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I am looking to get a good quality printer for my office so I can print out promotional materials like postcards, etc. I have a printer now it is a Dell All in One A940 and it totally sucks! It runs out of ink after 200 pages. So I need to buy a printer that can printer thousand and thousand of pages without running out ink. I know it will cost a couple hundred dollars but it is a business expense, does anyone have any suggestion on good printers out there that I can buy. PM if you do, thanks
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I love this printer and the system is great. Prints great!
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I think a couple of hunderd dollars is for the ink on big printers

the kind of printers to do nice brochures and post cards cost allot of money.
Brent Allan
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I work in the office products industry, so I know printers and ink.
If you run low on ink, then you are probably using an inkjet printer. Those get an average of 250 - 350 pages on a cartridge, and you can expect to pay $25-$55 on a cartridge, depending on the model.

You can pay a bit more for a laser printer ($100 to $3000 depending on color or monochrome, as well as how many pages per minute and resolution). The cartridges also cost more ($50 - $150 depending), but you get on average 3000 - 10000 pages per cartridge.

Feel free to PM me if you would like more information about your options.
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The HP LaserJet 2600n is a good value. It's a color laser and costs about $350. It uses 4 separate toner carts so you only need to replace the ones that are running low, not all of them at once.

A complete set of toner cartridges costs about $330, and you get a set when you buy the printer, so you're basically getting the printer itself for $200. You can print about 3000 pages with one set of cartridges.
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Thank guys I appreicate the advice
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Another good one is the Okidata c5200ne. At staples you can get one for about $400 with a rebate. It is a color laser as well. What I like about it is the toner prints glossy and looks beautiful! It has 4 toner cartridges and costs about $400 for the whole set to replace. You get about 5000 prints off each. (When you buy the printer, you only get starter cartridges that are good for 1500 prints.) It is also easy to refill the toner instead of buying new carts. On ebay, I bought a enough toner, for 5000 prints per cart, for $130. Only, it didn't print glossy. I know see that someone else is advertising, on ebay, glossy toner refills; but I haven't tried it out yet.

If you print on glossy laser presentation paper, it looks just like a professionally printed brochure; but it doesn't print to the edge. You'll have a border unless you make your background white.
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Got to the point where we've ("the assistant" & I) decided that we needed to really pump up the volume again on our active marketing. We've grown 30% each of the last two years but there's a lot more out there. In my market several of the individuals use either or which are good deals. With that said however, they give you the printer but over the life of the lease you pay for it by having to buy supplies from them. I did like the Xerox Phaser Technology and the cost saving on ink. So I searched E-BAY and found a Xerox Phaser 8550DP at around $550 (reconditioned, new price = $1500). Also your able to get the solid ink block at about 40% of the price of the free printers. And that's where the real saving is....the ink. My new brocures/etc. hopefully "really POP" and we are doing our own Activity/Coloring Booklet (4 sheets/16 pages).

Cost Comparison (HP Inkjet vs. Xerox 8550DP for 12,000 sheets @ 5 - 10% coverage)
HP Inkjet = $60 Ink for 12,000 sheets = $4,200 for OEM Total = $4,260)
= $2,100 for knockoff Total = $2,160
Xer 8550DP = $550 Ink for 12,000 sheets = $460 for OEM Total = $1010
= $160 for knockoff Total = $ 710
There was only one way to go. Yes I am responsible for my own service. The duty cycle on this puppy is 85,000 sheets per month so it's built like a tank. And what was taking 45 seconds to print out now hits about 1 1/2 seconds. The colors are amazing but remember, it's the stock you put it on. Thank you Ken for mentioning the "Free Printers". If able buy one outright. The saving on ink is immense.
Ken Scott who is "The MAN" in my market stated that he produces 3,000 pages of "Something" each month. I always listen to Ken. We were looking at ordering 600 of our "Activity/Coloring Book"s alone from our local printer (we do the binding)for January '07 alone, a slow month. Now I can produce a premium product for the same cost per unit whether I need 10,000....or just 1. Cool.

Aragorn the Magician
aka: I used to be BOB (It's Cellini's fault)
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Jim Snack
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I agree with Aragon. I now own the Xerox Phaser 8200 that I contracted for three years ago, but if I had to do it over again, I would seriously consider an outright purchase.

