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The Mac
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Okay I'll admit I get choked up during some movies . Some of the ones that had me teary eyed were :

Armegeddon : when they left bruce on the asteroid and liv tylers cries out "daddy.!"

The Last Samurai: In the end when Tom Cruise presents the emperor the sword

Flight of the Pheonix : When the plane finally flew

sniff sniff
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I got teary eyed at Titanic, but not at the same place as most other people did. Most people cried when Jack died, or when watching the elderly couple embracing in death on the bunk. It got to me later when the old hag threw the priceless gem overboard into the water. What a waste. She should have given it to her grand daughter.
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The Mac
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Very sweet cliff..I know how hard that must have been for you to say
Greg Arce
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As an actor I memorized the last scene between Jenny & Forest in Forest Gump. The first time I saw it I was sobbing. It touched me at a very deep level because what he says there rings home for me because I feel that way about my ex... she's always with me.

I still use this scene as a way to bring up the tears when I need them. For those that do or know my Emotion-All effect, you now know my own personal trigger for the ending to that effect.

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
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The end of Sweet November Smile
The Drake
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Old Yeller, the Forest Gump scene and worst of all the death scene in " Simon Birch". That scene put the entire theatre in tears and was SO sad that I think it ultimately killed the movie at the box office.


Alym Amlani
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Watch the movie Black; it's a film done in Bollywood but has English subtitles (that's how I saw it); it's excellent and will certainly bring out a tear or two.

Logic Defied
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"Old Yeller" without a doubt.
"The Champ" w/ Jon Voight and Ricky Schroder.
Eddie Garland
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Field of Dreams...Kostner playing catch with his dad at the end.
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Well, I'm not one to cry durring movies, but I have to admit, the most depressing movie ever is "Million dollar baby" I came close to tearing up in it.
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Noel D
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The end of AI.

I've never cried because of a movie before that, and I've yet to do it again, but the final scene there is one I'll never forget.
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City Lights--the rose in the teeth.

Jack Shalom
Vandy Grift
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The final scene in "Angels With Dirty Faces", when they take Rocky to the electric chair. Not because Rocky is being executed, but because of what he does before they execute him.
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I cried through about the last 1/3rd of AI, but that was because I was thinking of all the other things I could have done with the money I paid to see it . . .

I never cry at the "sad" stuff. People can die all day and all night and I won't cry. But I'm a sucker for a few things, even in lame movies:

A) People realizing dreams (yes, I cried when Sam Elliot got to see dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park)
B) People being heroic (yes, I cried at the president's speech in independence day)
C) People standing up even when it's hard (Dead Poet's Society wasn't lame, but I do cry at the last scene, no matter what part of the movie I came in on.)
D) Redemptive stuff. (The whole last 15 minutes of Shawshank Redemption)
E) People pressing on in bad circumstances (Matilda, pretty much the whole movie. Something about this little girl who is just so alone finding ways to get along and be all she can be anyway was just beautiful.)

Wow. I think I've officially nominated myself for therapy with this post.
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ET ...when they fly on the bikes at the end ....
Doug Higley
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Optimus Prime's Death Scene in "Transformers". Gets me everytime.

Higley's Giant Flea Pocket Zibit
ed rhodes
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"Mary Poppins" - When the father gets the call to return to the bank and you know he's heading back to be fired. His retracing of his daily walk in the evening just makes me snuffle. (Maybe I've just been fired too often, I felt for him!)
"All the world's a stage, but the play is badly cast!" - Oscar Wilde
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I have some wierd ones...
The first movie to make me tear up...Still does.
And it's a dang Disney flick.
Robin Hood...You know, the one with the Fox as Robin? Yeah...He jumps off of a tower into the moat, arrows flying after him. His hat floats up. Then there is this stupid little kid rabbit standing on the shore with Little John the bear.
Just looking into the water, lower lip trembling.
Stupid little cartoon rabbit gets me every time.
Satine's death in Moulon Rouge.
Spock's Death (Can't remember which Trek Movie that was...)

There are others that I can't recall at the moment, but the most embarassing one...
A Made for TV movie from the 80's starring John Ridder- Hero At Large.
I doubt anyone even remembers it.
At least I hope they don't.
Gwyd the Surprisingly Sentimental
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When Sadako appears.....
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The kissing scene from "Marty". I watched the movie with a guy friend, and even he teared up during that scene!

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