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Mark Rough
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Ivy, Virginia
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Schindler's List
What would Wavy do?
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Piemontese Alps ( Northwestern Italy )
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"The Elephant Man" for me too...the final scene, when he wants to sleep as a 'normal' person. But also when John Merrick recites the Psalm, and You realize he's an intelligent, conscious can't help to cry, thinking of what such a person must have suffered.
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San Antonio, Texas
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I Am Sam

Hardball when G-Baby get hit by the bullet

There's a few others I can't think of.
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San Bernardino, CA
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Oh, yeah, I forgot I Am Sam. My wife had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days after my first daughter was born, and so I took her home without my wife. I cried through a lot of that movie, but especially at the start.
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Good Will Hunting, When Robin Williams is his office with Matt Damon, finishing up his weekly psych evalutations by saying "It's not your fault" repeatedly.... Hits home.
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Northridge- Los Angeles, CA
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The last scene from the movie "Best of the Best" when the loser, in a Tae Kwon Do tournament, gives himself to the winner as his brother for sparing his life and not taking revenge for killing his older brother in another tournament years before.

When "Rudy", playing for Norte Dame, makes the sack againt Geogia Tech in the last scene. You just feel so good for him you want to cry.

When Dumbo gets to see his mother locked up in the click, after she had a fit just trying to protect him from bullies, is just so warm.
"Excellence is not a single act; it's a habit" Shaq quoting Aristotle after winning NBA MVP.
Carrie Sue
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Auburn, MI
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The last time I cried in a movie was during the last scene of "Mr. Holland's Opus."

Just thinking about all the ways my life may have touched people that I don't even know about, and seeing the emotion on everyone's face in that scene, gets to me.


The Mac
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"i am sam" was moving. "Robocop" where the cop try to destroy him and he is saved by Lewis."Vanilla sky" when David says goodbye to Sofia."Man on fire" the ending.Wrestling-the end of the Bret Hart/Benoit "Owen Hart tribute" match
Leland Stone
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So many come to mind:

The "lightbulb" moment in "Sullivan's Travels."

Theoden, newly restored to sanity and mourning at the grave of his son, "LOTR."
[We'll leave it at that...otherwise the entire list would be filled with tear-jerker scenes from the most remarkable film trilogy in memory.]

Hepburn and O'Toole's farewell scene in "The Lion In Winter."

The "Iron Giant's" resurrection.

Giosue "winning" his tank at the end of "Life Is Beautiful."

The five brothers walking/flying away at the end of "The Fighting Sullivans."

Mildred Natwick's death scene, (" one to tell your little secrets to...") "Three Godfathers."

And, yes, George Bailey's friends dumping money into a basket during the finale of "It's A Wonderful Life."

Merry Christmas, Magi.

Leland Stone
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One to add:

The table scene from Shrek, accompanied by the haunting "Broken Hallelujah."
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Pursuit of
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San Antonio, Texas
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I double that one Jordini. I just saw it yesterday.
Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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Deer Hunter
Saving Private Ryan
Ghost (Saw it the week after my daughter died)
Old Yeller
Dennis Michael
Greg Arce
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A recent one for me was the new Rocky. It had to do with some nostalgic memories. When it first came out I was on my very first strict diet plan and had just started to exercise... watching it made me work harder at my plan. Recently I've been on a strict plan again that's been working and seeing the movie brought back the memories.
I have a lot of personal memories tied to Rocky and watching this film brought them back and brought many tears to my eyes. It a very nice ending to the Rocky saga.

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
Bernard Sim
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The Sixth Sense.
When Haley Joel Osment replied "All the time" to his mother's question.
Bernard Sim
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Nice thread.

End of Dead Poets, and other scenes in it. Class film.

Elephant Man, I always remember the end sleep scene.

AI, again just think of what I could have been doing instead (though my wife quite liked it)

Others I'm sure, but I can't remember at the moment. There are lots of good movies here though, I think I'll go to the shop and rent some.

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Vandy Grift
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How could I have forgotten "It's a Wonderful Life"? Leland remembered and I agree.

In my opinion it's of the best film ever made. Not just the best of Christmas movies, all movies. When George says "I wanna live again, please God, let me live again". That gets me. Then pretty much everything from then on. The last 15-20 minutes of the movie. George running down the streets yelling Merry Christmas, finding his family back at home, the knob coming off of the staircase, all the friends coming in with the money, the telegraph from Sam Wainwright,George finding the copy of Tom Sawyer and the Bell ringing.

Oh man, that's powerful stuff.

I can't even watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with another human being in the room. Teary eyed? No, more like weeping uncontrollably. LOL it's really pretty pathetic.
"Get a life dude." -some guy in a magic forum
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Seattle, WA
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The end of "Waking the Dead" with Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly is the most gut-wrenching thing that's ever been put on film. (If anyone else here has actually seen this movie, I'll buy them a beer.)
Sean Gleaves
1982-2068 (see how impressed you'll all be if I'm correct)
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Bambi - at least at age 7 it did.
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Charlottesville, Virginia
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I’ll admit it does not take much to bring a tear to my eye… here a few movies I have not yet seen mentioned:

“Edward Scissorhands” - The scene in which Vincent Price dies and the scene at the end of the movie when it is snowing while a much older Winona Ryder is talking.

“You’ve Got Mail” – When Harry Nelson’s song “Remember” plays and the scene in which Meg Ryan remembers dancing as a child with her mother in the now empty bookstore.

“Meatballs” – I know this is a strange one (the movie is hilarious at times) but when the CITs sing around the campfire near the end of the movie it reminds me of better days (I was the same age as most of the CITs when the movie came out… the movie brings back a lot of good memories of growing up in the 70’s... simplier times for sure).

“K-PAX” – Even though it is Sci-Fi it is a very moving story with numerous sub-plots that are just as moving.

It's kind of fun to do the impossible - Walt Disney
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