The printer has been a solid workhorse, handling over 2000 pages per month with excellent quality, but you can find them refurbished on ebay for a few hundred dollars. If you own the machine, you don't have to worry about the monthly minimum printing requirement and you can buy your supplies anywhere.

One other consideration, if you go through get the service contract that can come in handy. My printer quit the day before the 3 year contract was scheduled to expire. A service technician was at my house for two days working on it before he had them send me the replacement machine that I now own. If I had to pay for the service, it would have been very expensive. I thought about purchasing an extended service contract, but they wanted over $400 for one year. A little research revealed that I can buy a refurbished machine for less than that on ebay. If this one quits, that's probably what I will do.

Jim Snack

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I'm in love with my Epson (one in a series of Epsons) - they don't last forever, but they work.

Seems many printers have limited life "built in" (can't clean the heads more than X number of times before they are pre-set to stop and demand service, and service costs more than the printer) - but there are often some software workaroundss for that.

Asking for 1000s of pages before an ink change may be asking a bit much - industrial-strength, y'know - but I believe the days of $30 ink cartridges are gone. There's no need to go to Office Depot to buy OEM cartridges.

For one thing, always get a printer that uses separate red-blu-yello-black cartridges (less waste).

Second, although refilling cartridges is not what I'd advise, third-party cartridges are now much more reliable than they were initially. I use and, a little better price for me,

While we're saving you $$$, plain copy paper from Quill (092-S720222 Quill Brand® Copy Paper; 8-1/2x11", Letter Size WHITE) gives you lightning-fast delivery (often free), great prices (shop selectively) and who can beat having the UPS guy tote that heavy case of paper right to your door for just $19.90 per 10 reams?
Tom Stevens
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I'm using the Epson C1100 colour laser printer.

Now that I've found a guy that sells toner refills on Ebay this printer is running very CHEAP.
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If you opt for ink jet, I will say that the HP models have fresh print heads in the ink carts. I will only buy new HP ink carts, and refill myself, that way I know hoe many time the heads have been cycled!
For large number printing, I would go to the Laser style. A problem with inkjet, especially color is the moisture issue and running ink if the weather is damp or wet.

Paper will also make a huge difference. If you are doing nice color brochures, spend a little more and buy the Domtar, or Xerox (or other brand) quality paper, some are out there with a nice smooth finish, and coated stock-already a glossy paper, so your color gloss will not look funky against a matte finish plain paper.

Also, have you checked the price of having the printing done by a local print shop? business to business can also open up referrals for you as well. By the time you add up all the time spent doing the layouts, running the printer, buying the inks, machine, paper, electricity to run the thing, having to buy the different paper stocks, and storing them, it might be more cost and time effective to have them done, freeing you up for more shows.
Just some thoughts.

Kay and Tory
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I have just bought a Canon LBP 5000 laser colour. It is a low maintainance printer. You only have to replace the toner cartridges, 4 in all as and when they are empty and are self contained no used toner to dump. It will print on just about anything.

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The Epson and HP's are fantastic printers. However, a caveat with refills and 3rd party
cartridges after much experimenting with this, I now use only original cartridges. The yield on 3rd party has never been close to advertised and I've tried them all. The refills are messy and ditto.
But here's the biggest thing to watch out for- Barry Mitchell and I compared notes on this with the same conclusion- If you're using Epson they have some kind of sensor in the machine that detects third party and refills and this sensor will allow it to run for a while and then kill the printer. (Barry finally asked an Epson service guy about this who admitted this is true.) It happened over and over to us and when we went with originals no problem. I hate when they get you like that. However with inkjet it's hard to beat the waterproof beauty of Epson and HP lasers run and run and run.
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Yep... happned to me.

I will NEVER buy Epson products again.

Greed always backfires on itself!
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I just rejoined the program. the printer is a xerox workcenter c2424

I just got it today and so far it really is a great machine that is a printer, copier, scanner. I have not used the scanner in a while so don't think that feature will be needed for me.

I had been in this program before and I own a phaser 860 well the printer was almost 5 years old and it finally went out on me after 200,000 prints.

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