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The coins accross that Flourish Dude is referring to is 3/4. It isn't easy but it is well worth the the time to practice.

Charles Spector Smile
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Yes... PDQ II from AoA ... Quite easy and there are parts which happen in the spectator's hands... ups the effect!!

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Thanks for the replys guys.
I am going to look at the PDQ Coins Across and 3/4 Across, and go from there.

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heh flourish dude and steve, i bought Greg wilson's on the spot about two days ago, excellent, i have been practicing that 3/4 across constantly! i reccomend it, how long did it take you guys to get it to the point where you can confidently perform it for someone?
i can get the first and second coins to go almost every other time i do it, but i need to work on the last move a fair bit, before i will be able to do the full routine (slightly) smoothly...

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Dave Shepherd
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Take a look at the January 2003 Linking Ring. Steve Naylor (I believe that's his name) has a very straightforward and simple coins-across that uses only 3 coins and no gaffs. With the right casual attitude this might be very effective.

(It's in the British Ring Parade section.)
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Wilson's 3/4 across is a difficult effect to learn. It took me a few months of practice before I felt comfortable performing it. It is hard work but WOW when you do it right you get a wonderful reaction. It is funny because almost every person I do this for wants me to do it again so they can watch carefully to see when I throw the quaters to my other hand. They are amazed when they cant see it They never have a clue how it is really done and they are amazed.
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6-4-5 Coin trick by Eddie Fechter, Impromptu, no gimmicks or gaffs, simple Premise, easy to do, a classic.

Fechter, The magic of Eddie Fechter By Jerry Mentzer 1993 Smile
"Master of the Ding Dong"
Dr. Jakks
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I 2nd PDQ #2!!!!!

Michael Dustman
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You may also check out David Williamson's Coins Across in his book Williamson's Wonders. No gimmick and very visual.
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I really like Greg Wilson's 3/4. It took me a while to master it's worth the time.
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On 2003-01-06 10:56, Dave Shepherd wrote:
Take a look at the January 2003 Linking Ring. Steve Naylor (I believe that's his name) has a very straightforward and simple coins-across that uses only 3 coins and no gaffs. With the right casual attitude this might be very effective.

(It's in the British Ring Parade section.)

I developed the routine to use Table Hopping, and it always gets a great reaction (if I say so myself, which I do). Only three coins, all different, can be borrowed (I don't personally) very little shuffling back and forth, no gimmicks, and has a WOW factor at the end. It starts and finishes clean, needs no table, is carried in the pockets, has no reset, and is easy to see and follow. Can be done anywhere, anytime, standing up surounded.

What more could a guy need.
Michael Rubinstein
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Take a look at Volume one from the New York Coin Magic Seminar group, a 2 disc set on coins across. Over 27 different routines, for every kind of situation imaginable. I am sure you will find one to fill your needs.
Special sale! FREE magician T shirt (a $25 value, only L or XL - see link) while supplies last with each purchase of MIGRATE ($35 ppd USA) Magnetic Coins ($40 ppd USA) or Conviction Prediction ($45 ppd
inquire for ordering information here or to
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My favorite is O.O.S.P.C.A. by Chris Kenner. His kicker is great in this routine. It's in his book Totally Out Of Control which also has the first ever Three-Fly as well as 20 or more killer effects.
Jonathan Townsend
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On 2009-04-21 06:46, Bungee wrote:
...Totally Out Of Control which also has the first ever Three-Fly...

The booklet "three fly" was published before TOOC. all the coins I've dropped here
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I have to second Michaels' recommendation of Vol 1 from the New York Coin Magic Seminar. I only have the first set (bad, bad coin magician go to your corner), but it is excellent! I learned so much and there are so many variations taught. Tabled, chest-height, gimmicked, non-gimmicked, easy, name it!

I can't wait to get the rest of the set. It's an incredible resource.
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The Modern Coin Magic blog
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Can't believe I missed joining this string. It reminds me a bit of Delancey Street in downtown NYC when I was a boy...As you walk down the street with your few dollars to spend, every store was hawking you to come in and buy what they're selling. Smile A deal of a deal, the best of the best...Boy those were the days. Smile

Anyway, just setting up my table here but I just happen to have a neat 3 Coins Across routine that is absolutely un-gimmicked and has the coins going across in some rather unique ways. Smile Specs can be right upclose on you and it's done right out front and they are amazed every step of the way as you pull them in closer on every crazy crossing. Smile I'm actually a bit surprised that it hasn't been mentioned here 3 or 4 times already at the least....Smile Smile Smile

*Seriously, check out "KrazyKoinZ Across" in my Short Pockets download...It's pretty slick stuff and different from a lot of the stuff out there and not hard to do with some practice. Smile Not to mention there are other effects included in this value-packed download package that you'll love as well. Click the links below and see for yourself. Smile

Hey this string also reminds me when I was in Florida recently to see my son play vs. University Miami Hurricanes baseball. There was a guy going around selling stuff in the stands, a very LOUD guy named Duke. I can still hear him saying every few minutes through the 3.5hr game, "Ice Cold WATER, Cold SODA here...Peanuts, CrackerJack, SUNFLOWER SEEDS!" Smile

*Check out my latest: Gifts From The Old Country: A Mini-Magic Book, MBs Mini-Lecture on Coin Magic, The MB Tanspo PLUS, MB's Morgan, Copper Silver INC, Double Trouble, FlySki, Crimp Change - REDUX!, and other fine magic at Smile

"Believe in YOU, and you will see the greatest magic that ever was." -Mb Smile
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Well , I can't believe no one has named TOMMY WONDER's routine.
That's the best one for me, please check it.
Lawrence O
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There are lots of very strong points in Tommy's routine.
His use of Ross Bertram move is even more credible than when Ross Bertram was performing it.
The use of a metal box for containing coins however is not justified in any reasonable way.
Magic is the art of emotionally sharing live impossible situations
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Long ago I saw an incredible presentation of Coins Across -- watching very carefully for a hint of Gaff or fumbled Sleight. Later, I was slightly embarrassed to learn the simplicity of it all. He continuously added coins from a dropper on his left side, and dumped extra coins on his right while fetching large key he used as a wand. Kind of like a Reverse Utility Pass. Works with any number of Coins. Wand?? After each Reveal of the transfered coins he would touch them with the key to "re-energize" them, allowing the extra palmed coin of the right to be dumped, and providing misdirection for the steal on the left. If seated, you could just have extra coins on you lap.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

eBooks at questions at
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I've seen some new approaches, but I still love Greg Wilson's 3/4 across from On The Spot. It does take a fair bit of practice, but it is so totally worth mastering. As confidence in performing it grows, and you are able to comfortably slow it down, it really reaches a new level.
"Open their mind by performing the impossible"
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