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Liverpool, UK
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i started magic because of a stripper deck which i got for christmas a while back.

i then started metalism because it seemed more "real" to me

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Ft. Myers, Florida
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I've always loved magic. I loved seeing David Copperfield when I was ten, and then the magic show at the library. Then three years later I wanted to visit my local magic I'm hooked. Smile Smile
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Profile of R2
Doug Henning performed a bill switch restoration on
"The Captain Kangaroo Show"

I didn't know the difference between magic and reality at the time.....Still don't, I guess...

That was the catalyst for my journey on this crazy conjuring obsession....Thanks Douglas for luring me in!~rr
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Toronto Canada
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Profile of Attilio
i've been interested in magic pretty much my whole life! i was first shown the 21 card trick and thought it was more of a puzzle than anything else. then when i was about 18, a friend of mine told me about this magic booth that was set up in a gaming store in a local mall. we went to check it out and what really floored me was a packet trick of all things. from that point on, i was hooked!!!!
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I went to a magic masters shop and saw liteflite and Hummer card and then I found out we had a magic shop and headed over and got hooked
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New York Metro Area
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Profile of Vincent
Okay, I've told this story before but here goes one more time:

When I was about eight years old my cousin John took me to Louis Tannens when it was still located in the Wurlitzer Building. I think on 42nd Street but not sure. I walked into this place and felt like I got smacked in the head by a two by four. It was amazing. The people were amazing. The guys behind the glass counters were unbelievable!!!

I purchased some misspot dice, a Viz Escape and the infamous Red Snapper. Around that same time, Don Alan's Magic Ranch was on television. It was truly amazing. A whole television show devoted to magic!!! Over the next few years I realized that my cousin John was a close-up magician specializing in coins. He was absolutely great!!!

As time went by and I became more and more interested and started doing little shows I learned that my cousin hung around in some pretty heavy magic company. I guess today he would be known as part of the underground. Harry Lorayne reminded me of that after John's passing in June of 1997. I was very fortunate to have such a friend and mentor.

Anyway, that's how it happened and it has'nt stopped in 43 years.

Take Care,

Vincent Smile Smile Smile
Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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I fondly remember watching Doug Henning on tv. But it was Harry Anderson shoving a giant needle through his arm and remaining cool as ice as it dripped blood that sold me on the idea at age 10.

I also remember being at a funeral... yes, a funeral... and me and all of my young cousins being confused and somber at the moment, sitting there in fancy shoes and trying to ignore the organ music, when my great uncle Johnny ushering all the kids into a separate room and giving us cokes and then pulling out a quarter and a deck of cards. For the next hour we were amazed by him.

As I grew older, I often thought of what it meant for him to take all of us kids away from his own father's final moments just to keep us from being too sad. And it was the magic that he showed us that afternoon that taught me that sometime diversion is needed to break up the long stretches of realism. And what is more diverting from realism than magic?

Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
Mike Walton
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When I was in third grade decades ago, I was at Disneyworld with months worth of allowances in my zipper wallet that I saved up to buy "something" during vacation. A magic shop was located on the back of a Disney stuffed animal and vacation t-shirt store. I walked in and was amazed that there was such a place, a separate location all its own, that offered magic.

I didn't buy any magic then as I wasn't sure what to do with sponge bunnies, but I did walk out with a squirting nickel. My grandfather, a bourbon drinking WWII veteran that read Zane Grey and had a plate in head, called me a turkey when I squirted his bifocals perched on the bridge of his nose. It was a subtle act of astonishment, but one I remembered.

It's amazing how such a small act for someone so young can leave behind impressions not forgotten. Visiting that magic store when I was a kid left behind some mental fertilizer that my brain chomped on until several years ago.

Years ago, I was working a hardware trade show and the guy next to me, selling deck screws, had a couple of small brass container, color dot tricks. The trick that floored me was a simple coin vanish from his hands. He taught the sleight to me and that officially started magic for me.

Thanks for these boards. There's worth in thinking through the what's and why's.

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Profile of eeesp
I was 10 and I had trouble making friends so I ordered from an add that read "Bake a cake in a hat. Amaze your friends" thinking that would do it. Impress them and feed them. To my disappointment it was only a trick. I tossed it in my junk drawer and forgot it until the urge to get people to like me prompted it's re discovery. I got a tweenky and did the trick for my family. You can imagine there reaction.

