!
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Wow I would've loved to have seen Danny's effect. He is one of the most creative magicians today.........
My good friend Mickey Silver once showed me his effect that he never shared with anyone else.
Two wine glasses, he tosses the silver dollar in glass number 1, you see the coin dropped, and hear the clink as it goes into the glass. However the coin is found in glass number 2.. not in glass number 1
This is another unsolved mystery
Come check out my magic.
Jonathan Townsend
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Hi Justin,

Glad you got to have that experience.

I hope DG is up for offering it to others and perhaps one day offering the item to the community so we might offer that moment to our audiences.

:) all the coins I've dropped here
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Sounds like an amazing effect! I wish I could have been there to see it. Thanks for sharing Justin.
"Open their mind by performing the impossible"
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I got to see Danny perform in South Carolina at the beginning of this year. He is truely a gifted magician and performer. He floored me with so many card and coin effects I was dizzy.

It might have had something to do with all of the beer. I doubt it though.
Brandon Delgado
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St. Louis, Missouri
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Wow, that sounds incredible. I would love to have seen that. DG is one heck of a creative magician, and I am continually impressed with his work. Thanks for sharing, Justin.

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That's a great feeling. Danny's a superb magician. He's got some great creativity. I wish I was there in Houston. Smile
Daniel H
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Carrollton, Georgia, USA
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I'm stumped... I watched his performance of white or wheat nearly 15 to 16 times before I finally got it. Props to DG.
"That's a BAD 3 of Spades!"
Jeff Corn
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Las Vegas
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Don't try to deconstruct magic. Just buy the videos. His set is one of the best that came out last year.
Yes, that is my real name. Yes, I am a real person. No, you probably won't agree with me.
Darrell Trammell
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Daniel Garcia is a real sorcerer who only pretends to be one of us to avoid getting burned at the stake!
Jacob Smith
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I love Mr. Garcia's magic, and it really looks like the real deal. I hope he changes his mind on the martini change because I'm very interested.
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I'd so love to learn this... but I have to say, I like that a magician out there is "holding something back" and not rushing to market on everything.
Jacob Smith
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Yeah, you're right it makes you think. In Richard Kaufman's coin magic book, Richard said that the original touch change creator didn't tell Richard immediatetly about the method, so Richard would create variations.
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New York
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Oh that old trick...... I know how that is done....

All kidding aside that is a fantastic story and one hell of an illusion!!!!

And no... I don't have a clue how it was done.. I was kidding!!
John Nesbit
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United States
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This is something I have never showed a single soul. It has never been performed nor practiced under any condition. I cannot and will not show this to anyone.…ever!

To me this is the best part of the story. I don't know if it is accurate or true. But it sure sounds wonderful to hear, following the description of the effect. After finding this thread the way that I did, it just adds all the more magic to the experience of learning about it.
Pete McEwen
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Durham, N.C.
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I'm glad to hear experiences like this still come about. After getting into magic I had thought I had ruined that feeling for me. I recently started watching Tommy Wonder and after hearing this story I'm glad that Magic has turned into my one true passion, my Love. Thanks DG, Jussy, and everyone that takes serious time to devote time to this art and not just learn a new move and try make money off of it. I love you guys
The magician formerly known as SPEEDcuber
"no one will believe the things we do if we don't believe them ourselves." - Slydini
Jim Salabim
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Skien, Norway
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Isn't that just wonderful? I have the same experience every time I watch Curtis Kam perform.

It's just wonderful to be able to enjoy the moment of magic just like a layman would. These moments are too few and too far between.

Chris SD
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Well, I'm sure he appreciates you telling everyone on the Café about it then. I'd hazard to guess that he has a PM box full of "OMFG Plz rel3ase that trick d00d!".

Either that or this is the beginning of a VERY long advertisement campaign courtesy of our friends at Ellusionist.

Either way, Daniel is very nice, and showed me some very cool stuff at TAOM. Cheers to him.
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Lets hope DG is just joking when he said he well never show this to anyone... mabye he'll stop by on the forums and give us some more info on it.
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