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Great lists! Thanks for posting! Youtube can be a source for good in magic, and for bad.

... and in case you wanted to see hilariously bad youtube magicians:

It's as funny as it is maddening and really shows why ellusionist is bad for magic.
Jason Brumbalow
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Hey Drez,

Man, seems to me that this is far from an accurate representation of what we are trying to do for people at Ellusionist.

I can't help but to ask, why is Ellsionist singled out? Surely with the fame of Criss Angel and his type of magic teaching & marketing seems to be under the same banner of focus. Or the dozens of Ellusionist knock-off sites out there waving the same flag?

I can appreciate how easy of a target we can be and that is just the nature of the beast. I can also appreciate how easy it is to fire negative accusations at us on the net where there is little accountability and total anonymity, but let's call a spade a spade. Ellusionist didn't pioneer this trend, nor are we the sole source of it. So why solely swath us in such negative energy?

Here is an open invitation to digest who we are and why we do what we do. This isn't a marketing ploy. This is what burns in our belly's every day:

Also, we do everything to set a proper expectation to any beginner in magic.

What is that expectation? TO GIVE OF YOURSELF TO OTHERS. What is there to fulfilling a quality life beyond that? We want to teach young magicians to CONNECT and give of themselves to their spectators. To keep that lineage of wonderment. Magic is NOT about "Look at me", "How cool am I", "Me, me, me". Magic is about the experience you share FOR others. The real magic in life is people WANTING to GIVE that feeling to others. That is the message we will and always rally under.

However, some will get it and some won't. We can't control that. The ones that won't obviously show up on YouTube showing their new found 'goody' bag, because that is their currency... false attention. Again, I'm stunned that Ellusionist has been singled out for the decisions of others of which we have zero control over.

I was talking with Gregory Wilson just this weekend about the same topic. Sean Fields just yesterday and Steve Brooks a week before that. We all unanimously agreed on the logic.

A better question would be, why fire accusations at anyone? My guess would be the same as above. Creating a stir gets a response. False collateral. I urge you to take a higher road.

Furthermore, the dozens of emails I get a day thanking Ellusionist for providing a path to enrich peoples lives puts us into a baby-like sleep at night. I'm personally sorry that you have this outlook on Ellusionist, however we will continue, unwaveringly, to teach what magic TRULY is about to anyone willing to inquire. If you feel you have something to add of value, please call me at 254-231-6965 (my personal cell) or email me at jason[at]

This isn't about Ellusionist, so let's get back to the topic at hand and see some great magic.

Good vibes,

Jason Brumbalow

Director of Product Development, Murphy's Magic

Lawrens Godon
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Thanks for the awesome links !

Shameless plug of myself :

Linking rings :

Cups and balls :

Contact juggling :

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I have five effects posted on youtube:

Put in the search box to find:

"Color Changing Ball + Chen Lee" (this is the color changing sponge balls to cube, plus the Chen Lee water suspension+ Chameleon Champagne, set to music)

Put "Roger Bus" in the search box and find:
Mikame 3 Ball effect (set to music)
Abbott's Florabella + Abbott's Goofus Plant (set to music)
The ABC blocks (Gospel magic effect about missions)
Strat-O-Spheres (Gospel magic about the Fruit of the Spirit)

I will try to post more segments in the months ahead on youtube, the above come from our free Gospel magic programs posted at
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The beauty of this thread is ruined by the removal of some of the best effects by YouTube because of copyright violations, or so they say. Some have been removed by the user as well.

I'm thinkin', maybe some serious "editing" of this thread needs attention? Just sayin'...

Andrew Zuber
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I'm with Doug - MANY of these links go to videos that no longer are on Youtube. I LOVE this idea, but it really needs some regular maintenance in order to be as useful as possible.
"I'm sorry - if you were right, I would agree with you." -Robin Williams, Awakenings
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There will be an update in early 2011.
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On 2010-07-25 01:47, drezmagic wrote:
Great lists! Thanks for posting! Youtube can be a source for good in magic, and for bad.

... and in case you wanted to see hilariously bad youtube magicians:

http://[link edited to site that features "bad magicians"]

It's as funny as it is maddening and really shows why ellusionist is bad for magic.

Many of the boys at that link are obviously young and should never be exposed for ridicule on the web in that manner. They're kids. They're having fun, and maybe it will lead to better things. For now, let them make mistakes, or be excited about their Ellusionist package, or whatever. Adults make mistakes and are excited about packages, too (just read some of the pre-order threads on this site...), but generally are less likely to post such events on YouTube. How would you feel if were the parent of any of those children, knowing what will likely happen if your child's classmates or friends see them connected with that site? Sorry, but it's just meanspirited and wrong.
Now appearing nightly in my basement.
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On 2010-12-12 14:01, Magiguy wrote:
There will be an update in early 2011.

This idea is absurd. There are hundreds of thousands of magic YT clips. People should just search for the person they want to watch. You will never be able to provide any sort of comphrehensive index, even if you worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week on it.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned these two great (and my personal favorite) magicians:

Doug Henning:
This user posted quite a few vids of Doug Henning:

Jay Sankey:
The Jay Sankey Show Y.T. channel:
Sankey Magic Y.T channel:
Bending the Real Y.T channel:

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Just want to say this thread is awesome! Good to see some positive about magic and YouTube!
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I'm not sure if these have already been posted or not yet.

Ricky Jay, Card Performance Part 1 of 6
Ricky Jay, Card Performance Part 2 of 6
Ricky Jay, Card Performance Part 3 of 6
The rest can be found on the side of the video.
Jim Sparx
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You can find dozens, if not hundreds of magic videos with You Tube links

or here:
Harry Lorayne
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Profile of Harry Lorayne mentioned that you can see me perform 35 (I think) effects/routines at . hl.
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Arnaud Chevrier invisible palm. By far one of the best, if you haven't seen it watch it.
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Hi guys
Love this thread. I've been trying to find Tommy Cooper performing his misers dream with no luck.
Can anyone help?

Thank you.
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An interesting site to watch, and to listen to if you are fluent in Arabic, is that of Hadjib Haffaf.

highly recommended.
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Bill Wisch has just launched a new Youtube Channel- go check it out!
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