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I'm a sponge lover. I do many rountines uses the sponges. I use "Take my word for it," large sponge bunnies, "Going, going, gone," and many more. Do you think it will or will not be necessary for me to use cards, coins, etc.?
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Of course. Why wouldn't you want to learn sleight of hand with items other then sponge balls anyway?
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I personally believe everyone should branch out and do more than one type of magic.

The benefits are too many to mention and should be pretty clear. Hand Crafted Magic
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Scott F. Guinn
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I suppose it would be possible to do a routine with nothing but sponges, although I foresee a problem--the audience will most likely begin to assume (in some cases, correctly--but even if they're worng but THINK they're right, there is no magic!) that the sponges are "tricky" and that is the reason you are using them.

Even the great Albert Goshman, greatest sponge creator of all time, only did one sponge routine in his show. the rest was comprised of coins, cards, etc, and he closed with the Nudist Deck!
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Andrew E. Miller
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Why do cards when you can do sponges. Coins would be nice. Sponge stuff I agree is really cool. It has a very animated feel to it. When you do a production or a is nice you can fit more sponge balls in your hand than you could cards or coins. So when you do the magic it seems even more impossible. I would think it would be fine to do a bunch of sponge stuff.
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Johnny Thompson does a nice sponge ball routine right out of Stars of Magic, as are many of the other items on his videos. I also like the sponge to jumbo square. Easy and effective. Smile
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Dan LeFay
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Maybe I am crazy, but after hearing spectator's mention:"Oh yea, those funny red balls..." (more than once an evening) I practically gace up spongeballs.
Yea, i know what I'm missing, I still have a lot of routines in my head(and in my hands), but 9 out of 10 magicians are using 'em here.
It's getting a little too corny for me.

They might reappear in a cups and balls routine I'm toying with at the moment.
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How long of an act are we talking about???
You would be hard pressed to entertain and deceive an audience with only sponges for more that 5 minutes. Usually there is way to much going to the pocket. Also the compresssible nature of sponge becomes apparent to most spectators quickly. That being said sponges could easily fill out 30 minutes in the right hands, with the right routining. You will have to go beyond the basic vanishing and appearing though. To do 1/2 hour you would need a number of very different effects. Here's a few ideas:
Cups and Sponges, Floating Sponge Ball, Peter Rabbit Goes to Town, Sponge and Silk Routine, Sponge in Sleeve, Multiplying Sponges, Color Changing Sponges, Some kind of mental trick (with sponges), and perhaps a card revalation involving some sponges somehow(perhaps using the big number 4 sponge) Let you imagination run wild.
Check out Steve Bedwell's Taped video, ang Kenton Knepper's Klose Up and UnPublished videos for some great ideas.

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I love sponge balls but I'd agree with others that everyone should branch out into other areas of magic. I think learning a new medium, such as cards and coins, will not only add to your entertainment value, it will also serve to enhance you skills with the sponges - something you might not expect!
William Holcomb
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Doesn't this problem normally happen with cards, not sponges???
David Le
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I love sponge balls but I'd agree with others that everyone should branch out into other areas of magic

Amen. Amen. Amen. Smile

If you can work with sponge balls, then maybe just branch out into coins??? Coins are pretty similar to sponge ball manipulations and since you're already good with sponges it might not be so hard to start a well-rounded learning experience with coins (?)

And since you're a magician, you should also do a little bit of cards (if cards ain't your thing) because in one of your shows, you never know, you might have to nail that show off who performs 21 card trick to you with some card routine such as........ color changing aces or ambitious card Smile

So my response is, BRANCH OUT....... EVOLVE Smile

Heck, if I had the money, I'll be doing illusions right now. I even have this idea for a method to an illusion I call as the WTF DISAPPEARANCE. if you don't know what WTF stands for, then you haven't seen it done Smile

Seriously speaking, I WILL branch out to almost all branches of magic IF ONLY I had the ability to do that. But for the time being? I'll stick to close up and smaller magic first. I know my place in the food chain.

Okay, I'll stop just my 2 cents.
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I have just the opposite problem; I love cards and am working on expanding into other magic. I would recommend you pick up a self-working card trick or two so you can see how your audience reacts, and if it fits your style. I personally use one that is a real stunner, if you PM me I will send you the source.
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Hollywood, CA
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I started out in magic doing coin and card tricks and then got into the sponges. now I really enjoy perfoming with them and the audience enjoys them too but I can't imagine doing a whole show of purely sponge magic, it would just get so tiresome.
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Snohomish, Washington
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While I basically agree with the above statements, my opinion is, you do what makes you happy and put all of your energy and creativity into the Magic that you do. Your audience will pick up on that energy and I see no reason why your audience should not be fully entertained. With that said, everyone should at least try to dabble in other areas of their art just to see if there is anything else out there that may be of interest. I only do a couple of coin effects because I find coins extremely difficult for me to control, but I still practice with coins. Even if I never learn another coin effect, I don't think that I will ever stop trying. I have read some of your threads and it seems to me that you do more than just sponge routines, or at least you have in the past.
Iven Smile
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Daniel Faith
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Absolutely learn other routines.
You don't want to bore your audience do you?
There is much to be said for variety!
Good luck.
Daniel Faith
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