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This isn't a Review or anything of that matter, so feel free to move it.

Either way, I am first of all looking for some contents of the New Magic of Japan book,
I heard the Sanada full circle fan is published in there, but only rumors so far.
I heard the same thing about card rollouts, so I'd appreciate hearing about those.

The main thing though, is that I am looking for a source of where to purchase it,
I don't know the current situation, if it's out of print or anything,
so I'm happy for any information.

Thanks. < Card flourishes and some other stuff.
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Very much out of print. This is one of my favorite books, and I did see a copy for sale on the Genii forum just the other day (perhaps still available). The contents, as taken directly from the website:

Richard Kaufman and Phil Goldstein, New Magic of Japan 1988
Copyright © 1988 by Richard Kaufman and Phil Goldstein
124 pages
Illustrated by Ton Onosaka and Tomohiro Maeda
Published by Richard Kaufman and Alan Greenberg
First Edition

Other info: This is an English edition of the Japanese book “New Generation Magic Plus Alpha” (Ton Onosaka, possibly 1987). The basics of the text was translated by Phil Goldstein, while Richard Kaufman added more detailed instruction.

Page 006.....Preface (Hiroyuki Sakai)
Page 008.....Foreword (Phil Goldstein)
Page 009.....Introduction (Richard Kaufman)
Page 010.....A Note on Pronunciation

Page 011.....Card Ping Chien (Shigeo Takagi)- A card switch.

Page 015.....Miser’s Miracle Again (Masashi Neo)- Half Dollars and a silver dollar are produced from between two hlaves of a playign card.

Page 020.....Metamorph-rose (Kazuyuki Hase)- A long-stemmed rose changes into two silks, one red and one green.

Page 023.....Card Quake (Kuniyasu Fujiwara)- A Jack is removed from the deck as the “Magician’s Assistant”. Another card is selected and lost in the deck, which is placed back in its case. The Jack is inserted sideways into the edge of the deck. When the Jack is shaken back and forth, the selected card rises from the deck.

Page 027.....Glass Load (Tomohiro Maeda)- A glass is produced from a silk.

Page 031.....Climax Flower Chains (Tetuo Tanigawa)- A bouquet of flowers is produced, then magically split in two. Each bouquet then collapses into a chain of flowers.

Page 035.....Double Shock (Yuic-hi Katakura)- The deck is dribbled until the spectator says stop. At this point four cards are removed and shown to be indifferent. They then change into the four Kings, and then the four Aces.

Page 040.....Cell Division (Kazuyoshi Hirachi)- A sponge ball, with a twisting and tearing motion, splits into two. It appears as though the ball has been slowly pulled apart, stretching before finally spitting into two (much like how cells divide).

Page 043......Cane from Fireball (Asako Suda)- A ball of fire is produced and thrown upwards, in mid-air a cane appears from the flame.

Page 046......Coin Fugue (Masao Atsukawa)- A coin vanishes in the left hand and appears on the table. This happens again. The third time, a second coin appears on the table. This is placed in the left hand and a third coin appears on the table. The third coin is placed in the left hand and a fourth coin appears on the table. The four coins are placed in a square on the table and then picked up, two in each hand. Suddenly all four coins appear in the right hand.

Page 053.....Counterfeit (Kenichi Kuroki)- The index of a selected playing card appears on a dolalr bill when it is held up against a light.

Page 059.....Joint Account (Kazuto Nishino)- The magician makes a prediction. Two spectators think of a number. The cards at the chosen values are dealt to and the values of the cards dealt to is totaled. This new number is dealt to, and the resulting card matches the prediction.

Page 061.....The Three-Sixty Fan (Naoki Ôgi)- A one-handed 360° fan. That is, the fan creates a perfect circle around the finger (Looks wonderful and hard to do, which it is!)

Page 065.....Dice Assembly (Toyohisa Saikawa)- Three dice are placed in a row and a playing card is leant against each one, the audience is assured that the dice remain there, as the cards remain elevated. However one by one the dice on the outsides of the row vanish and reappear under the middle die.

Page 069.....Chronometer Card (Takanobu Ishida)- Twelve cards are mixed and dealt randomly into a circe. The cards are then turned face up according to thier value. Two pens are placed onto two remaining face down cards so they resemble the hands of a clock. The time shown in this set-up matchs the real time!

Page 069.....Triple Production Box (Jonny Hirose)- An empty box, transparent on all sorts is given a shake and visibly fills with flowers. The box is emptied, and a silk is removed from a pocket. The silk is flicked at the box, which visibly fills yet again. The flowers are removed and the effect is repeated one more time.

Page 073.....Triangle Circle Square (Shinichi Arai)- Six cards which are blank on both sides are displayed. A circle is drawn on one card, a triangle on another and a square on another. These cards are dealt, shape faced down onto the table. A spectator names one of the shapes, and all three tabled cards are shown to have the chosen symbol on them.

Page 081.....Quadruplicate Spellbound (Yoshihiko Mutobe)- A half dollar changes into a Chinese coin and back several times. It then turns into an English Penny, and then finally a large Chinese coin.

Page 088.....Crafty Wand Vanish (Koichi Kawada)- A wand vanishes when a silk is flicked at it. The silk is held upright between the hands, and when it drops, the wand has reappeared.

Page 092.....Burnt Out (Toshiyuki Serizawa)- A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. A lighter is waved below the deck, and when the deck is spread, the card with the signed sticker still attached is singed around the edges.

Page 097.....Linking Cardboard (Tôruu Suzuki)- Four small cardboard squares, each with a large hole in the center, are magically linked one at a time and then unlinked.

Page 105.....Dedicated to Mr. Astaire (Hironori Morita)- Two effects in one. In the first, a cane is dropped on the floor. The cane then floats up into the waiting right hand. In the second, a silk instantly appears in the left hand, with no movement of the hand.

Page 109.....Non-Prediction (Keikan Miyanaka)- A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The performer asks what colour the card was, and then makes all the cards of that colour except the chosen one, disappear.

Page 113.....Spoony Ring (Hiroyuki Sakai)- A finger ring and spoon is examined. The bowl of the spoon is knocked against the ring which jumps onto the handle of the spoon. The ring is then removed magically and everything is put out for examination again.

Page 118.....Smoke Rings (Hiroshi Sawa)- Two smoke rings are blown by the performer, who reaches out and grabs them. They solidify and the performer links them together magically.

(Submitted to that site by member Gareth J )

Best of luck!
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Thanks a lot for the information, I appreciate it. < Card flourishes and some other stuff.
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Jump while you can (if interested)... there is currently a seller on the Genii forum with a very reasonably priced copy for sale. There's also a copy of Five Times Five (Japan) available from Dan Bradbury ( ) for just $25!!

These are, IMHO, must haves.

Best of luck!
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