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Lord of the Dragons
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Profile of Lord of the Dragons
I usually carry 4 decks around. Now not all are in my pockets mind you. I carry a blue and red deck. a black pool deck and what I like to call a mess up deck for things such as a Mounting Back Aces by Jay Sankey and Torn by Gracia. I also carry around Scotch and Soda. I honestly don't need anything else. I am not big on gimmicks though on occasion I do use them. I just like using my own brain and will power to perform. That way I can go anywhere at anytime and do something without having to set up a gimmick or if people ask me to do something again I don't have to turn them down cuz my gimmick isn't set up.
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Profile of Mb217
I don't carry much, except:

-Coin tricks: A few coins to do any of my "Short Pockets" coin effects

-1 closeup trick: A TT for vanishing a hanky

-2 Packet Card Tricks: B'Wave and Princess Card Trick (rarely do PCT)

-1 Deck Trick: Invisible Deck

-Mentalist effects: Proof Positive or Business Coin Prediction

I mix & match from time to time but always travel light. I do the coin stuff more than anything else, but mix in a close-up effect or a card trick at times. I also have the Sankey close-up gems; Leaving Home and Killer Key. Typically, I will place the deck trick in my brief case when off to work. In my pocket will be the 3-4 half dollar-size coins, A small wallet with the 2 packet card tricks, and the TT. That's it! Smile

I have tons of stuff but seem only to carry these few things around with me from day to day. And actually, I probably use the coins more than anything else, to do actual effects and more importantly to easily practice sleights almost all day long sometimes while riding on the bus, walking along the streets or sitting at my desk at work. Come to think of it, all I really need in my pockets are a few coins. Just the same, my load is always very light with small stuff that plays big. Smile -MB
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"Believe in YOU, and you will see the greatest magic that ever was." -Mb Smile
Mad Mage
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Most of the time coins and bills. If I'm going to be around a lot of people like a party or get together; coins, bills, a deck of cards, loops (or IT with putty), TT with a sm silk, PK Ring (or the BAT), sponge balls, a pencil or pen and a few mentalism ideas for good measure. Everything packs in my pockets. The great thing about PK rings is that (along with some PK putty) any borrowed cup and wadded paper can become a Chop Cup.
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Profile of Demon5magic
I made a nice little stand out of a coat hanger that holds all that I carry: a Thumb Tip, two decks of cards(one red one blue) three sponge balls, a card holder, and my wallet.
Mr Goodbar
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In certain situations I've been caught off guard asked to do tricks such as feats using electric touch, or a blister effect when I'm just hanging out in shorts and flip flops (mmmmmm The Self Tying Flip Flop) so in time I started only looking for things that I can do anytime and things I can always carry around...

And the props I've found to be the best and most useful for me are the things I use for everyday life... and I look for ways to incorporate them with tricks

For One - An "Assassin Wallet" (only works for you :])

Two - Always "A Celtic Knot Ring"

Three - I-Pod & Headphones (for mp3 Song Stop Mentalism)

Four - Don't usually have a deck but I always have 1 or 37 nearby or in my car.


Some other suggestions I had might be to carry

1 - a rabbit box
2 - a dove or 3
3 - premade balloon animals
4 - Andrew Mayne's Bowling ball from empty bag
5 - a straight jacket


Click here to view attached image.
Man With No Imagination, Has No Wings.
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Sacramento / San Francisco
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Profile of mrdane
Depending on whether or not I'm wearing a jacket...

Jacket Mode
Superman Coin Bender
Sponge bunnies or balls
Deck set for King Thing
Alternate Gimmick deck (invisible, perfection, or mental photography)

Always on Me
In my wallet - (Fraud bills, 5 and 1, Anniversary Waltz, Chicago Opener and Litmus paper gaffs)
"The Great Danedini"
Douglas Lippert
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E Pluribus Unum
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I usually just do a variation of Pat Page's EZ Money. This really knocks their socks offs and I do not need to do anything else after that.

I used to carry Pocket Space by Anthony Miller but I never liked the fact that they had to "look up" their card.
Douglas Lippert
Former I.B.M. Ring #8 Secretary
Andrew Loh
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I just carry a deck of ordinary Bicycle deck because most of the time, I perform impromptu card magic... As for coins, I will request the spectator to lend their coins to me and I will too, start to do some impromptu coin magic routines...

Check out my new card magic eBooks "The Magnificent Queens" & "Triple Charms" at:

My Cardician Den Blog:
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Coins, and if I feel like ill wanna do cards, then a deck of masters in my card clip
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I carry a thumbtip, a ham sandwich, and a 1947 Buick. That thumbtip really holds a lot of stuff!

--Grandpa Chet
#ShareGoodness #ldsconf
Douglas Lippert
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E Pluribus Unum
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Profile of Douglas Lippert
How does the Buick run?
Douglas Lippert
Former I.B.M. Ring #8 Secretary
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In my day, I have driven
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Profile of airship
You turn the key, engage the transmission, and hit the gas.

'The central secret of conjuring is a manipulation of interest.' - Henry Hay
Michael Peterson
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On 2008-05-10 13:45, Demon5magic wrote:
I made a nice little stand out of a coat hanger that holds all that I carry: a Thumb Tip, two decks of cards(one red one blue) three sponge balls, a card holder, and my wallet.

A coat hanger, can you please explain this to me?

Thank you,

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Profile of Emerys
I simply carry a deck of cards and four silver dollars. There is so much you can do with these simple props
"I reject your reality and substitute my own.",
Emerys Merlin (online name)
Aim: magicianmw
Yahoo: theagelesswizard@yahoo.com
MSN: houdini@hvc.rr.com
Skype: lefantomedlopera
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New user
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Profile of kiss_bpp
I am with you Emerys I go for the deck 4 half dollars and a [. This can take you very far. I should also add the loops in my wallet for those perfect moments. Such as catching bubbles and floating them in your hand with my father screaming that he can't go to his grave with out understanding that one.

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Regular user
New York City
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Profile of spencerpeterson
A deck of cards, sometimes a single half dollar and 2 rubber bands, I can also do some magic with my wallet and phone

The Magic of Spencer Peterson
Phil J.
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Profile of Phil J.
Only thing I never leave home without is my Stealth Assasin (i use it as my everyday wallet), a complete act in one wallet. Depending on where I'm going I might also take Coinvexed.
You were born original... Don't die a copy Smile
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Spokane, WA
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Profile of critter
Oh it's bulky:) I have about 10 pounds of coins in my pocket. I usually carry 2 rubber bands, and sometimes a scarf or 'trick' coin like dime and penny.
Always coins though. If I have a coin I can bust out a miracle.
"The fool is one who doesn't know what you have just found out."
~Will Rogers
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Profile of Glen
Top left shirt pocket in a special holder (homemade) Eye Exam, two card monte, NFW, ultimate monte, done with mirrors. In pants pockets.....one black scarf, one smaller red scarf, TT, Boston Box with 5 halves, 5th has a shell on it, hopping halves, red ribbon for ring & string. PK ring. If I wear pants with extra pockets a deck of cards.
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Profile of maxhuntmagic
I carry
1x deck of cards, 2x rubber bands, finger ring for ring on band
IT for like 4 hours then I break it!
Business cards
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