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Tom Lauten
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Try this on for bizarre....

...bottom of page.

This is the magic of the Human voice.
Living at and loving Loch Ness!
Mogwai II
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The Alpes
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Great Soundtracks I sometimes use:

The Sixth Sense

Name of the rose

Suspiria & Inferno (Dario Argento, very scary music... the one theme from suspiria really gives me the creeps!)

The Fog (the original carpender film)

"You'll wonder when he comes, you'll wonder more when he's gone..."
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a lil place called love
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Having lurked around here for quite some time, I remember a thread similar to this from which I pulled a grip of really intense sound. Ever since then I've been keeping track of music that elicits a certain feel.

Metamorfosi{La Classe Operaia Va in Paradiso} off of The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Mus......orricone though the sample does the piece no justice, it really is worth finding in its entirety

A Secret Life by David Byrne and Brian Eno from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

a tune called "Sono L'Antichristo" by Diamanda Galas, couldn't find a link for it...

oh and "Summoning of the Muse" by Dead Can Dance

just to name a few
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Folks, This is a great discussion,
but please keep in mind with contemporary artists (Jill Tracy included)
that this music is protected and under copyright
and we just can’t buy a CD pop it in and use it for magic performances.

There are royalty free selections and options, some great ones,
and there are ways and means of licensing current favorites,
but let’s honor the artists who’s music we love,
by not diluting their rights.

Off my soap-box.
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For something truly disturbing, try Psychic TV's "Mouth of the Night".
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Also keep in mind you don't want anything too busy, and lyrics generally are a bad thing; it's too distracting. The human voice automatically draws attention.

You want the focus on you, not the music. Something instrumental and repetitive is best.

Oh, and something that won't get the RIAA on your back too !! lol
Just hanging out with the rest of my fellow dregs.
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Midnight Syndicate..........
Tony Iacoviello
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I brought up Jill because I like her music and think she is the coolest person born after 1955. I've only used her music one in performance, and that was with permission from Jill.

For performance music, I generally use royalty free, or my own. It all depends on how much I want to scare people. Smile

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Wait so... bending the laws of nature is cool, but jammin out while summoning the spirit of light from within my great grandfather's old writing lamp is subject to all that's been reserved?
"There is no art: things are made for use." Antonin Artaud
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'O ignis spiritus' and 'Werd Als Ein Kind' by Estampie could be great for bizzare performances. Estampie make authentic music of Middle Ages. I'm loving it Smile.
"“Who was the first guy that look at a cow and said," I think that I'll drink whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them?”" - Calvin & Hobbes
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Track down some stuff from the Italian band Goblin. They scored a few Dario Argento movies. Some of it is dated but real cool.
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Lauds and congrats on taking the time and effort to get permission from the performer and copyright holder (Jill Tracy in this case) most are pleased to work with another artist if they are individuals and not corporations, and it showed a lot of class and caring to contact her about your with to perform with her music!

Silvio Solaris
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I agree with Walt and Bill here. Let's not overlook the copyright issue. I know of somebody who almost got sued big time by the GEMA in Germany for not getting permission and paying Royalties and even for a non-admission performance. One of the agents was there by coincidence and flashed his badge...Those guys don't fool around and can be considered the music industries police. I am not kidding. Copperfield pays tons of money to them for the use of music like Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel etc. He knows how important music is because it sets the right mood.

This is how it works: You have to get permission from the artist first and then you go to the GEMA or whoever is in charge of the performance or exhibition rights in your country and pay, in most cases, a hefty fee. I know because I would love to use some good music in my act...but, better be safe then sorry.

There is some good music of classic artist available including the exhibition rights. They are sometimes even played by a real orchestra like the Czech Symphony and it's a good quality. A CD runs about $500.00
Magical Wishes

Silvio Solaris

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Scattered Dream
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This is a great post. I've always wanted to listen to more of this kind of music in my personal life. Jill tracy is an artist that I'm definetly going to start listening to. She has a haunting Jazz esque sound. You might want to try Hector Zazou, his albums have a religious, primitive, and tribal sound.
Bill Palmer
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Only Jonathan Townsend has more than
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Another great one is Poeme Electronique by Edgard Varese. If you can keep it at a low level, it is really spooky.

Here are a few things to bear in mind about music.

1) each licensing entity (GEMA, RIAA, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PEER international) has its own bailiwick. The RIAA specifically handles electronically obtained music, such as the stuff you download through Napster.

ASCAP handles live and broadcast performance. BMI handles broadcast performance and maybe some live performance. Harry Fox handles recording.

Although all of Estampie's music is in the public domain, their recordings aren't. Since they are the performing artists, chances are they have their arrangements copyrighted. So you would still need to license them.

Often, the fees are not atrocious. It depends on what you plan to do with the music.

Whether you are performing for profit is not the issue, by the way. It's where you are performing that counts. If you are performing at a private party in someone's home, a church or a school, no problem. If you are performing in a night club, even if you are not being paid ... if they don't pay the fee, problem. If they do pay the problem.

You actually have to worry more about your fellow performers than the licensing companies. I know of a case in Kentucky where a group came in and replaced the people who had been performing there. They went to ASCAP and BMI and reported the new group. The owner of the venue would have had to pay about $50 per month to have live music. He chose to have no music. So the gig was gone for both of them.
"The Swatter"

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This is the first time I send out a question. I want to hear from anybody who know anything about the old "Midnite-Spooky-Show" from the 30,40,50 and decades, specially in USA. I have Mark Walkers fantastic book "Ghostmasters" and Robert Nelsons "The Ghost book of Dark Secret". I have heard it is probably possible to get a film, music, sound effects or whatever from, or around that type of show.
Can anybody help me? Thank you.
I run a magic shop based on internet:
I also do lecture which I call: SMART MAGIC - WITHOUT NERVES.
Please contact me at:
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+ Argon Evolution (Scott Morgan) "Damascus"
A bizarre mix of experimental noises and acoustic instruments.

+ James Samuel Crain "Music of Sam Crain"
Electronic and chamber works using some unusual instrumentations, it turns intense, lyrical and bizarre.
Jim Magus
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Dexterity, check out Monsters Crash the Pajama Party Spook Show Spectacular DVD from Something Weird Video.
Tony Iacoviello
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And listen to the commentaries!

There is a weath of information there.
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