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Profile of NJJ
I won a $5 gift voucher to a novelty shop that had just opened and bought a silk to egg. From then I was hooked. 20 years on, the shop is still there, in fact I popped in this morning. Smile
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within a triangle
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Profile of landmark
When I was a kid I used to watch Mark Wilson's TV show Alakazam. More recently though, my sister in law told me about a psychic who had performed at a party she was at. She was absolutely transfixed. SHe talked about his blindfold work and readings that he did for the crowd. I said, he sounds like a really good magician. She said, no you don't understand, he had a gift. What he did was impossible to explain. He read my mind of a word from a book I chose.

At this point I thought, Wow, fooled by a simple book test. Here is an intelligent woman totally believing in the impossible. This is powerful stuff. You can change people's perceptions of the world. And so i vowed to learn more about this . . .

mystic shriner
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Midwest, USA
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Profile of mystic shriner
My Uncle Kenny officially got my interest in Magic when I was really little. He'd go on these vacations with my Aunt and bring back coin and card tricks...
When I was 10 I was going through some really rocky times with my family, lots of stress to the point where I started stuttering because I just could'nt function mentally, then finally I just shut down and did'nt talk at all. After about a year of pretty much being mute and having been informed I'd have to probably repeat the 5th grade in a special ed course, this old magician named Clem Magrum came to our school to do a show. He gets me up on stage to do the waterfunnel routine and by accident I look down and see exactly how he does it. He looks at me, gives a wink and says "Magicians don't tell their secrets, can you promise not to tell your friends the secret?" And for the first time in about a year I spoke "Yes". By this point in the show I had decided after watching a few tricks and being completely mesmerized that I was definetely up for this. So when he made me promise, I knew that I could keep a secret and that I definetely wanted to be a Magician. After that I did'nt have to repeat 5th grade, they realized I wasn't special ed material and shipped my happy butt off to 6th grade while my Uncle Kenny started getting me a new magic trick every holiday! Magrum's been gone about 10 years now, but my Uncle is still around, he loves to see my newest tricks every Christmas while he still brings back his own from various vacations with my Aunt to entertain my kids. Smile
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Profile of Tate
Like many who have posted, I can't remember what got me hooked. I just always liked magic.

However, there are three things I want to tell you about. When I was an early teen, there was a "Cartoon Carnival" type show on my local station. It was a live, local show. Occasionally there was a magician on the show, dressed in a chinese robe. He was pretty good, but (being a kidshow) some of his stuff flopped - and then worked, but he couldn't figure out why. When I was in my late teens, I went with a friend's family to a nearby campground for a weekend. One night there was a magician performing under a picnic shelter. He was good! He did comedy, family-show effects, but he also did a "skill" trick or two to show that he knew his business. A few years later, I had moved about 100 miles away to go to school in Raleigh, NC and found that there was a magic store. I got to know the manager pretty well and he basically became my mentor.

All three magicians were the same man, George Vaughn. George had lived in my home town for a while, working at the TV station. He had an agreement with the owner of the campground; George performed in exchange for a campsite. George left the station and the owner of the magic store wanted someone to run it and he hired George.

To this day, I am still amazed by this.
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Connecticut, USA
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Profile of zombieboy
When I saw Jeff McBride pull cards out of his mouth on TV. I wanted to learn just that move, but after I did I realized that there was more to this card stuff...And the rest, as they say, is history.
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Profile of Magicol-1
What got me started was an Adams Mr.Magic set that I got for Christmas when I was about 6 or 7. What got me hooked was Doug Henning.

Chad C.
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Profile of Chad C.
I always got a magic trick as a souvenier when my family would go on vacation. There was a magic shop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that I remember from way back. But then it faded until I got to college. I was taking a night class in Biology and the professor was a teacher at a local high school. The first day of the 3 hour class, he told us science was all about observing-then he proceeded to take out a silk and have us describe everything we could about it.

After doing that, he put the silk in his fist, opened it, and it was gone. I was floored, and hooked from that point on. Not long aftewards I decided to go into teaching, and the summer before I started I found a little magic shop in the town near where I live, and I went and bought a silk and tt. You can imagine what I did as my opening activity in my class.

The rest is history.
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Olympia, Washington
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Profile of taller8
Sponge rabbits at the Disneyland magic shop a long time ago. That still is such a strong and fun effect. The classics never die, just get improved.
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Profile of joculari
Three Clementines in my lunch:

Juggling; balls, clubs, knives, fire. I wanted something new to add to a routine and found a magic shop in San Francisco while looking for a new set of torches... hooked.

All of this has happened over the span of one year.

I still juggle of course.
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