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In a coin under the leg routine they said the performer had a pocket underneath his leg. But that ink and braille stuff was just too funny. Smile
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Profile of RiffClown
"Magnets! in his hands" is a common explanation of my muscle pass routine. I got so tired of being accused of using 2 coins I started letting the spectator sign it. You should see the look on their faces when it appears under my watch. Smile
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
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Profile of WizzBang
My favourite was "rubber band magnets" for the Crazy Man's Handcuffs. They had seen rope magnets advertised in the local magic shop and the only explanation was very small magnets.
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Profile of m.ruetz
Upon performing the Zombie at a kid's show, one kid pointed to the ceiling where there was some speaker wiring tacked there and said, "Look a wire..." After that, they all thought they knew the secret.
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The Donster
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One time when I was doing a rope escape, my hands were tied behind me in full view. Someone in the way back said I must of had a butter knife up my sleeve. That would be a great trick to do but I was wearing short sleeves at the time. It would be kind of neat to see someone do a rope escape that way with a butter knife and not cutting or damaging the rope. Don, Smile
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moscow, idaho
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Profile of wassabi_87
I did the ungaffed version of two card monte the other day, and the spectator did not say anything but took the two queens and kept looking at them for the longest time.
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Vibono Magic
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I did the Professor's Nightmare once for a College group and after the show the guy who examined the rope told me and the whole gang that he knew I had elastic ropes that could be switched on and off!
Vibono Mirage
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Profile of NJJ
I had a guy who thought that it was the heat of hand that made the erdnase colour change work! CrazY!
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Profile of 0pus
In Labyrinth magazine there was a little trick (close up) where you could show the spectator a trap door in your hand. Very cool.

Brian Lehr
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Profile of Brian Lehr
Because I pass the Hot Rod through my hand to change the colors, it's been considered by many to be heat activated.

My favorite with the Hot Rod is when I change all the colors several times by shaking the stick. At the end I hand it out to the spectators (kids and adults) and love watching them shake it like crazy.

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A.K.A David Kong
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Profile of redstreak
no. 2 pencil "panels that slide"

and once I was doing a "magician's force" presentation with a memorized deck. I turned around every time so they could show it around. One person claimed that I was going through the deck to find the only one that was missing.
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Profile of brianmayo
Ok, this isn't totally an 'explanation,' but I have to tell you this because I laughed for DAYS after it happened. Admittedly part of the humor just came from listening to the sincerity in this guys voice, but anyway...

I was in Vegas and I went to see Wyrick. I was standing in line, and these two rather 'hill-jack' looking men were standing behind me with their wives. They were watching the overhead monitors which show clips of the show they were about to see, and one of them looks at the rest and says...

'You know, that just HAS to be the same Jet Airplane he keeps making disappear each night.'

Like the alternative explanation is there is this big cosmic void out there somewhere that has thousands and thousands of Jets floating around which Wyrick made disappear...

He was thinking he had just made the most profound statement ever...
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Profile of El_Lamo
I have Kamillion Koins.

A neighbour borrowed them when I was finished and put them in her fridge. She thought they worked like mood rings and were heat and cold sensitive.

I was able to reset them at the fridge and this totally confused her. Now she thinks it is a chemical reaction to water or something!
Life is a system of circumstance presented coincidently in an illusory way.
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Profile of JJDrew
This was my explanation to an observer rather than the other way around. (I work in a magic shop and hear the "How did you do that" bit all day long, you get creative after the umpteenth time).

Scene: Magician behind the counter, contact juggling. A customer walks in.

Customer: How do you do that?

Magician: I dip my hand in soda and let it dry. That makes it just a bit sticky, like the floor at the movies, you know? Then the ball just sticks to it!

Customer: Oh. But I've seen people do that and then do other stuff. Doesn't having their hand sticky interfere?

Magician: (thinking fast) It would, but have you ever seen that trick where a magician pours water into a paper bag, then crushes the bag and the water's gone?

Customer: Yeah.

Magician: Well, they hold their hand under that running water and it rinses off the stickiness.

Customer: Ooooh.... But where does the water go?

Magician: The sugar from the soda absorbs it and it becomes little sugar crystals.

Customer: But where do the sugar crystals go then?

Magician: The magician saves them and uses it as glitter at the end of the show.

Customer: (satisfied at last) Wow. That explains a lot. Thanks!

(customer leaves)

Magician: (sigh of relief) Whew!

Ever since that conversation I follow up the soda explanation with an offer to shake hands so that the extremely curious can feel my hand and see that I was just joking. (I originally told people the BALL was dipped in soda until the day that a little girl, upon hearing that, immediately wanted to buy one! I told her that she could make the same thing happen with any ball and to save her money, and changed my explanation).

WARNING: If you ever do a routine where you contact juggle, follow it up with a milk pitcher routine and end with confetti of any sort, there's a weird explanation floating around out there about how it's done.
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Profile of Unkani
When in grad school I had a good friend who bugged me all the time about how various effects worked. I finally told him that he could ask me yes and no questions and I would answer truthfully. If he could figure it out by that process, the best to him.

Well, he never figured any out, but he had a sense of humor... for example, he would always start the questions with "Does it take an advanced degree in chemistry to do that trick?" My favoriate of his ideas of the Zombie is "It has little helocopter motors.

One night at a pizza place another friend joined us and he, too, started trying to figure out the vanishing glass of water... well, by the time we finished eating, they had not made much progress and started making comments about how far it would be for me to walk from there home (one of them had given me a ride there)...

To make a long story short, one left, the other with whom I was riding, got in his car and left me standing in the parking lot! THen...he was really a funny guy,... his car came around. He stopped where I was, rolled down the window and said, "HEy aren't you Bob Spray?" I'd say yes and he'd proceed to ask the next question. Then he'd drive off. This went on for an hour before he finally let me in the car and took me home! In the meantime, I was standing in the middle of this parking lot all the time and people had gone in and come out. It is one of my favorite memories!

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Profile of KingStardog
I had cornered a neighbor from across the street who came over and wanted to borrow a flashlight. I was doing a quik rope to silk (the good big one) that went straight into a 20th century and finished with a change bag and all three silks coming out 50/50 each color.

I started off doing the stiff rope part and as it went rigid passed a metal ring over the length of the rope. Then I pantomimed scissors with my fingers to cut an 'invisible string' and the rope fell limp.

My neighbor looked me straight in the eye and said I was going to need to practice that a whole lot more cause everbody was going to know I was using a string to hold it up. I was laughing so hard I couldn't finish and gave him the light and sent him on his way.
...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may have studied other paths,but, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.
Bob T.
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A friend of mine was doing a show for a group I am a member. At the end of the evening, one of the member's wives came up to me and said she knew how he did the book trick (book test). She said it was simple he just memorized the first word of every page of the book. I laughed all the way home.
Brent McLeod
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Profile of Brent McLeod
Year 12 student show 2 weeks back-

2 Girl students thought the Zombie was done with Large Magnets in my Trousers!!-What a compliment!!
Paul G
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Profile of Paul G
The lemon, lime and tomato were in the cups the whole time.

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Profile of magicgeorge
I made a fiver float in my local a few months ago. One of the guys missed it and asked me to do it again. Of course I didn't want to repeat a trick but said I'd show him it sometime. He asked me a few times since but I've never been set up for it at the time. Last week he was asking again and once again I wasn't set-up for it and was fast running out of reasons why I couldn't perform it and he was getting very insistent. He then instigated the following conversation which got me off the hook:
Geezer: I actually, I think I know how it's done I saw a magician on TV explain it.(I try to smile as I panic inside in case he announces method loudly to bar)....It's done with static.
Me: (inner sigh)Yup you got me
Geezer: So will you show me it now I know how?
Me: I'm afraid I can't, I have to secretly rub balloons on my hair before I come in.
Geezer; Ahh, yes that's right balloons make static don't they. (he nodded knowingly and of he trotted)

The next time I saw him he told me he had been rubbing balloons on his hair alll the next day to try and get it to float with no luck!!

This time not only was I set-up for trick but I also had a balloon in my pocket, can you guess what I did....Smile

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